Veggies, Casey - Sun In The Sky (Intro) Lyrics

We customized greatly
And they customized greatly
Now everybody customized greatly

Yeah, this is what you've been waiting for...

Like a stairway with no exit, except the roof dude, I'm gonna end up on top
The girls that wasn't feelin me, they gonna end up on jock, hah
And just stop
Listen to the boy and listen to the kid that
Never played with toys
Bumpin through your speakers, but never made with noise, I'm as cool as they come
But yeah they gonna show poise
So if the sun is the sky, then the world will fly
Cause, I ain't really feelin it
All these songs, I was really killin it
So this the last beat I'm a do that's not mine
Wasn't new on hooks, I, thought it was my time
But, wait till the album comes out
We gonna bring the samples and drums out
Hey, this what I've been waiting for
It's your turn, go ahead and take the floor
Casey Veggies on tour
How does that sound?
Real good for me
If the sun is the sky, it's gonna be too bright for you and me
Words on the paper, I feel free, I feel free...
All the haters do your thing, and hustlers make your change
And nawh, I ain't gonna change
Let the shoestrings hang, just tryin to make a change
To the industry, to the music, gets so into me
That new nigga to ya'll is what I'm finna be
That new nigga to ya'll is what I'm finna be, I came in with such a great intensity
I'm a pimp, so, lend me your epiphany
I guess it's my hunger and my energy
So welcome, hang your coats up
We higher than the average joe stuff
And no rappers puttin' out that slow stuff
Ya'll talkin bout that bitches and ho stuff
Ya'll at the same height, we tryna grow son
It's called balls nigga, you in those huh?
You ain't gotta hate, start the lovin
The first mixtape, my introduction
I'm myself so don't judge me
And I always like girls, so don't try to - me
What a way to come in
Tweetin some shots in the air, niggas start runnin
Yo Casey where you at? I'm comin
Yo, yo, Casey where you at? I'm comin
Yo, chamber glued up, nigga we gunnin
My rhymes is cool, and my outfits is stunnin
We don't Superman no more, man, I got my own dance
I'm a fourteen year old grown man, so
We livin lavish in Hawaii gettin suntans
Out of the country, people doin the sun dance
Yeah, and this the life I know
Or at least the place I wanna go
Uh, call up my label, they like the show
The next day I'm in a place that I didn't even know
Yeah, and it's uh, uh it's, and it's alright to dream
Yeah, and it's alright to dream
Ya'll ready for Customized Greatly?
And now, we customized greatly
Yeah, everybody customized greatly
Uh, yeah Casey Veggies, and they call me Casey Veggies
Uh, you're welcome, Customized Greatly
Yeah uh, your intro yeah
Yeah, yeah your intro yeah

Customized Greatly
The sun is in the sky, but I refuse to smile


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Veggies, Casey Sun In The Sky (Intro) Comments
  1. ato mato

    sun is in the sky - 9th Wonder is the beat its on youtube family

  2. ato mato

    one of my favorite instrumentals. the original sample... and this song right! thanks for the upload i love this shit!

  3. ato mato

    huge kanye flow, and hes 15 years old rapping here

  4. Tyshaun Garner

    Casey veggies I still got this on CD they still snoozing on you

  5. Floyd steel

    14 BRUH...ONE FOUR...

  6. jeanette martinez

    9th wonder <3

  7. gnrldoodoo

    Was he really?
    That's fucking wild.

  8. Gary Busey

    I can't believe he was only 14 when he made this...

  9. TrishaaBishaa

    i feel so fucking high while listening to this

  10. BossManJohnson

    Wale rapped over this with Memphis Bleek, check it.

  11. red

    if casey was still in Odd future they would have held him back

  12. Beats x Rhymes x Life

    I aint tryna put this man down or nothing, but he's not fit for a 9th beat, his ltrics aren't up in the upper realm of Little Brother and other great lyricist. I guess I'll give him an A for effort, but he can't handle a 9th Wonder beat.

  13. hte spageti

    this is why casey veggies is my favorite...

  14. D' Boi Cardiyae


  15. D' Boi Cardiyae


  16. Rodney Lloyd

    kanye flow

  17. Kay Alexander

    Casey Veggies always comes dope!! :D

  18. Vetti

    damnn as soon as i heard the beat i thanked 9th wonder

  19. hte spageti

    real rap.

  20. C. Rozaaay

    I LOVE this :D

  21. NaiJorJul

    sick dude.

  22. Ace Dollaz

    damn jus remove your five9fitted to show your respect....

  23. Masoud Ardestani

    This is a 9th wonder beat.

  24. Chris Lloyd

    wow he just blessed one of my favorite jdilla beats hes making moves at a young ass age i love it