Venom - In Memory Of (Paul Miller 1964-90) Lyrics

He was in life as he was in death
A well remebered man
His life was taken like a sudden breath
That simply wasn't planned

And all that's left to say
Written on his grave it says

In Memory Of

In all the essence of a friendship he
Was never so cold or sad
He tried so hard as he struggled in
What little time he had

No more return to home
Written on his stone it says

In Memory Of

And now he's gone all that's left behind
Is a legacy
In the pages of a magazine
Left in time to read

The only thing that's said
A memory of his life
Written at it's head it says
All this left behind

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Venom In Memory Of (Paul Miller 1964-90) Comments
  1. Pino Muscia

    chi era Paul miller?


    Un giornalista musicale

  2. Benjamin Vander Ark

    I think the chorus works for any funeral.

  3. Richard Wyatt

    Great bass

  4. William Banks

    The bass sounds so good and very catchy riffs awesome track !

  5. Karen Woods

    Paul Miller wrote for Kerrang magazine. Started out with his own fanzine called Forearm Smash with help from some close mates in Portsmouth, UK. Later ran heavy metal DJ business of the same name with close friends. Constantly educating the metal masses with the latest offerings in all things metal.


    Thank You. I always wondered who Paul was.

  6. Abigail Rocketblast

    Paul Miller was one of my best mates xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Kevin Carpenter

    Abigail Rocketblast I knew paul.he was a really nice guy.i was gutted when he died.he gave me several albums at the air balloon.

  7. Perun


  8. Alejandro Guzman

    YEHA !!!!

  9. Kalybus


  10. MishaHendrix

    I love this album! Although, my favourite song is 'Faerietale', where is it? Not on you tube? Is it possible?

  11. aish jadar

    R E S P E C T

  12. Salvatore La Grasta

    @liamharbert1988 Thanks. For years I had wondered who Paul Miller was.

  13. Salvatore La Grasta

    @Jordanm5150 This album was released in 91. It was the second album without Cronos who had left the band in 88 and formed his own band called Cronos. Another cronos-less album followed after this and that was "The wastelands". IMHO all Venom albums are great whether with Cronos or Tony Dolan.

  14. OCTAGON666

    It's so great to hear shit without fucking Cronos moaning all over it and fumbling through his awful bass playing!

  15. Jørn Syversen

    He sounds like Paul Di'anno.


    Paul DI'Anno sounds way better...

  16. forgedeath

    Not a big fan of the Demolition man on this album

    I LOVED his vox in "Prime Evil" though
    Venom rocks!

  17. kiskiriw

    very good album.. i have it in vinyl...