Van Morrison - Look Here Lyrics

Look here, what you think you gon' be doin' next year
No lie, how you know you no gon' up and die
No doubt, soon enough your friends will find you out
Take care you know you might not have much time to spare

I say, how long have you acted up this way
What know, when you gonna get your own floor show
I'm hip, you could use a button on your lip
Look here, what you think you gon' be doin' next year

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Van Morrison Look Here Comments
  1. Tested Truths

    395 and counting.. Paradise is there, ready and waiting for the family of the Lord God. Make this year the year you claim that peace that surpasses all understanding.

  2. ZadZadrack

    Before YouTube, Van Morrison's music was listened to on Records and CDs whereby the EARS had to send the reciprocated emotions of the song straight to the heart via the brain. That was one dimension to really enjoying Van's music. After the advent of YouTube, there came the ARTISTIC INTERPRETATION of Van's music/songs by a VISUAL ARTIST called Nescio K, thus adding to the MAGIC OF VAN'S SONGS. Now, it is impossible to hear Van's songs without seeing in one's mind's eye the artistic work on Nescio, thus ADDING a visual MAGIC to the AUDIAL MAGIC OF VAN'S MUSIC. I say: thanks to both artists who have given us a complete Audio & Visual enhanced joyful experience of listening to Van's music, thus DRIVING THE HUMAN SOUL TO DWELL IN A HEAVENLY PLACE FAR AWAY FROM TODAY'S 'FILTHY' POLITICS OF THE WORLD. Thank you Van Morrison. Thank you Nescio K.

    Nescio K

    Thanks for your nice words. Sorry for my late reply.

  3. rhymeswithteeth

    LIAR!!! Not 1080p, just 480p...fucker!

  4. Blues Rain


  5. Kieran Ryan


  6. jeremiah b

    I'm spreading my mama's ashes and going to play this song it's perfect

  7. Shari Crocker

    It don't matter anyhow.

  8. S H

    First time l JUST don't know WHAT
    TO SAY ,,
    Heavenly AND So quite

  9. J B

    Featured on the Soundtrack of the movie " The General " Great Movie. Great Soundtrack.

  10. Jean Welsh

    4 Paws up !

  11. sHANoN


  12. Alan Kuntz

    I don't normally like most videos with songs of various authors , it kind of seems cheesy to me but this is really beautiful.

  13. Ivan Clarke

    I always enjoy your beautiful videos. I appreciate your efforts. It adds to my life, friend.

    Nescio K

    Thanks for your warm words.

  14. Elisabeth Klaassen

    Beautiful song and video Thank you and sharing it !

  15. Felix Burke

    Great video effects.

  16. Geoffreyyo

    How do you comment or even, punctuate with approval, such beautiful work ?

    Felix Burke

    Yes, It's impossible to measure such brilliance.

    Happy Gilmore

    Felix Burke <3 Thanks for sharing

  17. dalgais1

    Van manages to put a whole film into his songs.

  18. Mike Martinez

    Every thing I do it reminds me of you... Wow m go a use that...

  19. bonnie43uk

    No comments so far! .. beautiful song, I'd like this song played at my funeral :-)

    Tom Sanchez

    I agree 100%. Oh, man, does this bring back some memories. If you've never heard it, there's also a fantastic version of this gem on his double live CD "A Night in San Francisco." I like it just as much. That band is amazingly tight, and you can feel the energy coming through the speakers. Good stuff.

    Robert Bonham

    This must be what it’s all about.