Velasquez, Regine - How Could You Leave Lyrics

Na na na na na na

All day I settle on just thinking about your smile
I see you in my dreams
How you complete me

Flowers you left me here
Still wilt on the shelf by the phone
You took a part of me
All the tears I cry for you

It's day by day for me
The only way I get by
I keep talking in my sleep
As if you were still right by my side, baby

How could you leave
Need you with me
All of the precious memories
Just left me behind
And how my heart cry
Without you I'm so lost baby
I still can't believe
That you could just leave
Standing alone in misery
Just left me behind
Please come back baby

I pray I call your name
Still wishing that you would come home
Nothing comforts me
But if you could hold me

My world will start to turn
For a moment that things would be right
Can you hear me
Baby don't you need me too

Are you afraid of me
Please tell me how love passed us by
Right now I would do anything
Just to have you right back in my life, baby

All of the pain and the hurt trapped inside
Keeps pulling me down and God knows how i try
So hard when you love someone
The way that I loved you
Please come back, we can talk it all out
Time and space my love away for you....


It's day by day for me
The only way I get by
I keep talking in my sleep
As if you were still right by my side, baby

Baby, I'm so lost, I don't know what to do

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Velasquez, Regine How Could You Leave Comments
  1. Abella Benigno

    Wow song from 2006.. pumayat sya from 2005..

    Ang nag iisang Reyna.. those were the days..!!!
    Watching from Oct 16 2019 7:35pm.
    Ang adick ko diba may time stamp pa.. but of course..

  2. Maria israelica Gimpaya

    All of the pain and the hurt trapped inside,
    Keeps pulling me down and God knows how I try
    So hard when you love someone
    The way that I love you
    Please come back we can talk it all out
    In time and space, my love will wait for you.


  3. Higher Highest

    Nagiisang Reyna! Ang nagsimula ng lahat 🙌🙌🙌

  4. Juvel Abesamis

    Kahawig ni Catriona Gray pag close up

  5. lester andes

    Sabi na mas bagay kay Regine ang morena.

  6. Jules Gaerlan


  7. leo thegreat

    😍💕🐦🎶 2019 2020

  8. Mailah Zailon

    Mahal na mahal kita songbird

  9. Vell Baria Official Channel

    I grow up singing this kind of songs .. and even owning a Regine DVD of karaoke where that one is one of the most sough-after to buy for.

  10. HENRY Lim

    2019...anyone? Love this song from then on..

    Shadowless Guitarist

    hello...reached here by mistake
    but great song

  11. Reloj Leah

    Para nga siyang hindi pinay dito

  12. Princess _neshren

    August 28,2018 now... I love pipol who love my idol Regine Velasquez. ❤👍😃

  13. Princess _neshren

    I really love this song eversince I've heard this. When I was in High school... Damn... I love you Regine Velasquez. ❤❤❤

  14. Lyon Prairie

    bakit hindi ko narining ang kantang ito sa radyo noon? I swear nung time na ni-release ito panay paandar namin ng radyo noon. Di ko lng maalala cguro. O baka d ito masyado pinapatugtog sa mga stations o sadyang patay lng ang radyo namin nuon everytime napatugtog ito lol

    aim high

    Sa america po ito Kase ni release

    J.R Arama

    sa mtv lagi

    rikit chan

    baka di ka lang naka tune in masyado. Ilang weeks ito nag number 1 sa countdown. kasabayan nito sa top 10 ung mga viva singers din gaya nina Zsa Zsa at Lani. Halos lahat sila revival tas si Regine lang ang original song. gayunpaman number 1 p din ito pati ang album nito.

  15. bluelithiumhaze

    And im watching this in 2018 ☺

  16. Ryan Noy

    ganda ng MV

  17. RENzkie yeah

    Best song , hindi kumukupas, sayang nga lang mas gusto ko pa ang mga original cd, kaso di ako makahanap sa mga mall, nawala kasi yung original cd ko na r2k

  18. Queen Cat

    Regine herself conceptualized and directed this music video. Such a talented artist 😘

  19. Yelle Refuerzo

    my only one idol

  20. Catherine Bautista

    Ang Dyosa niya dito!!!!

