Verve Pipe, The - Honest Lyrics

Who will leave your bed this morning?
who will be the one
to leave you now amidst adoring light
cause it feels right?
who will be the one
to leave you as tomorrow's dawning?

and though i'm asking, please don't give specifics
i'm so unterrifically honest

who will hold your door this evening?
who will be the one
to steal the smile through shining candlelight
cause it feels right?
who will be the one
to leave you as tomorrow's dawning?

i'm not trying to be scientific
i'm not trying to be anything at all
but this chemistry just turns me
turns me terribly honest

who will leave your bed this morning?
will he be the one
who snuffs the smile that once had shined so bright?
are you alright?
will he be the one
who leaves you as tomorrow's dawning?

i'm not trying to be sympathetic
i'm not trying to be anything at all
but this story's happened to me
and it's turned me terribly honest

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Verve Pipe, The Honest Comments
  1. m m

    I'm here because I've been a fan since 1997! And my taste in music ROCKS!✊🙌💖🤣

  2. Travis Taylor

    He is talking about a couples guilt after having an abortion.

  3. Devgru81

    I am the one person not here from crowder! 😂
    I am just reminiscing of my younger days with this song!

  4. Ken Jankowski

    Im here bec of 90s music

  5. Albert Pringle

    Sorry I'm only here because this is the kind of music I grew up on


    Albert Pringle me too brother. Me too

  6. Khaled Alawi

    One of the best songs ever

  7. BadNews Kelly Leak

    12/17/19 4:23 am

  8. DrFruedienslipJr

    To be human is to be an individual

  9. Wayne’s Travel World

    when music was all brilliant and touching and real #VervePipe gone are the days but lets not forget these bands that made our ears happy everytime we listen to it

  10. G G

    I'm here for the cover of Crowders song.

  11. dlancer2k

    Crowder is a partisan hack.


    heard about this song after listening to crowder's song.

  13. Wil JJ

    Here after listening to last week's LouderwithCrowder episode intro.

  14. bret hart

    They don't make music like this anymore😭😭

  15. Travis Allen

    Thanks, Steven Crowder. I always liked this and other songs from the 90's and hadn't listened to them in a while.

  16. ben

    This song sucks, how does it have so many views.

  17. Brett Skaggd

    I heard this song after I recently heard my ex girlfriend had been stabbed to death in North Carolina, I still carry the meaning, I was a junior in High School though, not a freshman.

  18. TJ Edwards

    Crowder just boosted this song's rating x10 lol

  19. Caleb Morgan


  20. McPsycho AveGamer

    Who is here because they like the song?

  21. blipco5

    Who's here because they're a couch potato?

  22. Wes Collins

    Sometimes I truly wish I could just take a week's worth of valium and sleep

  23. Cameron Meier

    Half Asian lawyer.

  24. Shadow Rhymes

    Hello I'm your "friendly" youtube comment section guide. Below you will see a large amount of Crowder's fan base and mixed in there, a small amount of 90's edge lords. This has been your "friendly" youtube comment section guide. Good night and go fuck yourselves.

  25. Zach Lloyd

    Here from Steven Crowder, and my past lol, classic!

  26. RS Music

    Crowder resurrected this song!

  27. Greg Gariety

    Thank you Steven Crowder :)

  28. ectheleon11

    This is the music you get before some assholes fly planes into towers with thousands of people in them...

  29. NetzcD

    Qué canción tan dolorosa

  30. ShadoeFax

    Am I the only one who remembers movie theaters playing this before movies and previews?

  31. Westside Mafia 651

    R.I.P. Rowan


    A half Asian lawyer brought me here

  33. ryan castle

    Steven crowder

  34. Marija Čolak

    From the lyrics, this song is about the pain from abortion. So many people suffer after that act, but our God is mercy and love...💛 Touching song...

  35. MajorSchwifty


  36. Christian Phillips

    Crowder did it better.

  37. D Guz

    Wow Crowder killed this💪🏽

  38. Artak091

    This song getting a fresh new life from crowder. 😂

  39. Laura Smith

    I can play this song over and over,no matter how old u get,it brings u back to that place in your soul.

  40. crime sito

    Crowder guys ?

  41. jeremiah sams

    Steven Crowder sent me here, who else came here after his show?

  42. MA5TERlink

    Dam the original is way better at least credit Steven if you're just going to parody him

  43. Mariano Rodgers

    I wonder how Kurt Cobain would of sounded had he done a cover of this song?

  44. R Red

    Half Asian boot in your face.

