Vandross, Luther - Keeping My Faith In You Lyrics

I just love how long we've known each other
And I know you care about me
But I can't tell just where your life is going
You've been quite a mystery
You've got all of these brand new friends
They keep taking your confidence

But I'm keeping my faith in you
Deep in my heart of hearts
You've been worried, puzzled, surrounded by your trouble
But I'm keeping my faith in you

We all cried when your first bow was taken
No one could be prouder of you
But I care more about your heart if it's aching
If I'm your friend, what else can I do?
But those people who hang around
They keep bringing your spirit down

But I'm keeping my faith in you, yeah
Deep in my heart of hearts
If anyone can do it
I know you'll get through it
So I'm keeping my faith in you

I've known you ever since way back when
And I know you, you don't want to change, my friend
But you're under pressure, like no one could imagine
It's not a good time that you've been having
But you're a real strong brother, and I know you'll recover
So I'm keeping my faith in you

Keeping my faith in you
Deep in my heart of hearts
If anyone can do it
I know you'll get through it
So I'm keeping my faith in you

Keeping my faith in you
Deep in my heart of hearts
Keeping my faith in you
Deep in my heart of hearts

You've been worried, puzzled
Surrounded by big trouble
But I'm keeping my faith in you

Keeping my faith in you
My faith in you
Keeping my faith in you
My faith in you
Keeping my faith in you
My faith in you

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Vandross, Luther Keeping My Faith In You Comments
  1. Malibongwe Alfalfa Sati

    2020 January❤❤❤

  2. Mallum Serah

    2020 and is still golden deep in my heart of hearts 😘😍👌

  3. nathi f

    Real music Hero

  4. Nomthandazo Anele

    Listening December 2019

    audrey adams

    His music brings back so many memories

  5. Nothile Ncanana

    Listening December 2019

  6. pauline asuelimen

    I love his songs...relaxes the nerves

  7. Tlhogi Magano

    Kere di pitsa stofong!! dankie Mr Luther Vandross. . .

  8. Matome Moruto

    2019 november 17 in advance for my birthday

  9. lorraine ravn

    Who is here 2019 /10??


    One of my favorites Luther track of all time!!!

  11. Ibrahim Wang'anya

    Rest in perfect peace legend. Thanks for the memories.

  12. JUNIOR kaas

    Listening September 2019

  13. Sewuese Atsehekaa

    August 8 2019 💕💕💕💕💕

  14. Albert Omondi

    Keeping my faith in Christ deep in my heart of hearts...Luther was the real deal undoubtedly..

  15. wallymarcel1

    Listening in August 2019

    Mokgadilekgothoane Maggie

    Me also


    He got me through the ‘80’s, getting me through 2019 too!

  16. Maxine Palmer

    Miss you so much. Such a lovely song

  17. Khomotso Bridget Ramothakga

    July 2019 ❤

  18. yakubu sule

    Luther Vandross the father lyrics

  19. me mann


  20. khumo setshabelo

    Can't believe its 14 years since he left

  21. wallymarcel1

    Listening in June 2019. As good as music gets.

  22. Anthony Brown my ft


  23. Carmine Thompson

    Keeping My Faith In You Too. I've known you ever since way back when. I have recovered. Big Hug

  24. Xoliswa Tshabalala

    I just love,,,,you till now,,,,may your soul,be at peace,,,in heaven

  25. Doctor Madonsela

    Forever my music king

  26. Katelyn Links

    2019 MAY😌☝

  27. Deborah Steele


  28. Tina Branch

    I no honey we been knowing each other for 40years so long I no u been nothing my ex-husband for a long time he is just fine

  29. Philile Radebe

    May your soul rest in peace

  30. Samkelicwe Nompumelelo

    always miss you and love you Luther vandross big tym 😭😭😭😢😢😢❤💔💔💔💔💔

  31. Phila Nonkelela

    The grandest song of all times

  32. Hillary James Nyanhongo

    i wonder why and how this song was not a hit.Ive noticed only a few people know this song.One of my best from Luther.RIP Mr Vandross.

  33. Pule Lumiah

    Good bye love month

  34. Hillary James Nyanhongo

    2019 ...we miss you luther

  35. James Onyilo

    2019 February this song is so fresh , rest on Luther

  36. Mabala Idlamanzi

    wow what a song I love this song with my whole heart

  37. esther kimani

    2019 who is there

  38. Felicity Pinda

    Listening in February 2019 ❤❤

  39. gtanniebabez3

    Luther........ amazing❤❤❤

  40. Luke Mulford

    If yall #metoo luther i gotta leave the movement 😂. This man is an angel

  41. Valter Mulungo

    wonderfull song...
    i always need to linst...

