Vaughan Penn - I Can't Help Myself Lyrics

I looked in my closet, I looked in my drawer
Lookin' for favorite jeans, lookin' for my favorite jeans
You were gonna take me out, where we used to go
Every Friday night around the corner I used to meet you
How I wish we were right there, right now

I know what's wrong, I know what's right
But I know how I feel tonight
And, I can't help, I can't help myself
I realize just what I miss every time I feel like this
Cause you and me need to be together
I can't help myself

You were wild and I was too
Cause I was really into you
You were really into me
We used to get real high on each other
When we'd go flying in your car
I swear we'd chase the moon down
'Til the sun came up


Cause I was really into you
I can't help, I can't help
I can't help myself
Lookin' for my favorite jeans


Cause I was really into you

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Vaughan Penn I Can't Help Myself Comments
  1. swiggity Swag

    isn't it beautiful how God unites people together? mrs. penn is cool. God rest ya! (sleep well).


    God rest ya? Sleep well?

  2. swiggity Swag

    u r frikin' cool, lady!

    Jess Davis

    I have known her since I fie years old. She is amazing.

  3. Thelovely One

    Was this shot in Laguna Beach California? Because it all looks like Beachy wise. Very pretty 🌬🌊💦🐚💕

  4. Fernanda Fontanezzi

    Laguna Beach Soundtrack ❤

  5. Diane Dawn Condicion

    why didnt this song became famous?? ❤

    SevenFoot Pelican

    This song reminds me of Laguna Beach so much.

  6. Diane Dawn Condicion

    nice song 😊