Velasquez, Regine - Hold Me In Your Arms Lyrics

The morning sunlight, moves gently on our bed
Sounds of distant traffic, float into my head
Eyes slowly open and words won't be enough
But what is left unspoken burns softly in your touch

So hold me in your arms
Hold me in your arms
So my love, hold me in your arms
Time moves without us, this room will be untouched
We're safe beneath the truth now
Both safe within this love

[Repeat chorus]

And oh the heart in me
Feels more than you can see
I can't get close enough
Every single day, is ours to feel this way
I can't get close enough, never close enough ...

[Repeat chorus]

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Velasquez, Regine Hold Me In Your Arms Comments
  1. Arthur Patombon

    One of the best version by Regine...still listening October 2019!

  2. Reloj Leah

    Bakit daming song na kinanta ni ate.nagbakasakali lng nmn na meron siyang version nito.

  3. Benny Consigo

    2019 anyone? 😊

  4. Jonico Rey Bulan

    bakit hindi ko ito mahanap sa itunes?

    Jan Calvin Sinay

    Jonico Rey Bulan wala dn sa spotify 😢

  5. Akhramier16 Lario

    love you regssss.

  6. Darz Quelvz

    nakaka in love ang boses...ang ganda p ng kanta.☺☺☺

  7. Jazz Cuaresma

    All this time i thought Regine was the original singer of this song!
    She gave it a good twist though.
    Regine reigning still. Hail to the queen!

  8. Akhramier16 Lario

    i love regzzz...related to the maxxx

  9. Atomix Asia

    it's good to be in love.very nice Song Touch deep inside

  10. it'salways_JULY

    im broken.

  11. nestor castro

    .. makes me cry

  12. Paulo Reyes

    Hold me in your arms..

  13. dryke villa

    yes, the southern sons

  14. Liza Albu


  15. Denise CuartoMusic

    Nakakaiyak. Never gets old pa rin. :"> ♥

  16. Regine Alcasid

    si ate ba ang original nito??

  17. zoey zaliki

    bravo regine!you're really the best!!!

  18. xkull22

    Thumbs Up For an awesome song

  19. zen vergara

    it makes me cry...

  20. Jeri Mya

    senti mode ... love it!!!