Vandross, Luther - Religion Lyrics

It was early Sunday morning
Everyone in the house was still asleep
She made some toast and coffee
Took a shower and made herself smell sweet
She said, "I don't want a bus ride,
I believe that the walk might help me think
Got a heart kind of heavy
I need some big hat and gloves, shoes and bag religion!"

That's my decision
Some of that "make me feel better when I shout!!!" religion
That's my decision

Papa Henry was full of spice
He was a man usually nice
But something got into him last night
Made him want to fuss and hollar
The entire house was in a sweat
His bottle got broken and the floor got wet
"Clean it up!" you could hear him scream
Then he said, "I'm going out"
I need religion

That's my decision
Some of that "raise up the roof, 90 proof" religion
That's my decision
It's my decision, oh yes it is
That's my decision

It's the story about a good family
Who doesn't live anymore in good harmony
They are people who love their daughter and son
They try to give them religion

Little Billy likes his best friend Jack
How in the world could he be like that
Mama and Henry wanna have that chat
Boy, you need religion

Little Betty, whatcha gonna do?
There's a child growing inside of you
You should've stopped and thought things through
Little girl you need a vision of religion

And that's my decision
Some of that "how'd I get on Rikki Lake" religion
That's my decision
Get a little,
Get a little

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Vandross, Luther Religion Comments
  1. Geraldo Barbosa

    True Legend! R.I.p Luther!

  2. IronMan93

    Nice R&B flavored jam.

  3. Cynthia Richardson

    sadly Luther's anniversary today 13yrs at least I can still listen to his music 😍

  4. Yaya Williams

    Me and granny used to play this album up and down the highway when I was younger lol I'm 27 now

  5. Tukisho Gilbert Mmotla

    every time i were to listen to this man's voice when he sings i could't help but share a tear
    but mostly when i listen to this song "religion" it really hits home' , i just loose myself in thoughts #this_man_is_my_hero

  6. Kuhle mragala

    Luther.. I know album.. Is life I tell you

  7. C Flow

    This is a major favorite! Luther!