  45. Christopher Morris

    A half Asian kraken lawyer brought me here. The sudden increase of viewership in this video is solely due to Steven Crowder. From all of his fans: You're welcome.

  46. El Rojo Grande

    You WILL be held responsible......

    Legally responsible.

  47. Chase Davidson

    I watched Louder with Crowder and now I'm here

  48. Kirk Meyers

    Stephen Crowder :)

  49. MrObvious

    Steven Crowder brought me here.

  50. MetalFaceOff

    If YouTube existed in the 1990s, this song would have over 400 million views generated over a couple years.

  51. Logan Frost

    Here bc of Steven Crowder!


    Here from crowder, like everyone else.


    Not everyone

  53. Anthony Fisher

    this masterpiece reminds me of the ONE that got away, back in the 90s

  54. Daniel Crain

    Who's here after watching Louder with Crowder?

  55. Alex

    Who’s here from Crowders parody?

    Wolfman Jack

    @ryan castle we we

    Miranda Miller

    Nope! I'm here because the 90' s were the best!

  56. Jonah Haug

    Crowder anyone??

  57. Darius Dina

    Can you please do a parody of hunger strike!?

  58. JusBidniss

    'Like' if you came here from Crowder Bits.

    Brett Sjoholm

    I knew I recognized the song from somewhere and after listening, holy shit. Crowder actually sounded better I think.

    Bruce Praska

    @Brett Sjoholm I think he had voice training and this song is no easy feat to get the hang of the rhythm alone probably takes weeks to even get the hang of it

    Wind of change

    Thats how I found this haha

    Олег Кондрашов

    I came here from good taste for music

  59. Being Better

    Who's here after watching Crowder Bits?

  60. Moai Moai

    _You'll meet my half-asian...._

  61. Nandagopal Harikrishnan

    Steven Crowder brought me here.

    Ron Taylor

    🤣😂🤣😂🤣 me too, he did and awesome job on this.

    Being Better

    Me as well, he's a great singer!

    Travis Marshall

    Wow. Little group we have here 😂

    Being Better

    @Travis Marshall Yes, be sure to get your name tag at the door. Help yourself to the refreshments.

  62. Who Dat

    Anyone here cuz of half asian lawyer

    Wind of change

    I am lol

    Goldyray Yeazle

    Uhh.. Just here cause this song was big in highchair... Autospell... Messner Higdon.. I give up

    Ryan Navin

    lol yes.

    Who Dat

    @Goldyray Yeazle well half asian lawyer is bigger then hair chair you should look him up lol

    It’s Dat

    I’ve found you

  63. Paul Jenkins

    Crowder did it better


    You'll meet my half Asian...

    Being Better

    Legally responsible....

  64. High Tide 68

    I Slapped My Future Wife to This Song, Was love at First Fight 👉👊

  65. jax1680 REVOLT

    Live n let it be known to the new generation, we had the best years,✌️👉👍😎

  66. Kristy Allen

    Indeed.. it flys by.
    Life’s no joke. Enjoy it.
    Do stuff. Forgive yourself for being young & stupid.
    Move on and do good. Be kind. We’re in this together.

  67. Polyphonic Dissonance

    this reminds me of a song about a half Asian lawyer.


    You will be held responsible,

    Wolfman Jack

    @Christopher Morris wow your old...are you about 60? Kidding I am 25-year-old still in Afghanistan since I was 19 year old.

    m m

    What's that?

    Polyphonic Dissonance

    @Christopher Morris Wow, that's crazy. I was born around the same time you were graduating high school. June 1994.


    @m m steven crowder parady

  68. MBW


    Being Better

    Much better

    Christopher Morris

    MBW Hell yeah!

  69. Joseph Elizondo

    Kant beheld responsible

  70. Baby-Shark GTO

    I came here to re-listen to the lyrics because these guys were on the Howard Stern wrap up show today and were talking about the song. One of the guys in the band, perhaps the lead singer, said the song is about two young men who had sex with a girl at the same time and that the young lady became pregnant. At the time that it happened it seemed all fun, but then as the years went on, the men matured and were haunted by it all. This all really hit home with me. I even cried like a baby. Damn.

    nick sava

    Exactly ready for the Babbabooey version!

    Baby-Shark GTO

    @nick sava haha or a Robin song!

  71. kevin kelley

    In 1997 I was freshly divorced. I was as free as a bird, and I met some cool people, but somehow all that I could think of was my son, he was born in march of 1995. In the year 2000 I re-married his mother. We have been married ever since, she needed time and space to decide that I was really what she wanted. I love her so much, and our son is now almost 25, but I cannot help but remember the times when I was free, and this song is a part of this time. RIP SONIA P.

