Vern Gosdin - Where The Tall Grass Grows Lyrics

There's three bedrooms
Hardwood floors and the kitchen's new
It's got everything a family needs
With a backyard view

Ask anyone where it is
Everybody knows who used to live
Where the tall grass grows

A couple who lived there before
They kept it off
But since they left that big old yard
Looks a little rough

And God, I miss that little boy
Who always kept and mowed
Wish they'd still live
Where the tall grass grows

So come by and get the kid
Go make yourself at home
Take all the time you need
Wish I could come along

But I'd truly be under fire
And crawl across its floor
And to face those burning memories
Where the tall grass grows

Yes, I'd truly be under fire
Crawl across its floor
And to face those burning memories
Where the tall grass grows
Can't go back and face those memories
Where the tall grass grows

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Vern Gosdin Where The Tall Grass Grows Comments

    he is one of the best mike smith

  2. Bill Brown

    First time for me to hear this but very good song love it

  3. Frank Pierce

    There aren't many songs that get to me and make me tear up, but this is one.

  4. Raymomd Arthur

    this man should be hall fame period.

  5. Connie Paige

    Thanks Steve I haven't heard this before.  He's telling a story and man he pulls you in and keeps you there.

  6. Raymomd Arthur

    like Vern version but George better.

  7. Blanche Walsh

    Scott - don't forget about the great GENE WATSON........His voice is unbelievable......Not many of the greats left, sad to say.......Loved Vern Gosdin for years and years.....He was right up there with George Jones, Ray Price, etc.  THE VOICE......nothing more needs to be said.......

  8. Bersa45uc

    Can someone tell me why this man is not the Hall Of Fame?

    Ernest King

    @Bersa45uc Very good question my friend. The "Voice" Vern Gosdin is by far my all time favorite singer. It really breaks my heart to see just a few comments under his songs, maybe 5000 except songs like "Do you believe me Now" or "Chiseled in Stone" when other singers have 100's of thousand views and comments. My gosh, how many songs did this man sing and very few even know the song or how often do I mention his name and people say WHO?? Really breaks my heart cause like you said sir, he definitely belongs in the Hall of Fame as much as Joe Montana deserves to be in the Football HOF or Pete Rose in the Baseball HOF. The real fans like you and I know he is one of the very best, that's what counts. Vern's music will live on forever and ever!!  I love you Vern and rest well my dear friend!!

    Todd Henriksen

    Nashville political bullshit it's to country for them and all the yuppie country fans.

  9. Bersa45uc

    Back again Vern tell George to team up and sing one with you

  10. Scott Neale

    There is little doubt as to why they called this guy "The Voice"....great music and sadly, a dying art. Now all we get is the southern fried rock on country stations. Except for Alan and George, there's few traditional artists left.

  11. Bersa45uc

    Still missing you Vern, love your music.

  12. Bersa45uc

    Back again tonight still missing the VOICE and still crying.

  13. vintageonecountry

    Oh Vern you are so missed!

  14. ROBERT Clements

    Thank You for posting this song! I've never heard iit before,till now. Absolutely beautiful. Vern was the greatest.

  15. Bersa45uc

    Great song, nobody will ever replace Vern.

  16. TheGto389

    love vern gosdin, im assuming verns version came before george jones both awesome

  17. Jack Spencer

    This is the story of my recent life.

  18. NourNZ

    His voice is so mellow and edgy with a sexy undertone and the vibrato in his amazing. thank you for your share love the steel