Venom - Acid Lyrics

My brain fed with ecstacy
Fills my need
As I feel my body burst with great speed
And I clench a needle in a blood drained fist
Then I turn and mark another trip off my list

Feel that rush, with that gold satanic dust
feel that pain, the drug induce through my veins

I will in life as I will in death
Sow the seeds with every breath
Never will I run, never will I hide
Only to express myself and feel it deep inside


Now I dream in comatose neuotic state
As my paranoia grows I must wait
Til the feeling of the drug starts to die
Then I'll hit the drug again, take me high

Feel that buzz, for all the goddam good it does
Feel the flight, that flies me in through day and night

Now inside my arteries there's no blood

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Venom Acid Comments
  1. Tyrone Curliss

    They should have ran with that intro as a whole song

  2. David Hurd

    I don't always listen to Venom, but when I do, I prefer Cronos.

  3. Topic Infinite

    13 hours later. Still love the intro.

  4. Topic Infinite

    That intro though

  5. William Banks

    Weakest album and still rules !

    Absintholic 999

    I agree. But the bass guitar on this album one of the best.

  6. Michael Rushton

    Huh huh! Venom rules!

  7. Keen Observer


  8. LandynCaissie

    i never quite understood the intro :P

    Not Allowed

    it`s about the mockin the dance scene. acid or lsd it`s connected to rock and roll not to pussy hipsters

  9. dakotamanomgwtf

    Venom without Cronos isn't Venom IMO

    Manuel Flores

    no shit Sherlock hes the only original band member now and all the orignal band is in venom inc

    Topic Infinite

    Venom in the 90's when Demolition Man was the frontman, yeah.

  10. Alex A.

    love it x)

  11. Alex Paul

    I love this song lol