  42. Gee Man

    We will listen to this for century,it rocks thanks Luther 👑

  43. Henry Njoroge

    wonderful luther

  44. Edgar Lung'aho

    Keeping my faith in you :-) :-) :-)

  45. Kgomotso Kgomotso

    i lov dis song alot,it remind the better days

  46. Kgomotso Kgomotso

    i lov dis song alot,it remind the better days

  47. Thabelo Mugwena

    Any one listening to this song today 2018!! just pres like!

  48. Jennifer Simon

    Love this song will love to have cd with all songs nights in harlem

  49. Abiodun Oshuntokun

    That's music not all those noisy One lately


    I've been listening to this jam like forever. Truth all expressed beautifully in a song. Rest In Peace Luther Vandross!❤

  51. Tyran Mathurin

    I haven't found a woman of whom I can keep my faith in tho. Well, apart from my mom and sister, that is!

  52. christine namayanja

    Awww this jam

  53. Justus Mwangi

    Luther's music will live forever. He was such a versatile artist. Could compose, arrange, sing, produce, name it. Your place in heaven is assured coz you put the talent God gave you to full effect!

  54. Deborah Patterson

    Gone too soon. So many good memories made with Luther as the soundtrack. Rest easy MB, rest easy.

  55. ayanda Jama

    Just mesmerizing

  56. M'aa Chychie

    Killer jam
    Always takes me where am supposed
    Miss u Luther 👑

    Nkagisang Motalaote

    Chaka khan

  57. Joshua Muturi

    lovely song

  58. Dingani Dube

    He was the greatest.

  59. philou44ful

    luther le GRAND !!!!…………………….i love …………...LUTHER ………….

    Lillian Shaw

    There will never be another Luther, may you soul rest in peace, love you Luther , powerful voice

  60. Victor Appiah-Boamah

    This is TIMELESS

  61. Anthony Solomon

    wish he was still alive to play in my wedding. forever the best Luther

  62. Ndiay Dudu

    tu va tuè evec ta belle voice

  63. Ray Serna

    Listening April 2018!! Luther's music will live on forever RIP

  64. RW M

    Damn this song is the truth! 💗💗💗
    "...but I care more abt your heart if it's aching...

  65. Tshidi Maswanganye

    If i am ur friend what else can i do🎵🎶🎼🎤🎤sing it Luther.....

  66. Martin Mutembei

    that reggae part is the real deal

  67. kgomotso Tshabalala

    I dedicate this song to the people who have a friend they trust

  68. uguru Elliott

    Carries me to the gone days

  69. Zola Khomo

    easily one of the best songs by luther

    mitzi miles

    Thanks to a friend on the other side of the world. The words are pretty powerful. Makes you look deep within yourself.

  70. Allen Joubert

    there is not best of luther all is tops my favourite

  71. wanda zoe


  72. Sibongakonke Mazibuko

    never gets old

  73. Mojalefa Selowa

    Even in my betrayal God has keeping his faith in Me. Happy Sunday

    Tyran Mathurin

    You sound more lost than us both


    @Tyran Mathurinok! And you know what? You're right. Please accept my apology:-)


    @Tyran Mathurin your comment struck such a chord. My nephew literally said the exact same thing. God has never, that I recall, stood in my face, looked me dead in the eye, and said, "hey, look at me, I'm God" It's all a spiritual thing. I "see" God ALL DAY EVERYDAY!! And whether you choose to believe it or not YOU SEE HIM TOO! That's MY FAITH. Again tho, I do apologize for my earlier words. God Bless!!

    Tyran Mathurin

    Apology accepted. And I also apologize, if my previous reply was offensive. But, I was a Christian believer for more than 20 yrs. And what caused me to relinquish my faith are several things, including the fact that Jesus/God had never paid me a visit in the flesh (as I suggested previously). I take that very seriously. Because, I believe that visiting and spending time with others, is one of the way we express or our love and concern. And I think a "loving God" whom we are told is above all, should understand that. And he should lead as an example, in that regard. Otherwise, why are we blaming earthly fathers who are separated from their families and never chose to return to pay their child a visit? To me, that's the example that Jesus/God has set, by chosing not to visit his people in person. And I don't think it is good. My dad is an example of one who was separated from his family. But thankfully, he was always there for me and my sister....Even though he was living in the US mainland, and we weren't. But not only did he call us twice a week (and sent money bi-weekly to take care of us), but he also visited us twice a year. That is the role of a truly loving father, I think. My father was the best man I've ever known. And to me and my sister he played the role of both a mom and dad great.


    @Tyran Mathurin those are powerful words. Thanks for sharing your story. I come from a 💪 Christian family.
    Dad was a preacher. I too think my dad was the greatest dad ever. A 💪 and stern hand of guidance, and correction when needed. We have some different thoughts on some things, but the most important thing that we do agree in is love. Bless you!

  74. LUCKY zwane

    take me on and ooooooon.