Van Zandt, Townes - Highway Kind Lyrics

My days, they are the highway kind
They only come to leave
But the leavin' I don't mind
It's the comin' that I crave.
Pour the sun upon the ground
Stand to throw a shadow
Watch it grow into a night
And fill the spinnin' sky.

Time among the pine trees
It felt like breath of air
Usually I just walk these streets
And tell myself to care.
Sometimes I believe me
And sometimes I don't hear.
Sometimes the shape I'm in
Won't let me go.

Well, I don't know too much for true
But my heart knows how to pound
My legs know how to love someone
My voice knows how to sound.
Shame that it's not enough
Shame that it is a shame.
Follow the circle down
Where would you be?

You're the only one I want now
I never heard your name.
Let's hope we meet some day
If we don't it's all the same.
I'll meet the ones between us,
And be thinkin' 'bout you
And all the places I have seen
And why you where not there.

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Van Zandt, Townes Highway Kind Comments
  1. Star Miller

    The most beautiful song in the universe written by the best singer songwriter that ever lived. 😍

  2. Dixon Vixon2016

    This song should be played on Walking Dead. This song is perfectly depicts Daryl Dixon, especially when he lost Beth <3

  3. Mak Roberts

    Semi bruce, i feel that way as welll
    Leaves u wanting more,... same time.. leaves you feelin like a loved one has passed....
    it is( 2 me) ACCEPTAANCE✌🏿💯%🎶& accepting regret as an
    Outcome....... ( nno one is round wen i blast tvz. My time🥺🎶🤙🏻

  4. robert lopez

    Sometimes I don’t hear Townes, and sometimes my ears know how to sound

  5. Mak Roberts

    Spiritual resusatacion.....
    SometimesI CANT LET MYSELF
    LIVE) dead envy( follow circle down
    I'll c ya

  6. tomkat69pc

    purity ..

  7. Keith Gordon

    Wow, yeah know?

  8. Paul Vidito

    nothin hits me like townes

  9. Ariel

    A song for god

  10. Nick H

    this song really fucks me up

  11. Luddo punk

    Overwhelming and devastating, sinks my mood every time. Yet I still find it so beautiful

  12. Neshan Tung

    who the hell would dislike this

  13. Jim Bobbo to the rescue

    don't listen to TVZ if you're depressed.....

    Nick H

    what other time is there?

    Scott Briggs

    I find Townes cathartic. Mainly.

    darren lunan

    Its the only time to listen...its not depression, its life!

  14. Kevin Hanley

    Absolutely fucking brilliant.

  15. Mic Mac

    this is one of the ones that you just can't listen to just once. Or twice, three, four... ten times in a row. Just can't​stop listening to it.

    Mak Roberts

    Mic Mac im mak( as u) and i agree
    Mudd/gold/ ....( devil/dwn georgia
    W/out any repeated chorus or
    "Rythmic vocals....'cept too keep
    Listenin long after
    ( raisers) DOWN ( quite a bit more
    Soul& actuall experience
    Than sub home sick blues
    ( only other that starts& dont
    Double back) and i state that as
    Iv heard comparisons....ASSHOLE
    THEY ALL STINK,never thought
    Of good music as folk music

  16. walter kersting

    The sort of song that give one an idea for a song, or poem...

  17. Jan van den meerssche

    Newyearsday 2017,Townes been gone For 20 years but his music keeps touching me


    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, Jan.

  18. Rick de Greef

    Absolutely hopeless...

  19. James Land

    I know I'm Old;Townes has been Dead a while now-somehow Guy knew that's how it would be...and then Guy was old=his #'s up-I friggin' almost knew the day he'd die! I believe he did deep inside...119,130 views of this song, and 539 liked it;4 didn't like-Jeeze I remember Guy's retort to my Ex's comment Townes is great but so depressing!"---Guy"Shit, he's not depressing he's suicidal!" I laughed then... but now I get it too-that's why Guy got it;why doesn't anyone else get it!? Cuz When you're that real it's just time before you break!

    Larry Berger

    life is sometimes a long suicide

    Robert Lopez

    Townes was a great story teller and also had a fantastic understanding of the human condition but I don't think he was ever in cahoots with Guy Clark over his own "suicide".... wait what?

    Mak Roberts

    James Land you'll be (the) in blessed company, fren we're
    bound too leave this dark behind
    C u wen i do( not in i c u)🎶❤️♾

    Mak Roberts

    No preservatives in the truth

    Mak Roberts

    Only days that start w/mournin&
    End in"Y"beautiful views arent missed till they're a bunch of
    Shitty houses for shittier people
    Built by my peers& i& lord, id seen
    "Forest fer the trees"
    As its said" the time u get it....
    You're outta here( free bird like🤙🏻
    🧜🏿‍♀️❤️rest in peace pops❤️🎶♾

  20. wheelmanstan

    great song, I really like it even more when Lyle sings it

  21. XMrSurrealisticX

    I´m sitting here in front of my screen for nearly 3 hours now, listening to this hauntingly beautiful songs... and i just can´t get over the fact that Townes van Zandt is just pure perfection!

    Patty Mulligan

    I saw him in nashville years ago: Townes just checkin out a new band at a club. He had longish black hair, eyes burnin like coals. He wore a long black overcoat with cheap wine in a pocket; he never bought expensive booze and spritzers the audience drank. The writer of such georgeous songs, intense, quiet

  22. edgaristtod

    sometimes two minutes are enough.


