Venom - Even In Heaven Lyrics

Led by a sacred feeling in my heart
I have left my evil ways to restart

Now I heard Eden call
I must try not to fall

All is good in heaven
But I want more
Am I stripped of evilness to the core

Now I hear the darkness say
Rise my son and do your work
Make them pay!

Even in heaven there's hell
Even in heaven

Brought by the holy son
Welcomed and blessed inside
Now that the dead's begun
Kneel o me or die, ha, ha, ha, ha

When the war is over
As it's just begun
Wehn your god has fallen
And Satan's work is done
I will sit at
His strong left side
With my head held high
And a wreath of pride

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Venom Even In Heaven Comments
  1. Robert Swickard

    Hail to the first true metal perfectionist VENOM

  2. Absintholic 999

    Best bass guitar ever recorded.

  3. Vic P

    back when i used to want a record i didnt have to ask advice on to where to get it i would find it regardless. i rode my ten speed 10+ miles to get records all the time quit crying. put your tampon on now.damn..

  4. boobengarden666

    Best album art they've ever done period.

  5. Edward Holmes

    This is an overlooked era of Venom for sure...even by myself. I so love Venom with Cronos. The original unholy trinity is indeed the best, however, I feel the Demolition Man albums were pretty good. I only have a comp of these songs. The Court of Death it's called. This Venom was a different band. Even though MANTAS and ABBADON were still there, the satanic theme was left behind for a more streamlined sound which comes across rather well.

  6. Sitri Stahl

    @ExposerOfLies i like them both pretty equally, but cronos is the face of venom

  7. MishaHendrix

    'Temples Of Ice' is amazing, as are all Demolition-era albums. Listen to 'Calm Before The Storm', 'Possessed' or 'Cast In Stone', or any of the more recent albums except 'Resurrection' (that one kicks ass) and you'll see. 'Temples Of Ice' destroys them all.


    Very little part of Venom fans think same.In press,reviews etc.,this album is considered as one of their worst.But for me ,not only their best,i think this one is one of the best metal albums of all time.Of course prime evil is also wonderful,and wastlands a good one.

  8. Sitri Stahl

    cronos shoudl be the only singer for venom, but the demolition man is the next best thing

  9. eoinb57

    Very Well Said!

  10. Bajevski

    dont think so, their style with him was much better than it would have been with cronos...

  11. LanciaTurbo

    that's pretty much why he joined and left! if anyone were to replace cronos it'd be him cuz he were such a big Venom fan, and that's also why he left the band to give the "seat" back to Cronos when that time came - because he'd rather see him sing in the band again aswell! hehe

  12. forgedeath

    I agree and disagree
    Cronos IS better, and should be the only singer for venom.

    But the demolition man is the only person who could pull it off. the only one who can substitute for cronos!

  13. eoinb57

    Thank you 4 uploading this. Your a great person!

  14. Barry Rafferty

    wow, demolition man is terrible compared to chronos!