Van Morrison - Back On The Corner Lyrics

I'm back on th' corner
I'm right back on th' corner
I've been in this condition so many times before

Back by my lonesome
I'm right back by my lonesome
Just watching th' people going from door to door

I've got to change my ways
And try to quit this place
'Cause one of these rainy days
I'm gonna need a friendly face

I'm back on th' corner
I'm right back on th' corner
I've been in this condition so many times before

I've got to change my ways
And try to quit this place
'Cause one of these rainy days
I'm gonna be a mental case

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Van Morrison Back On The Corner Comments
  1. gpintpa001

    Big band, Big sound, what he does best, I think.

  2. Paul RJ

    would love an official release of this !!

  3. hawkman4828

    I named my dog VAN!

  4. Musicfan71 Hawk

    Terrific!! Excellent all of them!!! Great line- up, love the Sax player and Brian K. Both add vibrance to the songs. I could watch and listen to Van all day!!

    carlos santos Ferreira

    Me too !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bernie Donnelly

    So lucky to be at this show Amazing.

  6. PDN11141

    Days Like This... I remember taking my 4 kids to see Van, all remain his fans.

  7. bruce stratton

    He rocks me unceasingly!!!!!

  8. josé martinez perez

    con este gran album que me grabo un amigo,descubri al gran MORRISON .

  9. linda castellitto

    the best of the best, as always!

  10. Martin O'BRIEN


  11. Jerrys Notdead

    The last medley was Van at his best

    Jerrys Notdead

    and the band also

  12. antylemingable

    This tenor sax player could be a good dancer...

    TJ Ronck

    Yeah. Is that Lenny Pickett of Tower of Power and Saturday Night LIve? That guy is total kill!

    TJ Ronck

    OK on second look probably not. It's just that Van and Lenny used to rehears at the same studio back in the day.

    Robert Baugher

    Leo Green. He is an amazing sax man

  13. David Andrews

    Great great great

  14. antylemingable

    The gem!

  15. Merlin Bear

    the medley at the end of this: i think this is van's finest moment!

  16. Bettie Mccall

    What a GREAT performance!!! When God made him, He threw away the mold lol. He's truly one of a kind!!!

  17. Hélio Rolão

    God bless you Van....

  18. Lisa G

    What a show, loved all the songs they are the, WOW..!! My kind of music and that SAX player knows how to do that thing... :))) Thank you, Robert Baugher, for sharing...

    Robert Baugher

    Leo Green really gets into it. The sax solo with Leo and Pee Wee Ellis on Rough God Goes Riding (at 12:08) is probably my all time favorite. I could watch it over and over.

  19. kyle anthony

    who is lead sax, the big guy letting it all go? incredible

    Tony Mcgrath

    kyle anthony Leo Green is the sax player

    Abdoulaye Gakou

    Pee Wee Ellis from the James Brown 's Band

  20. Jane McGrath

    Compare this to the new Album.Day and night.How i wish we could have more of this standard from Van Morrison.It wasnt broken!

  21. Tim Bragg

    The last 15 minutes are sublime!

  22. rnnnmt

    Feckin classic. WOW!

  23. Tony Mcgrath

    hard to believe 20 years ago .another great Van band ,Leo as usual ,very animated and Van in great voice .i was lucky to get tickets to this show ,really enjoyed it ,rave on !!

  24. maxcricket

    Robert, thank you, thank you very much!

  25. clement templeton

    Wonderful....just WONDERFUL!

  26. Marc Isaac

    I love when Georgie Fame is at the keyboard

  27. James Rudolph

    Thanks for a great concert with such a great band! Wish it hasd been with him on his recent "Keep me Singing" tour.

  28. Jane McGrath

    I always miss Brian Kennedy's voice on this song.Id love to see them back on stage together.

  29. Abel Romero

    Cuando tenía 19 años este album me hizo descubrir a Van Morrison. A día de hoy aún me emociona como el primer día y nada de lo que ha hecho después me ha llegado tanto.

    Con este vídeo he podido comprobar lo que ya suponía: no ha llevado banda como esta jamás, músicos de primerísima línea completamente acompasados, y lo más importante, disfrutando infinitamente, ¡Van el primero!.

    ¡Muchas gracias!

  30. martin williams

    Brian kennady on backing vocals is a great voice and always fits in nicely with vans voice. Great gig and great musicians very enjoyable ..........

  31. Christopher Williams

    Great album, Van even smiles a few times and looks like he is enjoying himself. Those musicians must feel good that they have contributed to a selection of songs by Van Morrison as he changes his line up all the time, great stuff !

    Steve Smekar

    Great album?

  32. Stephen Routledge

    Absolutely amazing. I liked it at the time, but think it is even more amazing now.