Vaughan, Stevie Ray - Love Struck Baby Lyrics

Well I'm a love struck baby I must confess
Life without darlin' is a solid mess
Thinkin' bout you baby gives me such a thrill
I gotta have you baby, can't get my fill
I love you baby and I know just what to do

I still remember and let it be said
The way you make me feel take a fool to forget
I swore a ton of bricks had hit me in the head
And what you do little baby ain't over it yet

Every time I see you make me feel so fine
Heart beatin' crazy, my blood run wild
Lovin' makes me feel like a might mighty man
Love me baby aint i your man

I'm a love struck baby
Yeah I'm a love struck baby
You got me love struck baby
And I know just what to do

Sparks start flyin' every time we meet
Let me tell you baby you knock me off my feet
Your kisses trip me up they're so dog gone sweet
Ya know baby you can't be beat

I'm a love struck baby
Yeah I'm a love struck baby
You got me love struck baby
And I know just what to do

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Vaughan, Stevie Ray Love Struck Baby Comments
  1. Debra Parkerson

    So now we don't even get to see him hell can't even get his mama to text or call me back.... Do the math share this...

  2. Debra Parkerson

    Share this please.
    Daniel my grandson had to have staplers because of going in the woods back on jays land in Jason's watch. Only trying to get the word out about children an woods especially by robins Air Force base

  3. Maxime Gwirionez

    Nothing to say.

  4. Elgus 114

    I'm here in 2019...!!! yeah.....still alive'n kick'n after all .......

  5. margie anthony

    3:24 the goodest of dogs.

  6. Ken Holley


  7. Tim Smith

    Who would downvote this, and why?

  8. Randyman

    I think calling him ''The White Jimmy Hendrix'' was insulting, he's way better than Hendrix every day of the week. No disrespect intended what so ever folks, jmo



  10. Alan Frehley

    Rare seeing Stevies #1 guitar WITHOUT the iconic SRV on the scratch plate

  11. Dr Love

    Fucking guy was unreal.

  12. Micheal Castleberry

    at the start you hear someone say what the hell 0:00

  13. Kevin Raabe

    What a fucking badass!!!

  14. Micheal Castleberry

    stevie walks in while stevie plays on the juke box never gets better than that

  15. Alfredo Cristovam de Souza

    hurricane Vaughan !!

  16. Leslie Webb

    That sounds easy to play.

  17. Ivo Avido

    Love struck doggo

  18. Kayla Schulz

    Love song

  19. Berk Blues

    Well I'm love struck baby, I must confess
    Life without you darlin' is a solid mess
    Thinkin' 'bout you baby give me such a thrill
    I gotta have you baby, can't get my fill
    I love ya baby and I know just what to do
    I still remember and let it be said
    The way you make me feel it take a fool to forget
    I swore a ton of bricks had hit me in the head
    And what you do little baby, I ain't over yet
    Every time I see ya make me feel so fine
    My heart beatin' crazy, my blood runnin' wild
    Your lovin' makes me feel like a mighty mighty man
    Love me baby ain't I your man
    I'm a love struck baby
    Yeah I'm a love struck baby
    You got me love struck baby
    And I know just what to do
    Sparks start flyin' every time we meet
    Let me tell you baby you knock me off my feet
    Your kisses trip me up and they're just doggone sweet
    Don't you know baby you can't be beat
    I'm a love struck baby
    Yeah I'm a love struck baby
    You got me love struck baby
    And I know just what to do

  20. Todd Salvati

    Why oh why did we lose him so soon?

  21. Cheryl O'Neill

    Man oh Man.... I love this one!

  22. Checker Chubbie

    Also love Robert Cray for doing his tribute to.... watching this makes me love struck

  23. Erick Joestar

    Miss you SRV...

  24. Emily Lopez

    Omg he is fucking gorgeous he is so beautiful👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄

  25. CJ Smith

    If SRV walked in a bar.....shit

  26. WOLFMANoct1963

    I like the song that was playing on the Juke box better than the one he plays

    Scott Phillips

    So you like a SRV song playing on the jukebox better than the song SRV played in the backroom of the bar... O.K. you are entitled to that opinion...


