Van Etten, Sharon - Our Love Lyrics

You say I am genuine
I see your backhand again
I'm a sinner, I have sinned
We're a half mast flag in wind

It's our love
It's our love
It's our love
It's our love
It's our love
It's our love
It's our love
It's our love
It's our love

At the bottom of a well
I'm reliving my own hell
Someone throws the ladder down
Still don't know what I have found

In our love
In our love
In our love
In our love
In our love
In our love
In our love
In our love
In our love

It's all love
It's all love
It's all love
It's all love
It's all love
It's all love
It's all love
It's all love

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Van Etten, Sharon Our Love Comments
  1. Luci Shay


  2. Xetler Ho

    this song is perfect

  3. Otepsia

    Pure heartbreaking song.

  4. Izma Alejandro

    Love your music, thanx a lot ❤

  5. Gus

    Sounds like pennyroyal tea if you listen closely

  6. Bryan Baumgartner

    Her black and blue arm. Abusive man idiot

  7. Brandon Robert James Mosby

    If you like this, you might want to check out a new band called ''St.Guilt''. They put out an EP recently.

  8. henny laundry

    You say I am genuine
    I see your backhand again
    I'm a sinner, I have sinned
    We're a half mast flag in wind

    It's our love
    It's our love
    It's our love
    It's our love
    It's our love
    It's our love
    It's our love
    It's our love
    It's our love

    At the bottom of a well
    I'm reliving my own hell
    Someone throws the ladder down
    Still don't know what I have found

    In our love
    In our love
    In our love
    In our love
    In our love
    In our love
    In our love
    In our love
    In our love

    It's all love
    It's all love
    It's all love
    It's all love
    It's all love
    It's all love
    It's all love
    It's all love

  9. Harrison Tord

    John Frusciante and Sharon Van Etten would probably get along

  10. Bryan Baumgartner

    I think I know what this song is about, but Im not sure?

  11. Alina Bidwell

    I used to listen to this...i love it ❤️

  12. Puka Keneki

    I’d play this in my wedding to myself

  13. Marllon Carvalho


  14. Davi Irineu

    she is the perfection in one person💜

  15. kin silva


  16. Stefano Leone

    Godard - Une Femme Mariee

  17. steven Tirrell

    Have I mentioned how amazing it would be to hear Sharon sing with Brandon Flowers from the killers?

  18. Ww StRiiKeR wW FiDeL


  19. Pablo Parada

    Damn Islamists, I cannot but hear "it's Allah" all over the chorus 01:10

  20. Mei Fann


  21. Dany Melo

    Amazing song!

  22. willy565

    Thank you Twin Peaks, for making me buy this CD-Thank you!!!!!

  23. reciporkate

    What wrong with her jaw?

  24. Banshee Beat

    I LOVE Sharon but I really can't stand this song.

  25. Jim Green

    Great song. Do women with tattoos make better lovers?

  26. Sachin Chavare

    love your voice,,,😘😘

  27. Олег

    fat & fattiest

  28. jose Alonso


  29. lesley.l

    Really pretty. I hadn't heard this one before.

  30. Tara Suzanne

    It's been 7 years since I saw Sharon and just her guitar open up for "Megafaun" at the Horseshoe with just 5-10 people in the audience. I wish she'd never met the National or gone over to JagJaguar :( Epic was her best!

  31. Bia Lopes



    the oa was phenomenal.

  32. Alex Arias

    her voice is amazing omg

  33. Gammaflaj

    I just realized that she keeps her eyes close almost the entirety of this video. The video is made so specifically for the song, most ppl don't even get that.

  34. André Viana

    I wanna a bullet in my head.

  35. The Creative Process Diet

    this is incredibly magical

  36. Travis Varnum

    This song is in the background of episode 7 of Netflix's "Easy"

  37. Irving Moreno

    me encanta esta cancion cuando me acuesto a pensar en mi cama

  38. StAr LienRiA

    is she a witch? was anyone else turned on to her music because of the confusing volvo commercial? and what does that video mean? anyone gotta clue cuz Im lost. Great voice..I like her music

    Colton the creator

    yeah, I came from the Volvo commercial!

    Evrock 502

    yup...dont like Volvo, but love her music!

    Mollyn Shew

    Volvo commercial is a husband and wife after their daughter's wedding. They are reminiscing looking at the photos in the camera and evidently this song has some special meaning between the husband and wife.