  72. Victor Silva Porto

    American pieee

  73. Rainbow Moon Readings

    I just want to go back to the 90s. Life was great. Music cannot be matched. I miss this. Feeling so so nostalgic ❤️❤️❤️

  74. Prince Nicholas Herrman

    7:24 AM 12/2/2019 No not me. Coincidence. Final Fantasy 7? Yeah its in FF7 story cus I can relate to it now as if this was setup on me as a sick joke. What happened to Cloud? He forgot what happened? He was brainwashed is what that is called in reality. The blue chocobos are suppose to be the fastest.

  75. Anemic Royalty

    Brian Vander Ark’s hair is the most late 90’s thing ever.

  76. Pedro Anac

    Mais algum brasileiro aqui???

  77. Carrie Dubinsky

    Keys:) Parents empty house party!

  78. P. Lo

    Making a playlist w 90s songs that have this vibe. I was a freshman in college when this song came out and never appreciated it until now that I’m 43. So far I got Stay by Lisa Loeb, Brick by Ben Folds Five, Fast Car by Chapman, Mazzy Star, The Sunday’s. Any suggestions?

    Jacob Martin

    P. Lo add some Sheryl crow, Alice In Chains,audio slave,smashing pumpkins


    Goo Goo Dolls "Name",
    Lightening Crashes Live

  79. Nick Dagrosa

    The 90s were not the greatest years in our history.

  80. John Ebert

    Who's listening 2019

  81. Brett Soyars

    Its ashamed what our society has become. I always wonder why did they have to start playing songs that weren't even worth listening to. Think of what our society would be like now if they'd have kept songs like this around, Nobody plays music like the (Verve pipe, Goo Dolls, U2, Gin Blossoms) I could keep on naming singers & bands. But you get the idea.


    Simps want easily digestible stuff that resembles music for them to hear as background noise while they search Facebook jealous of other fake people.

  82. Brendan

    If we could only go back...the things we would do...the happiness we would see and the miracles that would happen. History repeats itself but never with great events always the 7 sins

  83. Ryan Clifton

    Man, on a 90's early 00's binge and i miss these days!! My mom was right, time flies by, enjoy it while it lasts.

  84. Carter Saacke

    Love the 90's love this song

  85. DWVAR1

    I'm glad I lived long enough to down vote this over played crap I had to listen to every time I turned on the the fucking radio in the 90s

  86. Michael Mcleod

    the song just brought so many memories from my past awesome life im so happy and now I have a son and I can't wait until he gets to look back on his life and the music that ran it

  87. Tina Stipes

    Great song!!

  88. Justin Dacke

    Who here was born in 1980?

  89. José Astorga

    I'm only 17 but I really much prefer this music than today's music. I just feel so lonely and meaningless in today's world. Everyone's just minding their own business. Giving to much attention to social media and stuff. I can't even get into new stuff. Almost all my library is from 90's and early 2000's. From what I've been told those were better times.

    Nick Christiansen

    It's awesome that you are able to realize the facade with social media and screen obsession. Having real life experiences with the ones you love and admire are the memories you'll want to look back upon ❤ You've got this.

  90. Roberto Gonzalez

    Best of the BEST ☮️♐️

  91. Sparkling Silver Curls

    This song was all over the radio spring break of my senior year of college in 1997. So many memories of listening to it on the radio while driving with my friends during our spring break trip. I'd give anything to go back and do it all over again...

  92. Austin Adams

    Who all is going through the comments while listening to the song..

    J SeizeTheDay

    @war13death Me too <3

  93. Pau Li

    90's.. Rocks. Cheers.

  94. Jake Acosta

    1.4k viewers must be insane or without ears, check ou t our new album @t

  95. SpeakTheTruth

    whos here with me november 2019?

    Ken Lucas

    Not whod you expect huh? Im here bro.

    OGL iaDL

    3 concerts in their home town next week. Should be decent shows.

  96. Unperson

    When I was young I thought I knew everything. I thought this song sucked, and maybe it was overplayed then, but it doesn't suck.

  97. LAG3

    This is THE song that describes my life from the 90s to the early 2000s.

  98. Ankhor 9

    Kieth Urban, and Garth Brooks on drums.

  99. James Bernardo

    1990 is the best year..enjoy life do what you want to do...we may not know what will happen on the next day