    It’s called Lenny, might be live at the El Mocambo

  27. Jacki Baker

    Oh Stevie...what can I say? The very very best and gone way 2 soon!

  28. fulano

    Lenny on the start

  29. Carl Smith

    That where the strat got a cig burn

  30. Rayma Seacat

    Wow how old was he here! Looks about 12 !! I've head a lot of blues...a lot of singers and musicians but SRV is the best in every catagory!!

  31. Marilee Denr

    Love this...

  32. suvradip das

    That intro solo 😍😍
    My heart got melted, my goodness....

  33. Diamond Royal


  34. JudgeDredd23111 Gaming

    When I heard SRV for the first time I was blown away and even owned a Stratocaster jamming away to Pride and Joy absolute legend

  35. Nakka 111

    "Wild" Cheryl Strayed!!

  36. Jude Gorman

    He looked really good in this video. So glad he got sober and clean before his unfortunate and abrupt death.

    kristofer batdorf

    Jude Gorman this way before he got clean. still looked healthy

  37. ♡ ⋆ ˚。⋆ ☾ ZORA ☽ ⋆ ˚。⋆ ♡

    only in Texas

  38. Buddy Ollie

    even his music videos were cool..

  39. Steve Behm

    I was a morning DJ on a "soft rock" radio station, making a six figure income, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin the morning after he died...I talked about it on the air all morning. I was called into the PD's office after I got off the air and read the riot act..."Our listeners don't care about that guy." Oh, I'm also a blues guitarist. I told him he was an idiot and a fool...I added a quick "fuck you" on the way out the door...I was fired two weeks later...I had a "no cut" contract. They had to pay me for the next 8-months...I didn't care at all...

    LinnSTERLINGCURE belief in a Dumpster

    wow.that sucks im sorry i remember watching him acoustic unplugged on mtv my mind was blown i was like 15.was bummed when he passed just started playing guitar at the time.

  40. im Clever Artist Name

    I like Tama drums. So lit.

  41. susan walters

    Happy Belated Birthday, Stevie ! I love you and your music so much, and one of my biggest regrets was never seeing you live. You're a genius. Your music is not forgotten. Hope you're having a BLAST up in Heaven with B.B. King and the rest. Hopefully, I'll get to meet you in Heaven someday, Love you, Stevie Ray ! <3

  42. Johnnyb671

    Cherry Tavern NYC..1983..


    Johnnyb671 I believe it's the roam inn in Austin Texas


    Johnnyb671 Rome inn sorry I can't spell

    The Scalabs Music Channel

    they recorded it in the cherry tavern. Stevie later said that the owner of the had given him the sign after the local had been closed.

  43. bobgoya Correia

    Este é o bluesmam

  44. Appaloosa Dreams

    1:51, love the dogs :) <3

    Omniavincitlove 1956

    Appaloosa Dreams Yessssss, me too. I noticed that, good people, good beer and my little sweet dogs¡¡¡¡

    Christopher Casey

    Especially the one dog wagging. Cute

  45. Rochelle Eskue

    Stevie's such a youngblood here....My goodness!!

    Adrian Avila

    He's 30 years old here, then 31 when he plays in Japan and capitol theater RIP

    Rochelle Eskue

    @Adrian Avila Dang!! 30-years young..

    Adrian Avila

    @Rochelle Eskue Yeah, I know, Young pup. Was 32 when he got interviewed in 86 the first year he was sober. Was sober the last 5 years of his life from 86 to 90 RIP SRV

    Rochelle Eskue

    I remember those times and how he was looking pretty bad and thinking what's going on with him? Then he came out with it all after turning that part of his life around, mentioning his wife and that he was going to stay clean this time. As dark as this will sound, I wondered, if only for those moments before the crash he was thinking he should have been high or wasted... God bless him and his legacy+

    Richard Martin

    Blues done Right, SRV lives on through us. And always will.

