Velasquez, Regine - Bluer Than Blue Lyrics

After you go, I can catch on my reading
After you go, I have lot more time sleeping
And when you go, it looks like thing's gonna be lot easier
Life would be at ease you know
I really should be glad.

But I'm bluer than blue
Sadder than sad
You're the only life this empty room has ever had
Life without you is gonna be
Bluer than blue..

After you go, I have a lot more room in my closet
After you go, I can stay out long if I feel like
And when you go, I can run through the house screaming
And no one can ever hear me
I really should be glad

I don't have to miss no tv show
I can start my whole life over
Change the numbers on my telephone
but the night will sure be colder.

Bluer than blue
Bluer than blue
Bluer than blue..

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Velasquez, Regine Bluer Than Blue Comments
  1. Normandy Podico

    I love this song❤❤❤

  2. Mary Ann Clemente

    Still the same voice retro album nya

  3. 0552779538 Lovely

    Napakanta ako sa ganda ng kantang to parang relate ako

  4. Thierry

    Sino andito dahil kinanta ulit to ni Queen Regine sa Showtime?

  5. Klara Mae

    Very nice

  6. gem gem

    pinapakinggan ko to ngayon kasi kinanta ni Ms. Regine kanina sa It's Showtime.. Ngayon ko lang sobrang naappreciate itong kantang to lalo na yung lyrics at meaning niya.. Dahil magkaaway kami ng boyfriend ko at siya yung unang pumasok sa isip ko habang kinakanta to.. I miss him.. Sana magkaayos na tayo.. 😢😢😢😢

    jubilyn aragones

    hahaha ako din bumalik ulit dto pero fave ko dn tlga to

    One Direction Forever

    Same but I'm not relate to your relationship with your boyfriend rather relates to myself, I just don't know why but one thing for sure this song makes me blue.

  7. mommy dhang

    august 2019, inaano ka ba regine😥😥😥

  8. Gerger Dela Cruz


  9. Kristopher Jeorge Arevalo

    Ilove it ITS 2019 JULY

  10. Kaoru Zen

    2019... Still listening..

    Gerger Dela Cruz

    Kaoru Zen me August 2019

  11. reynaldo lestones

    super paborito ng mama ko si Regine mula nuon hangang ngyon forever regine regine

  12. Jet Santos

    virgin pa ako as i remember ni launching eto retro album ni song bird. ..

  13. iyah Nañoz

    Still listening

  14. Travel. ph

    december 2018 still listening ..

  15. miguel tolentino

    ang ganda naman ng boses ni regine

  16. love cj

    Nice one Ms Songbird 💕

  17. Nerisa C

    One of the first "all revivals" album as far as I remember. May cassette tape kami nito but sadly nasira sa baha. Inuulit ulit ko ang Bluer than Blue. Ganda lahat ng songs sa album.

    Gerger Dela Cruz

    Nerisa C agree ako sayo maski ako ilang beses bumili ng casette tape ng Regine Retro noong 1998 kaya lang sa kasamaang palad...binaha rin

  18. wildflower Roces

    😥😢..I miss ur room

  19. Mirafel Mirafuentes

    Still listening this song I really love it..2018❤️

  20. Alex Cabaang

    I listen to this song again coz I heard it someone singing in the mall promoting his product. Love this song much

  21. Towmetieg Dogsnitz

    Nowhere as good as the original. Not even close to it.

    Luke Doug Dacles

    Towmetieg Dogsnitz then go ahead and listen to the original version.

    Reg songbird

    Disagree- this better than the original understand?

  22. Jenny Mish

    Its really nice

  23. akie koko

    smash hit noon ito

  24. aishteru 2019

    the best version of this song.

  25. DiMoAko Kilala

    year 2017 I listen regines songs

  26. joanna caylan

    bakit ba ang ganda talaga ng boses ni regine paano niya na achieve ang ganyang boses ....idol ko na talaga si regine forever .....nag iisang song bird regine velasquez....

  27. MIKE C

    i will miss you camille life without you is gonna be bluer than blue 😢😢😢😢😢

  28. Gomez Carl274435423

    haha im related but still im now alone

  29. Arlene Molina

    i love this song

  30. Keillyn Felix

    i love this song 😗😗😍😍

  31. eun han

    고딩때 매일 들었던 레진노래...지금도 듣는다.정말 좋다

  32. Edna Luciano

    I still care..... Mel

  33. Hannah Garcia

    This song reminds me of She's Dating The Gangster :( Athena ;(

    hello it’s me

    Hannah Garcia Bakit?

  34. Dong Dimal

    One of my favorite songs of my youth lol....#retro

  35. Lucia

    레진 노래중에 가장 아름답고 사랑하는 곡..


    +stlucialee hanguk saram-ieyo, jinjja?


    +abrahamdsl Yes :) I'm Korean regine's big fan.


    LOL that's great to hear. Anyway, you might want to try Lani Misalucha. She captivated me recently.

    Y8 23

    thanks for listening to regine.. I'm also a big fan of her and also kpop that's why I'm happy to know that there's someone from there who likes her.

  36. simple love Praniliania

    life without you is gonna be.............................................

  37. Joann Paor Najera

    Nice song..relate aq!

  38. Anne x

    One of my fave Regine songs. ♥

  39. Joy Santos

    I <3 This song! #SDTG  

    Sheikh Fatima Elibern L. Maagad Horan

    Yeah ..!

  40. Kael Tan

    I really Love this song.... Nung narinig ko ito sa radyo kanina.. sobrang nagandahan ako :) .... Galing talaga ni Asia's Song Bird REGINE VELASQUEZ :)

    Enrico Lacdao

    Sobra talaga xa kagaling

    Jon Filip Diaz

    Hahaha my old account andito pa comment ko hahaha

  41. Chrissanty Bueno

    miss my ex .. ;( lately wen we broke up

  42. Rejisama

    The Queen of Philippine music = Regine Velasquez

  43. Jane Cruz

    fave song of hers.. i miss my ex.. :/

  44. Riche Anchela Aliling


  45. pamela mae uy

    I love you regine.!!!!

  46. Dim pagadora

    I love to listen dis song!!!

  47. Kathleen ventura

    I always have him on my mind..

  48. honey martin

    i love regine ever!!!!

  49. Sharon S

    Hey! My mom bought this album, actually she bought THREE albums which all singers are Filipino.. One is Regine's, another one is from the sister of Phil's president, another one I forgot the name.. They're very good at covering old songs!

  50. arnold castillo

    meron aqng casette tape nito.. mas gusto q boses ni regine noon..

  51. 127angeli

    just one of the songs that made me view regine in a different way. she became my fave after this album.