Van Zandt, Townes - Fraulein Lyrics

Far across the blue water lives an old German's daughter
By the banks of the old river Rhine
Where I loved her and left her but I can't forget her
I miss my pretty fraulein

Fraulein, fraulein, look up toward the heavens
Each night when the starts start to shine
By the same stars above you, I swear that I love you
You are my pretty fraulein

When my memories wander a-way over yonder
To the sweetheart that I left behind
In a moment of glory a face comes before me
The face of my pretty fraulein

Fraulein, fraulein, walk down by the river
Pretend that your hand's holdin' mine
By the same stars above you I swear that I love you
You are my pretty fraulein

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Van Zandt, Townes Fraulein Comments
  1. Shannon Traynor

    I had never heard this version before . Thanks for sharing this

  2. Marjorie Cameron

    Beautiful rendition !

  3. Austin Fox

    Love the tune at 1:14

  4. Dale Leathers

    Tyler Childers version is much better

  5. Gert B Frobe

    Colter Wall and Tyler Childers cover is also amazing

    Ascended Serenity

    True. Fairly newer cover. Love both of those guys. Just discovered them a few years back.

  6. D Mac

    great version of this old song, but would anyone expect any less from Townes?...Bravo

  7. Bruce Darling

    Although Townes did not write Fraulein, his performance of the song is the best I have ever heard.


    Bruce Darling Same. Yet ol Colter Wall cut a pretty nice recording of it just last year.

    Trey Blair

    Townes and Tyler Childers are the best with this song in my opinion

    J H

    Colter Wall with Tyler Childers is about as good as it can get without Townes

    The Thing at the End of the Book

    It's probably tied with the Colter+Childers version for me.
    When I heard that for the first time and Childers' voice joined in... whoa.

  8. robert johanson

    true he got his guitar oer his dad but on the condition he learnt this oldie for his dad

    Alex VanDyke

    He started his music life in billings Montana

  9. dense starr

    Worst shit I ever heard

    Ascended Serenity

    terrible person.


    dense starr wait for the dub step remix... you'll prob love that shit

  10. Shan

    I'm a so-called, "tough guy." A logger in the Oregon woods. When my wife plays this song and dances in the fire-lit room when our children are asleep, a tear wells in my eye. A tear of gratitude.


    [email protected] same deal with me. I am a S. Az cowboy, born and bred. When I was a young kid, this song on the radio and played by the dance bands sounded like heaven. And I do know what you mean with your woman. It is special.
    The deal with this rendition is and you might already know, TVZ's Dad told him as a kid that he would get him a guitar if he would learn Fraulein.
    Well, obviously Townes never forgot that and fulfilled the promise when he recorded this later. I think that is special. And holy moly, when a band plays this to this day, I am a happy, happy man. Perfection.

    George Washington

    Diesel mechanic on the Canadian border in NY and the same, I used to listen to this song catching bullheads at night... Used to be able to see every star in the sky. Now mine is gone and all I see are cloudy gray skies and I wonder where she is and if she's looking at the stars.:(

  11. Susan Jones

    This is beautiful.

  12. Horsehide

    I read similar, but it was his Mother in the version I recall. No matter, I suspect it was
    a requirement one way or the other and it is a beautiful tune.

  13. j wefelt

    i read that his dad bought TVZ his first guitar as long as he learned this song.