  46. VR Performance Development, LLC

    I first heard this song when I saw it on MTV at a video arcade in Seattle. In the era of British Heavy Metal this song stopped me in my tracks. There was something different about this that screamed "pay attention to me".

  47. Rodrigo Diaz

    Does anyone know the name of the Intro song right before "Love Struck"?

    VR Performance Development, LLC

    That would be "Lenny". The last song on 'Texas Flood'.

  48. MrVermus

    Little Wing, where the fuck is it in VEVO???

  49. John Sunderland

    Hell YAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! :)

  50. Adrian Avila

    SRV and Double Trouble "Love Struck Baby" ' 84

  51. Slawomir Zeromski

    Ja się na niuni podobnie wyżywam

  52. Tony Castrigno

    Shot in a bar on AVENUE A in The East Village..   just by Tompkins Square park.... Must have been shot in the early 80's...  I was the art director..  MAVERICK Films made it for SONY

    im Clever Artist Name

    Sounds like an interesting experience.

    Joseph Brown

    that is the Rome Inn... Austin Texas...which is gone...not the Villiage.

    Lars Lewis

    I think including the Rome Inn sign by the stage was a real nice touch to Stevie's younger days tearing up that place back in Texas. Such a beautifully simple MV but essential to SRV's style and earthiness. Long live the man in the black hat.

    Susan Kruckemeyer

    Looks like Shoal Creek Saloon to me.


    @Joseph Brown Rome Inn sign. Stevie had the sign given to him by the owner when it closed.

  53. GrantH

    Description got the date wrong. This wasn't 1990.

    Michael DeSanta

    yeah. didn't he die in '90


    Michael DeSanta yes

    clorox bleach

    I was about to say he looks like he's 25

    Johan Liebert

    GrantH that's not the date the song is from, it's there because copyright reasons

  54. Adrian Avila

    Are those the front doors of the bar that Stevie walks into?

  55. Jac D.

    Just incredible.

  56. louie masciarelli

    one of the greatest ever !!!!

  57. Andrew Kobysh

    There are many talented guitarists. But Stevie is the Best


    +Andrew Kobysh Couldn't have said it better myself.

    Anna Basta

    Andrew Kobysh Sorry, but Rory Gallagher is the best. But I love SRV very much!!!!!

    Pa ody

    Nope, got to go with Jimi!

    siR miLLs

    Stevie is my favorite artist but comparisons are odious.

  58. Ted Henry

    in Honor of Stevie not in spite of...I Need to sound Just Like He ACCOMPLESHD...

  59. Andrés Bonelli

    Many are mentioning the Rome Inn so here's SRV quoted by Craig Hopkins: "We did a video of Love Struck Baby at a place called the Cherry Tavern in New York. We changed the name of the place in the video. Four years ago I got married in a club where we used to play all the time called the Rome Inn. When they closed it down, the owner gave me the sign, so in the video we put that up behind me on the stage."

  60. Lynne Kelley

    I saw him 1000 tines in that very bar too, I knew him from age 18 and I was 21....Austin Texas, where my bass player husband moved to in 1972. After my divorce in 75, I also dated his brother Jimmie and Stevie and I were quite close. This and a few other songs were recorded around town. Cold Shot in Austin at Brackenridge Hospital, and on Barton Springs Road where the big bull's standing...that is south/southwest home. Thoz neighborhoods I know the streets...what a amazing blessed life I have and knowing him as a brother.Thoz were on a video tape that came out in 84...I saw him at a motel that year in Austin where they were staying...The Imperial 400...on Congress Ave...Tommy, Stevie and my friend Janet who was Tommys gf in 84.Stevie had just bought a classic Buick maybe a 1060-61, a red convertible. I went for a ride in it with him, he said lets go for a ride, I havent ever paid cash for a car till this one! It was red with white leather interior...I had 2 babies at home by then, had re-married and wasn't out in the clubs...I was 33 yrs old~ just sayin...♪ <3

    joseph bvr

    You're so friggin lucky!

    Billy Joe Chambers

    Lynne Kelley Treasure those memories

    Jacque Jasper

    That’s a very cool story, and it’s so nice of you to share your memories of him with the rest of us.


