Venom - Leviathan Lyrics

In distant darkened lands
Where life and death defy the sands
Of time are running out for you
Too late the cry was heard

All hallowed be they shame
Delivered unto evil
Temptation be thy name
Behold thy fallen angels

From prophecies of ancient times
An unborn wisdom heeds the cries
Of every infants new born eyes
Shall lead the blind

And shall the serpent crucify
The holy man and take his eyes
To bring the darkness to the light
And let him die

Forgive us not our sins
The power and the glory
All hail the demon king
And man shall kneel before him

His name - Leviathan
Kneel - Leviathan

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Venom Leviathan Comments
  1. Juan Iparraguirre

    Mantas sounds mindblowing in this album!

  2. Ray Betancourt


  3. Windson Trevizoli

    Oré Oro-moeté Satanas!

  4. James pringle

    I got a hardon.

  5. Mike Russell

    Been a Venom fan from day 1 and listening to it extremely loud.... so have my neighbours in various locations over the years.

  6. John Saunders


  7. Aftershoq Drummer

    Groove metal

  8. Heir Apparent

    2 too many subscribers. =)

  9. Hans-jürgen Blanke

    Sau gut

  10. 2 and 65/100% UNIX Monk

    First русский comment

  11. reaper man

    Hate to love

  12. black dragon

    Hail the black dragon

  13. WhatWouldHouseDo

    V.E.N.O. FUCKING. M. 

    My first time hearing this- really great. I love their really early stuff, but it's nice to hear them progressing a bit.

  14. Oľga Ďurčenková

    Long live Newcastle Utd...

  15. Oľga Ďurčenková

    Venom and production?! Sorry but 80is Venom is Venom,not this...


    Just for Venom legionars

  17. juan lopez

    long live VEeeeeenom \m/

  18. Claudia Maydana

    Good song to have sex.


    Say us more

  19. Şevval Çetin

    Gerçek bir efsane

  20. ThE nOoBeRs!


    Ryder El Marihuanero

    This is Extreme Metal, not heavy

  21. Fieilithcifer mixed Creole Acadian Conjure Witch


  22. Sara Opazo

    buen temon!!!!!!!!!

  23. Jack a Boi

    been listening since early 80s good music I rely like. thanks mother Fuckers.

  24. JM Metz

    Damn, never heard this one, gotta listen to this fucking album.

  25. orestis kaitsas markou


  26. Dead Siocled

    Painkiller soundtrack be like:

  27. Adrián Mantarí Muñoz

    I dont like this album

    Jack a Boi

    Adrián Mantarí Muñoz Who gives
    A fuck what you like !!.

    Necroblade T.V.

    no hay necesidad de responder asi incultos

  28. Kelley Metalchic


  29. Casper Garcia

    its 2016 now its been while 16 years now its been a while I was a little kid that time no joke

    Tacio OB

    Im getting started on black metal, im 16

  30. Byron Cortez

    just badass\m/

  31. Mrcrap555

    Can someone tell me more venom songs where cronos actually sings? cause that was fucking amazing

    Elëctric Elf

    This song blew my mind when I first heard it. An extreme metal band with a vocalist who can actually sing? fucking amazing.

    Definitely a George Soros funded bot

    Yea I was caught off guard by that

    Razvan Gabor

    I guess the song All there is fear is pretty melodic?


    I got WTH in '84 and I too was like 'WTF'?
    Cronus is singing?
    I've listened to next to nothing released from Venom after the '80s, so the production floored me, but the vocals was like ????

    Anyways, don't get me wrong...this is great. Gotta' get youtubing now.

  32. antton Lant

    his name, neil leviathan.

    Luca Bosio

    The new guy @drums was lame ...New Metal cowboy! ;) Cheers Antton

  33. MrBeudou13

    Since the first album to today, the same pleasure!!!

  34. maulalex08

    Bitch please, I'm 11

    De Stroyed

    +maulalex08 You're 13 now my boy

    Tacio OB

    you're badass dude

  35. Lord Tullamore

    This is why people shouldn't drink and drive! It's completely stupid and dangerous plus you threw a good cd out the window?!....

  36. MrDownslider

    That voice.............awesome...

    Joshua Botha

    number 10

    Joshua Botha

    you are right sir

  37. jim s

    the power and the glory

  38. MrBeudou13


  39. ThePferdemensch

    @TomS let's thrashdance!

