Venom - Tribes Lyrics

Memories fresh within my head
Blood is fresh but you are dead
Cross into the freaks domain
See your fear feel your pain
The prophesy has now begun
You cannot hide you cannot run
Leave you bleeding at my feet
You are natural you are meat

Below the graves
Refuge by day
Their home beneath
Alive but deceased

Blessed with the gift of flight
Changing shape and unseen sight
Knowing why and knowing when
Gifted with the dreams of men
Out of sight out of mind
Leave our world you're not of our kind
What he fears he can't enjoy
What man envies he destroys

Leave the garden of your torment
Through the gates that hold your fear
Monsters freaks the cursed the gifted
Day is gone the night is here

Death by fire death by gun
Death by knife death by sun

Born apart they crave the same
Living in their unreal pain
Prejudice deeper than creed
The reason for this hate is breed
Not unholy but alone
Just for this we burn their home
Banished from the world of men
Man beware they'll rise again

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Venom Tribes Comments
  1. MishaHendrix

    Favourite Venom album for me! Cronos was great, but Tony outperforms him here on everything!

  2. Skyclaw

    I'll never understand the shit that album gets. It's fucking amazing. I loved it back then and I love it now. Tony's singing is killer, he's got sort of a Paul Di Anno twist to his vocals that's simply GREAT. \m/

  3. noces62

    without Cronos.

    Josh Paslow

    noces62 demolition man


    @Josh Paslow NO CRONOS NO PARTY


    Still good vocalist. Far superior bass player.

  4. Lucas Alexandre

    É muito difícil entender o bumbo, é muito variado.