    Whoever you are, you get it.

    Mak Roberts

    edgaristtod 🙈😿💯%❤️🎶

  23. Alexander Kelley

    Christ man....fucking poetry.
    I just wish more people could appreciate art like this, but then again maybe that's what makes it beautiful

  24. stephen jedlicka

    I love that bass line

  25. GmJunky87

    Gives me chills. Great song.

    TownesJames # 1 fan

    +gmjunky87 Gives me chills, goosebumps and sometimes tears.Can't say just what this guy's songs do for me but ......Much Happiness!!!!!!!!.

  26. Ed Duda

    Powerful song.

    Townes was a paradox

  27. Semibrucelee

    He always end his songs with the most powerful verse

    Kevin Wallace

    +Semibrucelee Absolutely.

  28. thomaaz

    thank you, townes.

  29. Dorian Faust

    The master

  30. Mark Kemblowski

    Love thejakeskesbrakes coment on Pearl Jam playing this song, I believe thy could do  a very good version.

  31. dixieken

    My daddy died on my birsthady, May 20th, 2013. I am his "junior"!! He never knew Townes music...I did....but I wish his ghost would stop singing this song in my right ear!!!! I love him and miss him..but damn!!!!

  32. Dan D. Dirges

    About as it gets right here!

  33. Daeronne Abate

    Sigo finzament'ae fundagos
    inue che ses ispentumada?
    Ses tue chi m'abbisonzas.
    No hapo mai intesu su lumene tou.
    Lassa chi ispere 'e nos biere paris,
    si no ad'a abbarrare gai e tottu.
    Hapo a chircare sos chi ischin inue istas,
    Hapo aere s'oriolu 'e t'agattare
    in cada logu chi hapo connottu,
    m'hapo a preguntare proite no ses cun megus.


  34. Daeronne Abate

    Duncas, no soe cunbinchidu de sar beridades,
    beru est chi su coro meu ischit seberare.
    Sas ancas mi giughen dae sa chi cherzo,
    sa oghe resurtat ae s'inde pesare.
    Birgonza chi no est bastante,
    desegu chena isegu.

  35. Daeronne Abate

    Sas dies mias paren camineras,
    lompen e dan despedida,
    ae su chi lasso no dao contu,
    su chi mi dechet est sa tuccada.
    Su sole rezzidi in sas pischinas
    cale percolu de su trighinu
    chi pighit in su notte
    e no iscampulat dae chelu.
    Su tempus in pinna 'e sos elighes
    ispartu po nde gosare frina,
    inie mi paso de bonu accattu,
    fatto meriagu e mi tenzo contu.
    Medal bortas mi cretto,
    medal bortas no intendo.
    Medal bortas mi c'abbarat
    sa bidea chi mi m'at trobbidu.

  36. csea peru

    sometimes the shape l'm in won't let me leave


    Pour the sun upon the ground , stand to throw a shadow .

  38. turdcoat

    literally, dinkleberger.

  39. MrRollingStone72

    yes i always enjoyed that verse, I think hes talking about just accepting lost love
    Its been said TVZ had a thing with guy clarks wife.
    Nothing sexual but they were like soul mates he once said

  40. deatheater459

    i love townes van zandt.

  41. John Johnson

    yee of little feeling

  42. Daniel Adams


  43. turdcoat

    This song can literally squeeze your heart dry.

  44. joserodz90 (Rookie_Moves)

    Good ol' Texas music for you! Well Played

  45. mysterytrain3

    The emotions in this song are overwhelming, and expressed in a little over two minutes. Not a note or a word out of a Chopin prelude or a Bach fugue in its perfection. I'm awestruck.

  46. Guy Ogilvy

    A good candidate for the saddest song ever written. Killer.

  47. deuce2650

    I just heard this song tonight and I think it's my favorite. I've been thinking about time a lot recently and it's like this song just dipped a cold finger into those thoughts

    Mak Roberts

    deuce2650 may i borrow term
    " ...a cold finger,into those..."
    I need more of" intelligent folks w/verbage, as w/the attempted sacking of sacristy,save be this
    Guy's portfolio, in& around me
    Thank u, for allowing me a monent
    Of clarity( tvz="rainman" sevant st8

  48. fractuss

    @midnight1963 Yes this verse is real writing, maybe my favorite of Townes'. He was able to put into words something that nearly everyone on Earth feels. A rare thing.

  49. mobman121

    @wheelmanstan lyle couldn't hold townes @#[email protected]

  50. wheelmanstan

    lyle lovetts veriosn will make you cry

  51. Jonathan Michael

    Thank you for posting this, Tankard1990.

    Trevor Martell

    Glad to have heard of Townes and his music same as Hank and Keith Whitley all leaving us too soon.

  52. midnight1963

    my favorite verse ... (i think of it so often)
    "your the only one i want and i've never heard your name, let's hope we meet someday ... if we don't it's all the same ... and i'll meet the ones between us and be thinking 'bout you ... and all the places i have been ... and why you were not there."

    simply profound and overwhelming

    Steve Boyd

    Can't get enough

    Mak Roberts

    midnight1963 you aint the only,

    Mak Roberts

    Its addicting like sorrow, st8 [email protected]
    4 walls