    D W

    Found her a couple years back from the walking dead season 3 trailer/commercial actually haha

    Veronica Carrillo

    Just got turned on to her because of Volvo! Considering this to be my walking down the aisle song.

  39. tiff bizzell

    I love this sound and song

  40. Aris Manolopoulos

    can tell from the first glimpse,she is a sexy witch!

  41. David Datura

    She reminds me a bit of Patti Smith.

  42. Kayla Cervantes

    You are my new favorite...where have you been?? <3 <3 <3

  43. Mighteous1

    I'm Sharon's future husband

    Matt Maki

    get in line

    Marieta Leitão

    After me haha

    Matthew F

    we shall duel!

    robert daniel

    How that works?, she is mine

    emiliano carnaya

    So I have to beat you all to marry her?

  44. voilafish


  45. Bryan Chávez

    Like like like que bonita letra.

  46. Glenn Van Etten

    Sharon you are getting more beautiful each day: Love ya ! Glenn


    she's not gonna shag you fella

  47. Carol Rego

    Minha Diva! Cantora maravilhosa! Voz que acalma a alma. ❤

    Aurora's Wonderland

    carol, noites, vc sabe se tem algum grupo de fas brasileiros dela?

  48. John Valusek


  49. Karolina Gołębiewska

    This song move to another world.
    Magic :)

  50. Magnum Rocks :)

    John Campbell brought me here 😃 awesome talent!!

  51. Sierra Pitchell

    Love it <3

  52. Stuart MacNiven

    I mean she and her band.

  53. Stuart MacNiven

    I saw the LA Morning Becomes Eclectic live performance and was entranced. Wow, I said. These videos are a huge drag compared to the charm and technique she and her bad exhibited there. What a shame these are out there.

  54. carly hayes

    I had never heard of she's all I want to hear, back to the video marathon!

  55. Jesse Compton

    great song. but the videographer obviously had no fucking idea of what to shoot, haha. "um, lets just shoot random shots in your bedroom and call it a day?"

    disgraceland uk

    @Jaemseh Yeah...I'm SOOOOOOOOO angry. Ha ha ha.

    matthew woodall

    It's nice

    elle kim

    +LeUknown I am happy I have read this comment! I was about to comment it.Argh my friend, we share the same sentiments!💙

    Mateus Murozaki

    +Jesse Compton

    > point of the video
    >your head


    the shots were AESTHETIC

  56. jsdreamz

    This is what my ears want to listen to

  57. Lance Casey

    This song is still great through all the buffering and pausing my piece of shit connection puts it threw

  58. Thomas Saunderson

    She's lovely, isn't she.


    nice but not feeling it, lacks originality
    If only those same old chords and melody didn't bore me so 

  60. Bethany H

    I don't get how some someone could hate this, I mean, u can "not" like it, but hate it? NO way.

    Albert Z

    I tell you so you can imagine it.
    You can hate it in the way that it sounds way too comercial, repetitive tune with huge lack of lyrics, for example, Or maybe you just dont like this kind of 80's mainstream voice sound.
    U r welcome :)

    Jamesha Radke

    @Albert Zaera sounds like someone who doesn't know a good song when they hear so they want to bitch about anything and everything they can find to justify their sad opinions. Most of the things you listed aren't realistic as it doesn't pertain to the song. The song has lyrics and plenty of it, when did making music you feel from your heart get stuck to a specific date and time?, how is it commercial in anyway? Her voice is mainstream 80s? Yeah sure it is to people like i mentioned earlier.

    Albert Z

    @Jamesha Radke What i see is someone making a question in a post, and someone giving his musical opinion. Have a nice day. Enough said.

    Albert Z

    And, sorry, but,  if i have 2 explain u what commercial music is, it means u dont know much about it.

  61. Rapid Rudiment

    this the cut

  62. TheMatthewBe

    Tale bellezza in questa canzone..

  63. Temisto Jan Carlo

    I love you Sharon :*

  64. T0mat0S0up

    I never knew this song existed 20 minutes ago and my faith is restored in modern music that it can still move me.

    Albert Z

    That means nuttin from someone that likes Alanis Morrisette and Simply Red.   #imjustsaying  
    You are so far of beeing "modern".
    (Excuse my english)


    @Albert Zaera a real mensch


    I really hate it when people say this "faith restored in modern music" shit.  If you think modern music is bad, you're listening to the wrong music.  Plenty of phenomenal and innovative artists out there.