  21. doshmodelquest management

    can someone revive this beautiful song?

    takito butface

    doshmodelquest management no pls leave it as it is this song is perfect

    aim high

    No one can.. haha. And no one will dare to revive this hard song...

  22. Kenskieable


  23. heartpearl

    this is my very favorite song of regine.

    Jesh Orquina

    Me too omg!

    Wonder Blaze

    Me also

    Wonder Blaze

    This wasn't as popular as her other songs but it has a different appeal.

  24. simeon salazar

    namimis kona ung kanta nya

  25. Bella Torillo

    she's so very beautiful.

  26. Ellard Cruz



    Love this song

  28. aim high

    when i was a child, maybe 7 or 8 i asked my mom, who WAS singing this song? and my mom said, its regine velasquez then later on i was really fascinated by her voice even now. if im not mistaken, this music video was released internationally. HER producer and the composer of this song is a foreigner that makes it a proof. after winning the asias pacific ..something regine really got all the fame and captured international composers and co singers like jacky (i forgot the surname) he is a Japanese and had a duet with regine in one of her songs, the only problem in that time was regine was overshadowed by CoCO Lee in the USA. COCO LEE was the only asian that time who had a mainstream concert in the USA unlike regine just tv guesting on some shows in USA and if not mistaken too, language barrier was 1 of the problems of regine. But she still reign here in asia as asias song bird. i really love Regine Velasques. mwahhh

    takito butface

    aim high i remember regine being undefeated champion for months i think its tawag ng tanghalan correct me if im wrong, thats during the 80's


    Jackie cheung if im not mistaken.. i will always love....

    Lyon Prairie

    Regine had so many tagalog songs that's why. Konti lng tlga english songs nya d tulad ni coco Lee na puro english kanta nya. But there is no contest, Regine could be leveled with the likes of Celine or Mariah. Di hamak mas maganda boses nya kaysa kay Coco.

  29. Regine Fans

    go! idol

  30. Regine Fans

    1st time i hear this song
    na pa nganga ako hahaha

  31. Noah Naguimbing

    My all time favorite. I

  32. Noah Naguimbing

    My all time favorire

  33. Ian Cemacio

    this is really amazing from the songbird...clear clean head tones and belting ability that only the songbird can do it.

  34. janelyn Curambao

    i really love this song since i was 1styr high school..(=^.^=)
    i really love the voice of ate regine velasquez.. RawR!...hihihih

  35. enjel bebe

    Fav0r8 Music Vide0...

  36. My Video Your Video

    She's my idol.,. ^_^ super great singer and very humble.,.,

  37. Paige Mangubat

    My all-time favorite Regine Velasquez song.

  38. ricky albert

    grabe. perfect

  39. m081487m

    wow...she is beautiful...beautiful voice and face.

  40. iJonel

    thats great to know. where are you from

  41. jackmunday

    i like this song =)

  42. eraserheads78

    Regine's voice is beyond compare. The best in the world! Mabuhay ang noypi!

  43. shintotz

    she's my first idol among all pinay singers

  44. nikolai krivolutski

    she is one of asias biggest singers (asias song bird)

  45. erick pagaduan

    my idol!!

  46. stoneofhelp23

    I love regine!

  47. john balerite

    correct ka dyan frey ang problema lang ksi ang budjet malakas ksi ang piracy kya nga wag kayong papatol sa piracy pra mas maganda ang tolls na gagamitin ng mga sungers for their albums pinoys are really great artists khit na gitara nagaagwan ng paraan na mapaganda ang songs

  48. john balerite

    i always hear this song everyday when i was in high school its nice to hear and watch that video again

    that album became gold after regine's mall tour to promote the drawn album