Van Zandt, Townes - Cowboy Junkies Lament Lyrics

Baby hit the back door breathin' real heavy
Said the boys in the alley wouldn't leave her alone
Mama did her make-up in a terrible hurry
She finally got ready but the boys were gone
Mama don't you worry, night's aproachin'
There's a hole in heaven where some sin slips through
Close your eyes and dream real steady
Maybe just a little will spill on you

The dark don't lie
And dreams come true
Could be a few will see you through

Old lady Rose, lookin' down her nose
At lonely Miss Lily hiding in the hall
Lily's just praying for the trial to be over
Rosy's just waitin' for the ax to fall
Show me off on the way to town
The sky's still shiny and the earth's still brown
Tell the judge I'm ready for the vases
Gonna dance in their faces when the guitar sounds

It won't be long
I'll be long gone
I've been leaning toward the shadows all along

Those in the know say how it goes
You plan on reapin' you better sow
You plan on sleepin' you better keep movin'
Sleepin' ain't allowed around here you know
Tell me please when the rollin's over
Me and my baby gonna have some fun
Bury our backs in a bed of clover
Smile in style while the sun goes down

Snake eyes cry
And boxcars sigh
Poor seven's in the middle just a-wonderin' why

The dark don't lie
And dreams come true
All it takes is one or two
Maybe just a few will see you through
Maybe just a few will see you through

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Van Zandt, Townes Cowboy Junkies Lament Comments
  1. Michael Lawrence

    I revisit this song every New Years to observe the anniversary of Townes’s death. One of the greats. RIP.

  2. William Rabon

    You’ll find in Robert Earl Hardy’s bio. on Townes, the subjects of the lyrics, for those of you who ain’t “in the know,” begin with Michael, then Margo, before finishing up with Pete. Hope that helps. (“Baby needs a new pair of shoes!”)

  3. greenroomdude

    I love this version!

  4. walter kersting

    And that's why you should never do heroine.

  5. Grandma Patty

    Awaken my soul to that dream in the clover; I;m lay'd down.

  6. Jb Lala

    This is the first time I've heard Townes perform this song. I love the Junkies version, but what Townes does with it (and any song) is beyond words. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Warpoet

    oh man this is awesome, I never heard an acoustic of this before. love it

  8. Blake .Van Sanford

    Townes actually wrote this song for the band 'Cowboy Junkies' when he was touring with them, I believe in the early nineties


    Blake .Van Sanford / I think it's on the 1989 album No Deeper Blue


    imagine seeing them play together

    Mynamis Mudd

    and they wrote Townes' Blues for him.

  9. Jonathan Michael

    Thank you for posting this, kingston1201.

  10. Donald Raulerson

    very well said TVN may u rest in peace

  11. Noni D

    @dubconor Thanks mate. You are right, there's always someone even if you have to look (or plead!). And right again- I have a VERY Irish name. Fifth generation Australian but ALL the family are from Ireland - mostly Cork and Kilkenny but I think Donegal as well. My grandmother instilled me with pride in my Irish roots particularly cause I'm the most 'typically' Irish looking one of the lot. Yet another plastic paddy. Thanks for your comments, they bought a tear to my eye. Slainte x

  12. Noni D

    @dubconor mad aint the word. Another 'cowboy' passed yesterday. Thought he'd be one who'd 'get through'. RIP Shane Walsh

  13. Charles Thomas Draper

    Rites.... TVZ

  14. donnygong1

    Oh my...

  15. kingston1201

    @bwanadik23 - Last Rights, The Life & Times of Townes Van Zandt

  16. jeff tapp

    What is this version from....anyone?

  17. cbkspa

    thank you..... :)

  18. efbeckley

    thanks for posting my favorite song by my favorite song writer.