  40. Verifly

    Oh my this is truly eargasm....

  41. Sean Golde

    Because he's putting forth his own definition of "true metal", without any justification. I agree with him, and I downvoted the comment. i refuse to acknowledge anyone who will refuse to justify; in any sort of logical discussion, justification-less arguments have NO weight.

  42. Tom S

    this make me dance:D

  43. metalhead gaja

    why on hell you're spam'd ?!

  44. samlovemetal

    0:31 oh fuck

  45. sanforizedbutthead

    aprendió a cantar este curao ´e mierda!

  46. Charles Stone

    I enjoy this song. Powerful chords.

  47. Subwoofer Dildo

    This song kicks so much ass...holy crap.

  48. Mechaghostman2

    Yeah he's a good Guitarist.

  49. Jimdrenth94

    All Hail Dimebag Darrel!

  50. dankerthanclanker

    Long live true Metal? Oh God. Look guys, all music has it's place, people like what they like, ok? This "true Metal" shit is what causes arguments and makes Metalheads very stereotyped. You're not marching for something, and you're not being at the head of a movement, you're just enjoying music. Getting all in people's faces for listening to Metalcore and crap like that is what makes people jerks.

    "Metal's to complex for you to understand"

    "Power chords, fret wanking, angry singer" Done.

    Keyboard Corrector

    Studies in social science actually validate the notion that the more insulated a particular group is, the more people will want to be a part of said group.

    And relativism is pure faggotry.

  51. victor ortiz

    give the boy a medal ...and let me listen for cronos sake

  52. eyeamAM

    I like thrash black death and core stuff...long live all music?

  53. againwerise12

    I don't mind some auto tune music here and there. Just because you think it's bad doesn't make you an elitist, that's an opinion. Saying it's inferior to metal is being an elitist. Furthermore, claiming that anyone listens to "true metal" or "real metal" is an arrogant think to say because there is no such thing as "real metal", there is only metal.

  54. Mechaghostman2

    Everyone is an elitist to some extend I've come to realize. Do you like music with auto-tune and sang by "singers" who don't write their own material? No, because you look at all music like that as "bad." At least, I hope you do. And that right there, is Elitism.

  55. აქლემის წიხლი

    No one gives a fuck.

  56. againwerise12

    Anyone who says the phrase "true metal" is an elitist twat.

  57. scumpunkvomit

    im 27. i remeber the time i first listened to venom. i was 12.. this is pure magick, beyond all bullshit SUPREME ART

  58. Боби Гибсън

    You are absolutely right .... read my mind .

  59. Diego Alonso Catalán Cofré

    i'm 15 and my only mistake was listen slipknot... never again lml xDD

  60. Xavier Tinoco

    Dude this was released more than a decade ago

    The Morning Star

    Xavier Tinoco about to be 20 years ago.

  61. Devdutt Rathod

    keep it up! Hail True Metal!

  62. band77one

    best sounding venom album that will ever be released

  63. Chael Sonnen

    New? This album has been out for twelve years.

    Thomas Essers

    Paul Smenis Make that 18

    Keyboard Corrector

    Thomas Essers, 20

  64. WeKnowTheTruth2012

    Fuck finally new good shit!!

  65. musstakrakish

    Holy god!!! The guitar!!! Its fucking beautiful!! :,)

  66. TheWitchofCoos

    nobody cares how old you are, you're here, that's all that matters.

  67. Eissari4

    @Mechaghostman3 I don't give a FUCK. But still keep it that way

  68. 7878rich9898

    Black metal Kings

  69. MysteriousEntity

    Holy shit never heard Cronos sing like that before

  70. Demonically666

    @Mechaghostman3 Keep it!

  71. Mechaghostman2

    I'm 19 and am never into Deathcore or Metalcore. Always been into Thrash, Death, Black, etc. {:-) Long live TRUE Metal.

  72. brnleague99

    I had this CD for a long time, until one night for reasons still unknown to me, I threw it out my car window in a drunken frenzy. Now I have to get it again. It's worth it. :D

  73. Stratfan68

    you got that right dude. Venom forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Alexander Al Basosi

    Venom wird immer meine Lieblingsband, sie sind DINOSAURIER!

  75. Rui Meirelles

    Venom in earlier days were gods, today they are gods, and in the future they'll be gods!

    VENOM FOR LIFE!!! (i love them and i have 21 years old ahaha, awesome band)