Vern Gosdin - Forget Yesterday Lyrics

The hurt was deep my life was all in pieces
The victim of an ended love affair
I tried so hard to live each day without her
But each road I took just seemed to lead nowhere nowhere

Then I met you (I met you) and my heart started mending
(It started mending)
You gave me love that was so sweet and free (so sweet)
The dark clouds in my life just seemed to vanish
When these words of love you said to me

Forget yesterday (forget yesterday) lets search for tomorrow
Let's live out our dreams the plans and the schemes
Let's forget the sorrow
Let's go on as one (lets go on as one) live our lives together
Through good times and pain through sunshine or rain
We'll love on forever forget yesterday

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Vern Gosdin Forget Yesterday Comments
  1. Cynthia Dillard

    There all too good love them

  2. Rebecca Jewell

    Very nice Thank you Tom P.

  3. Bill Brown

    Yes wonderful

  4. Ruth Boykin

    Wonderful song!

  5. Betty Knight

    the only way u can do that is tell the truth , and say can we go from here ,if u lie it gets harder to go on , we are all human , , but dont try to live a lie , it justs wont work tell the truth and see if you can go from there i know i cant ,i hate looking at him with a lie in his eyes ,,

  6. Karen Lindsay

    what a nice song🎤Thankyou for sharing

  7. Connie Paige

    Thanks Tom.  glad I subscribed to your page.  This is another great song I haven't heard before.

  8. Wayne Farrell

    great one