    Geee I'm sorry.

    Mrkrazy EddyDog

    Bannana 😜🍌!!!

  65. Isadora Laruelle

    Magnifique !

  66. Marge Nordes

    LIKE :)

  67. Dina Stein

    Ultra sick

  68. eballezza

    It's our love?

  69. dhffnrzp

    missing on spotify :(

  70. Deep hug

    j adore

  71. Juan Victor Agtagma

    Is This Old??

  72. Yoel Kaseb

    _Escuchando un poco de música alternativa junto a mi amor_ ♫
    Sharon Van Etten - "Our Love" (Official Video)

    Adela Ester Grassetti

    Un cariño @Marcela Aguilera  y @Yoel Kaseb  que disfruten la noche del sàbado y que tengan un excelente domingo, besos a ambos ♥

    Marcela Aguilera

    Gracias @Adela Ester Grassetti igualmente para ti buen sábado cuidate besos

    fresshipie Agatha

    👏👏👏👏me gusta como canta👌👌👌👌


    Is it just me or is the first chord of each chorus just horribly out of key? I know it is but i don't know if she's done intentionally. I think it's a sick tune but those bits just piss me off. Its the organ chords in background making it all unpleasant.


    I always love how she incorporates the organ in the background of her songs, even this one. whatevs

  74. BroderHugos

    Wonderful song!

  75. Vitória Raquel


  76. Lenny Valentino

    Are We There = AOTY

  77. Joey Reed

    simple, hauntingly beautiful and mesmerizing. excellent production, sounds almost uplifting with subtle and thoughtful layers to perfectly capture Sharon's mood (love the switching from electric beats to a live sound w/ rich snare.)

  78. Mayra Silva

    I love her, but this song isn't that good really. From her latest album, this is the poorest track. I cannot stand repetitive refrains.

    Matthew Porterfield

    I agree!


    Yep. Sorry to see this one was chosen for a video! Ah well.

  79. Jason Lopez

    We are having a crisis on our southern border with an unprecedented influx of illegal immigration , Rocket attacks in Israel and a Malaysian airplane was shot down by alleged Russian separatist and all you people care about is Sharon Van Etten video. I like it too but there are problems that need to be addressed in the world.

  80. cybersphere

    This sounds seriously off key to me. Next.

  81. Srebrina Mincheva

    her voice is making me want to pull my teeth out. I'm all for hipster new underground performers but this is bad.

    Danny Kelly

    @KellyOKellyComedy  Happens all the time in Britain! :-) 

    Jesse Compton

    this new fad of calling everything slightly different hipster is so fucking nauseating.

    Srebrina Mincheva

    This sucked then, and it still sucks. Call it what you want - it's baaaadd music.

    Greg Wienecke

    I used to think music I don't like is bad

    Diana Martiniuc-cameron

    I actually love it..

  82. Afkilla

    she looks so asian.

    Carl Andrews

    Hahaha! what? That's pretty funny.

  83. Raihan Kabir

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  84. John Curtis

    I just happened on this video. I wasn't looking for it....but in my opinion the tone of this women's voice singing "This is our love," over and over again is like nails on a chalk board. I'm sorry but this is not a good song at all. I could record something better on my phone with a recorder. 

    A. Luis Lopes

     for sure! :)

    Sally Crosby sings

    Taste is a fascinating thing. I can't get enough of her :-)

  85. JiizzyJeffMusic

    Hello guys, would you mind giving my songs a listen.. 

    Sally Crosby sings

    Me too! :D

  86. Jibb Head

    Simply shitty song.

  87. Borhan Uddin

    my instagram just exploded with followers from *instaPHAMOUS. COM*

  88. TheGoat Marketing

    not good she was sopo 2 be an abortion but she escaped if you watch this i condemn you to hell

    Aydan 《3》

    TheGoat Marketing wtf?

  89. Richard Martinez Jr

    Am I the only person that knows who she is just cuz of The Walking Dead? Lol

  90. robert hancock

    Whoa, that was an intimate stare down at the end there. Those eyes where to intense

  91. Maëlys Elie

    Trooooop beau! :)

  92. Maria Nancy Hernandez Castano

    Muy buena

  93. G G

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  94. Kathy Lewis

    Lynn white