Venom - Trinity MCMXLV 0530 Lyrics

Here we stand as the forces blow
Across the land
Open minds and now open sores
But no open hand

Hiding in our trench of steel
To witness the blast
Nothing to say and now nothing to feel
Now it's hopeless and past

The wind that was meant to be
Oppenheimer built radioactivity

Buildings and houses crops and forethought
Have now gone to ground
All but the dust and the helpless debris
Are all that are found

Now his creation is purchased by gods
Who must reconvene
Deciding to cleanse the Earth of its life
By priming their own warmachine
Skil will grow soft blood will grow cold
But not on your frame
He mastered the deadliest weapon of all
But was he insane

He built it for life
He built it for peace
Oh that's what he thought
But evilness knows no boundaries
And satan will read from his court

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Venom Trinity MCMXLV 0530 Comments
  1. Kaan Cankur

    The Call Of Cthulu intro

  2. Xoan García

    Accoustic intro, the main Oath shit!

  3. Headless Mary

    Api blow me!

  4. Basement Movement

    μονο zakk wylde ρε

  5. Headless Mary

    Σ'αρεσει βλακακο? :P