    Just say SVR's brother banged me. The rest is not important :P


    Well, not quite, given that this was filmed in the Cherry Tavern on East 6th Street in New York City. It's still there, somehow, and hasn't changed much.
    Stevie got married in the Rome Inn, and he kept the sign when the place shut down; he had it put up behind them just for this video.

  61. Dunwyche

    Grats SRV and Double Trouble! Hall of famers! 'bout time!


    Jett Crash

    It's disgusting that it took 7 years AFTER their "25 years from release of their first album" policy for the crack heads that run the hof to induct them. They should have been a first year of eligibility inductee. I look at the list of previous inductees, and have to google many of them to know who they were or what they did...

  62. antimatter13

    2:59 Tom Waite?

  63. Tony Marinelli

    He plays the blues the way they should be played.

  64. L Marck


  65. L Marck


  66. Adrian Avila

    SRV & Double Trouble: "Love Struck Baby" (C) 1984 Sony Music Entertainment

  67. John Olson

    When Stevie walks in and looks at his band mates,his bass player has that smirk on his face, that the baddest mother fucker to ever play guitar just walked in and is about to blow the doors off this joint.I miss you still to this day Stevie,R.I.P.

  68. Blues Rain

    Great Bluesman!!!

  69. nyterpfan

    My favorite studio song by SRV--"Texas Flood" and "Couldn't Stand The Weather" were his best studio albums. Boy do I remember when he burst on the scene--every guitar player in the country was in awe!! He was one of a kind--very flashy yet very soulful as well. He gave the blues a fresh voice with a unique style and personality that has since been often imitated but never duplicated! 

  70. harri wear

    long live Stevie Ray Vaughan! -
    Gone but not forgotten!

  71. Karim Belkhelfa

    A Legend ....along STARS°)

  72. Vanessa Creech

    This is sooo cool. It's hard to believe he was so insecure...looks very confident here.

  73. Vanessa Creech

    This is sooo cool. It's hard to believe he was so insecure...looks very confident here.

    Niople's Elself Thenow

    I love you face.

  74. Andres Rodriguez

    hahahaha alrighty then !! much appreciated :D

  75. OprahNorris

    xd It's another song of his, called Lenny. :)

  76. Pedro Lopez

    anybody knows what's the name of the song that's playin' at the beginning?

  77. Andres Rodriguez

    who's playing in the jukebox? I've just saw some lenny in a comment but I don't know his last name !! if anyone could be kind enough to tell will be very appreciated

  78. arielrati

    I have a doubt, the guy playing pool, Al Bundy from "Married with children"?

  79. Opal

    It's possible that it simply wouldn't fit...

  80. Ricardo Martinez Montes De Oca

    Love this song so much

  81. Desmond Spranklin

    Stupid friggin helicopters

  82. superagnitio

    this video is so down to earth cool, dammit

  83. superagnitio

    I guess it doesnt fit. Chill the fuck out

  84. Darkgalahad

    Credits from David Bowie's album where Stevie was the guitarist.

  85. Thebigdoublek

    Wrong, what album

  86. Darkgalahad

    Stevie had an Album where he called himself also Vaughn.

  87. MrLinvalT

    One day , i come back in past to see that awesome man .

  88. Chris Coudrain

    I never got the chance to see this incredible guitarist....Life really sucks sometimes...gone way to soon...

  89. Seamus McMichael

    Man, he's good!

  90. NigRigShop

    ...mother of fuck... it IS spelled wrong... heads will roll over this!

  91. Wesley Murphy

    0:32 most badass moment ever

  92. Alberto Macfly

    if the Blues was sad when he started but now that the music has stopped being the biggest music and begin to be forgotten but I'm young for my blues may live another generation. Long Live the Blues ,Long Live For STEVIE

  93. DonOfPC

    Lenny on jukebox makes this music video awesome. SRV FOREVER!

  94. Len Mustaine

    First learn how to spell his surname and name. A Legend

  95. BluesTripleThreat

    I still think that he resembles charlie sheen