Van Etten, Sharon - Just Like Blood Lyrics

In the ocean
Waves all around
And they're smashing down
Take my hand, shut your eyes
And hope you remember

You like the position
Watch that change 'fore we drown
We ask ourselves, where we are now
Who we are, what that means

You shut me off, just like a gun
Then you run, just like blood
Shut me off, just like a gun
Then you run, just like blood
Just like blood
Just like blood

Disappear when the sun goes down
Acid spills as you breathe
Turn around, stare at the wall
Bone to my mouth, and read it out

You shut me off, just like a gun
Then you run, just like blood
Shut me off, just like a gun
Then you run, just like blood
Just like blood
Just like blood
Just like blood

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Van Etten, Sharon Just Like Blood Comments
  1. Tracy LF

    I love this song, don't see it in shops here. I see the lyrics online say, "shut me off, just like a gun"? I was thinking it was, "shoot me off, just like a gun", then, "you run, just like blood"-- made more sense....anyone bought the CD & have the liner notes?

  2. bill billings

    SomaFM LUSH

  3. hellothurful

    Reminds me of Fiona apple's pale September. Check her out if you haven't already!

  4. freddyboombatz

    I heard it on WPRB, Princeton NJ!

  5. Nora Nedv

    Thanx to Shade of blue !

  6. Jay M. Baaagz Unplugges

    I love this joint..

  7. Catherine S. Todd

    Just heard this on "Shades of Blue" Season 1 Episode 3, “False Face False Heart”.
    Glad to hear it here. Mesmerizing.

  8. cromeo187

    Shades of Blue brought me here. Does anyone know what song was playing in the background when the new cop, Michael Loman went to the car wash? He took the mom and her child, who is cousins with the guy Loman killed, to get pizza.

    Catherine S. Todd

    +cromeo187 : Songs listed here:

    Catherine S. Todd

    Bad Things by ISASO
    Mike goes to the funeral fundraiser for Jamarr Malcolm and meets Erica and Jay-Jay.


    +Catherine S. Todd Thank you Catherine! I really appreciate it!

  9. Sherri O'Neil

    hear this on "shades of blue" knew I'd have to come to You Tube and check it out. Great song.

  10. Edward Messere

    this tune is so cool. im in another land when i play it.

  11. Elstevo Mac

    "Like" if you're here because of "Shades of Blue"?


    +Elstevo Mac Perfect song for that portion of this great show!


    I just watched Episode 3 on Hulu so that's why I'm here. 😊

  12. MojoHandle

    Love this.

  13. ricoshea2

    If more people listened to SVE vs the clowns running for Prez. ... We might just might be ok.

  14. peter burton

    takes me to another place

  15. Luis Miguel Fernández

    This is just awesome lirycs, amazing voice...and unbelieveable it has not an official video!

  16. Natalie Rudin

    this song is so good!

  17. do_i_wanna_know

    Buzzfeed brought me here :p


    @palbo4 It was a quizz: "which song should you listen on repeat this weekend?"


    @do_i_wanna_know Ohh. That makes Buzzfeed quite a bit cooler haha

    Angelica Mendez

    Me too lol

    Blahblah Blahblahblah

    Genevieve Brown brought me here

  18. Gel M

    Such a breathtaking melody. I agree, why don't more people know of her/this song? The chorus gives me chills every time.

  19. Isabel Costa

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!!!
    I had never heard of this artist.
    Only got to hear this yesterday for the first time and I´m already a fan.
    Christ this is moving!

  20. palbo4

    This only has 526 views? That makes no sense at all

    Catherine S. Todd

    +palbo4 : It was really hard to understand the lyrics and find the song title. Luckily I found a website that listed the songs, so found it!

    Catherine S. Todd


    palbo4 now it has 12,000 views. I was so proud to be the first 1,000

  21. MegaTigger33

    Hauntingly delicious !