Van Morrison - City Home Lyrics

I'm thinkin' 'bout a place
I'm waitin' for the day
When I will make my get away
Because as any fool can see
There's nothin' here for me but
Hurry up boy bring that water
Don't do things you shouldn't oughta

But when I go away and find my easy street
I'll have a smile for all I meet
And they will welcome me I know
Everywhere I go
No more thinkin' that I've missed it How can anyone resist it
And there's a chance
That I will find my big romance
When I get to my city home

But when I go away
And find my easy street
I'll have a smile for all I meet
And they will welcome me I know
Everywhere I go
I'll see the town in all its glitter
How could anyone be bitter
And there's a chance
That I will find my big romance
When I get to my city home

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Van Morrison City Home Comments
  1. Alex M

    Freedom to the Eire !

  2. John McKenzie

    It seems to me, in my limited knowledge of the world, that two things divide Ireland; religion and politics. But two things unite Ireland; Rugby and Music! Come and sing some songs with me at the nearest rugby ground, ie Newcastle Falcons. I'll buy the beers!

  3. RobertM

    A few years back, I was in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh and went to a hoedown with my cousins.

    A little girl about 11 years old got up and sang this song. It was ABSOLUTELY brilliant. The highlight of the night!

  4. Mary MC Mullen

    Love this song. When you have three brothers you need this song!

  5. Mazy74

    Hi Elle ..tims are fans of Celtic Football Club , and they absolutely hate this song because the part at the end is The Sash , which is sung by their bitter rivals Rangers F.C ! Greetings from Glasgow 👍


    +Marlene Leighton ..tell me about it Marlene , im a Rangers fan 🇬🇧


    +Marlene Leighton need to apologise , i was just trying to explain what Tims are without being rude 😂


    +Marlene Leighton u werent rude at all ..your cool 😉

  6. Joe Niederberger

    Who is the beauty that appears around 47 seconds?


    +Joe Niederberger Her name is Adriana Lima.

  7. mazyrun09

    why do tims hate this tune so much ? haha

  8. Sean Savage

    This version has the tune to the Sash in it.


    @Sean Savage Funny, right? Their harpist, Derek Bell, was Protestant from Belfast. I bet he suggested it. He had a good sense of humor. Or maybe it was Van Morrison's idea. He was from Shankill, where I am sure he heard it many times.

    Sean Savage

    @***** There isn't if you are aware of it beforehand, not so much if not an you play it in mixed company.


    he wasnt from the shankill.


    Thanks for the correction

  9. Vanessa Levy

    I am Irish to

  10. david robertson

    Its colours they are fine

  11. MrAaronHorner

    Van Morrison is from East Belfast you idiot

  12. Erik Sherman

    Ah, plastic paddy ... Van Morrison (born in Belfast) and the Chieftains performing, by the way.

  13. Bright Kelly

    What an asshole comment. I'm from Philadelphia in the United States, and Irish pride is pretty big with my family. I have been performing trads like this for years, and bluntly crying "plastic paddy" is absurd. I don't know if you're aware, but an awful lot of paddy folk came to AMERICA in the last century. We brought the music along, you nitwit. Get over it.

    Alan Mac

    You're a plastic paddy. Deal with it.

  14. Electricchris1

    its meant to be happy you need to realise u arnt the only person in the world who has felt oppressed at some stage and not be taking it out on people who you have no business do it to ,i am australian and not plastic and trying hard not to be bitter about crap in my life ,

  15. hello12390529

    I am from Belfast I don't think anyone in this video has been anywhere near there. Plastic Paddy crap!!

  16. stewart0312

    Thumbs up if Boardwalk Empire S03 brought you here.

  17. voy

    Eire must be awesome !


    you couldnt believe how awesome it is.

  18. lonergan2468

    Always loved this, I always thought it was The Dublin skipping song..????

    a oneiill

    correct... almost...Wikipedia...The song accompanies a children's game. A ring is formed by the children joining hands, one player standing in the centre. When asked, "Please tell me who they be," the girl in the middle gives the name or initials of a boy in the ring (or vice versa). The ring then sings the rest of the words, and the boy who was named goes into the centre.[1]

  19. GersOnTour

    Sure it is old and it is beautiful......

    Alan Mac

    How are the colours?

  20. lonergan2468

    A great Dubliners song !!!

  21. Electricchris1

    i kinda guessed it was some kind of dancing tune jig reel style ,skipping works for me :)

  22. zoedaria

    Thanks for posting this/is a Belfast skipping song and my mother sang it as a child/ goes back to early 1900"s

  23. sphereinversion

    So elegant!