Vandross, Luther - It's Hard For Me To Say Lyrics

Didn't know 'til today
That you would love for me to say
All of things I feel
Though you don't doubt they're real
Insecure, very shy
Are the only reasons I have why
I never say the things that you would love to hear
All the words I try
Disappoint me and I cry
So they're words I don't always say, but
It's in my love, it's in my feeling
It's in the very same heart that loved you from the start
It's in the heat, it's in the spirit
And it's got me totally high
It's just hard for me to say why
Kinda sad, kinda blue
Because I wanted to tell you
That you were in my heart
Though we were far apart
Didn't know how to say
All the little things to make you stay
And not to keep assuming
You could read my mind
You're the one I love
Though it's hard for you to know
'Cause the words I don't always say, but
It's in my love, it's in my feeling
It's in the very same heart that loved you from the start
It's in the heat, it's in the spirit
And it's got me totally high
It's just hard for me to say why

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Vandross, Luther It's Hard For Me To Say Comments
  1. Jhamel Wade

    This is my song still to this day I swear!!

  2. Brian Lucas

    1996 i bought my first Luther CD. I love u Luther.

  3. KrnSniper01

    He wrote it and Diana Ross sang it in 1987 in album "Red Hot Rhythm & Blues".
    Luther Vandross sang it himself in album "Your Secret Love" in 1996.

    Jhamel Wade

    And he wrote Love Don't Love You Anymore as well as singing it, for the late Gregory Hines in 1987 for his self titled album... I think!

    Jhamel Wade

    ... Luther's Your Secret Love-1996 album too, I almost forgot!

  4. Tina Branch

    My beloved Happy remember day in the spirit see you in heaven my sweet love

  5. Tina Branch

    It's in heart and my mind u wanted to now how I feel it's in my heart it's in my mind it comes straight from heaven it makes me write to u about our love story from the heart I do love you forever and nothing u can do about it it's late for me to write to you I need you Im in love with you I need you also what I am here for I ready to come were you r I love for you to beg cause I am begging also the way u felt was the same way I felt I just didn't hear you sing for a while so I never heard some of these song till my beloved was gone once upon a time

  6. Tina Branch

    Man I love u forever how was I suppose to no your superman and I am your lady how was I supposed to no yes it is very sad I still sad but the future makes me happy like I said I have my bad days and good ones

  7. mrtyroneb

    All I can say is wow!

  8. mrtyroneb

    Thus far, 14 people are brain dead. #thumbDowns? Really???

    joan GRIFFITH

    Feeling the sweet vibes

  9. Bob Miller

    Mix Luther's and Diana's version together!

  10. Deborah Steele


  11. Pedro Galiano

    One of God's Angel... R.I.P. Luther. Thank you

  12. Marcellus B

    Just an absolutely beautiful song that was sung perfectly by Luthor Vandross.

  13. Bryan

    So amazing..

  14. Mary Reid

    Simply beautiful

  15. Maxine Palmer

    O god luther if u only know how much I love u lovely music

  16. Arvay Hunter

    all my life I asked the lord to be loved for real by any one unconditionly mother, sister brother child ,or even a real man what did I do so wrong to keep searching for love in the wrong places,!!!

    Tracy Wishom

    Arvay Hunter My heart is full, you're reading my mind. We share the same story

    patricia TURNER

    I know it's an old saying but love begins within, then it will come to you..

    Tracy Wishom

    Arvay Hunter Me too, all I get from my children is "can you " or if you're not doing anything. As for a relationship, I've given up

    Queen Hawa

    Don't give up beautiful! Be patient 💓

  17. tysona23

    Can some whizz kid not splice this together with Dianas version to make the duet it should have been ?


    How about someone NOT disturb/ splice Luther's version with Diana's. Luther stands ALONE!!

  18. Mbongeni Mkhwanazi

    Romeo Khumalo used to play this song while he was still at metro fm..Since then it has never been played.RIP Luther.

  19. lesego motsomane

    loving it the Luther way GRAT SONG!

  20. trina robinson

    this song touch me in a special way❤

    Humphrey Okay

    Trina, I don't think it touches you like it does me. The song literally takes me to heaven!

    Lotta Shaw

    trina robinson yes it does has a strong meaning

  21. Donna Priestly

    It's all in hiss voice, the spirit he posses in song, he is ONE of the best, and I had the pleasure of meeting " Luther Vandross " in 1982-83 at WGCI 107.5 in Chicago. I told him I loved him, and did/still do, but we all know he's gone, though his music is still and will be played, he owned stock, the V in V101, V103, all of V's stood for Vandross, after his death, they went with variety, I know, cause after several emails, back and forth, he downloaded records from 1961-2020. I am amazed at the body of work, that I have done, all my life. looking at this, WOW! Yep! I am the songwriter, of almost everything, in over 20 genres of music, I started at 2.

    Jerome Holloman

    yes this song is from summer 1997!!! and Luther has been gone since 2005!!!nearly 12 years!!!

  22. Omega1st

    A masterful vocal performance of a wonderful song.

  23. Tenisha Thompson

    Love love love !!!!!

  24. bagz boo

    I rember being in love for the first time in my life ,listening to this song. Express your love,if you mean it.

  25. Bernice Huang

    His voice is so gentle

    Realeboga Segopolo

    Bernice Huang it has this calming effect right

  26. supremes ballard

    Loves Diana Version .....yet Luther Hit a Grand Slam with this!

  27. Steven Stephen

    he wrote this song for diana ross..and sings backup on her red hot rhythm and blues LP..1987, she now sings this song in all her latest concerts..sad she didnt when he was alive..he would have been so proud..luther adored diana ross too bad she did allow him to do the whole album ..i bet she regrets that now

    supremes ballard

    Diana Ross was too proud in 1987 to honor Luther yet he loved her!