Van Etten, Sharon - Every Time The Sun Comes Up Lyrics

Pace mine for you
Hold my horses, patient
Hey man, tricks can't wait to hear my emotions

Every time the sun comes up, I'm in trouble
Every time the sun comes up, I'm in trouble

People say I'm a one-hit wonder
But what happens when I have two?
I washed your dishes, but I shit in your bathroom

Even when the sun comes up, I'm in trouble
Even when the sun comes up, I'm in trouble

We broke your glasses, but covered our asses
Take time silently, feel real room high five

When every time the sun comes up, I'm in trouble
Yeah, every time the sun comes up, I'm in trouble
Yeah, every time the sun comes up, I'm in trouble
Imagine when
Every time the sun comes up, I see double

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Van Etten, Sharon Every Time The Sun Comes Up Comments
  1. Jack Devine

    intro is a complete rip-off of Eminence Front by The Who...

  2. पंकज़ तोमर


  3. Leticia Dantas

    Here because Irreplaceable You

  4. cdh601

    Elementary brought me here! Great song..

  5. Rosemary Peterson

    Did she just say I took a "shit" in your bathroom?? lmao great song!!

  6. Jean Nicolas

    Every time the sun comes up, I'm in trouble..

  7. Ray Axis

    love it or hate it, i love both <3

  8. El GATO El GATO

    Mmmmmm. .....

  9. Nigel Ng

    i heard this song in a restaurant and immediately like it. search the lyrics and got here. cheers. peace and love for all soul. we r afterall equal , goes for our cradle and final destination, just the middle seperate us.. search inside your heart.. in the end, your family matters.

  10. Aline Almeida

    1:10 I heard PJ Harvey singing!


    that dude is playing that dude from Gremlins 2 right?

  12. Laura van der Zee

    The OA -> Rachel -> Sharon -> here

  13. Ian

    I love you Sharon.

  14. Mano Vitor

    strange weather


    I have to say, I never heard this song and thought of a 1970s TV dracula

  16. yashasvi2

    what is the meaning of this music video??

  17. Ice Berg

    I don't even know how I found this song. I just know that my taste in music is great!

  18. Phoenix

    I’m really late on this lovely ladies music. Circumstances turned this music into bliss for me

  19. Amado Zopiyactle

    Cerillos clásicos 🥺👍

  20. walker d

    The originals season 2

  21. 00violette

    Elementary brought me here... Who else? 👍
    Love there music ❤️ 🤓

  22. basi76

    thanks Sharon for your music. <( .. fuck I meant <)

  23. Peter Elliott

    Heard this as a out track on the HBO series elementary and was blown away

  24. Anja Aouali

    Just love this song

  25. giggitygoo515

    Ben Howard’s cover brought me here

  26. Umer Farooq

    the originals brought me here

  27. Peter Elliott

    Elementary my dear droogs

  28. Валентин Язовских

    Лёгкая, воздушная, свежая и отдыхающая композиция! Большое удовольствие слушать! Спасибо! 💕💕💕

  29. Cody Tylerr

    damn Volvo sure knows how to advertise hahah because I came here years ago because Country Barnett had her in her bag in that YouTube series ft artists called “what’s in my bad?”

  30. Rodrigo de Alvarenga

    Spotify brought me here to begin with...

  31. Matt Digiulio

    The Orignals brought me here. Team Klaus

  32. Haloinhell

    this reminds me of my childhood idk why? I'm still considered as a teenager yet i felt so old when i listen to this song

  33. Brandon Robert James Mosby

    If you like this, you might want to check out a new band called ''St.Guilt''. They put out an EP recently.

  34. Danish Munshi

    Kyle craft, anybody?

  35. gregmackey

    Last FM : Similar artists Anna Calvi

  36. Marie Johnson

    She reminds me of a young Lucinda Williams. This is great!

  37. Ezrazayin Pounder

    I havent herad this song in years and its funny how im taking a s**** and im about to wash some dishes

  38. John Todd

    A car commercial bringing more fans just means she's booked! She's getting due recognition! A long way from when I got a free download of "You Didn't Really Do That" on iTunes

  39. dopex89

    Frances Bean Cobain brought me here

  40. Sealy

    👁 ❤ this video!!!

  41. Switch Dolphin

    Porn hub brought me here.. again

  42. Amazing Brow


  43. Caleb Gaston

    I washed your dishes but i shit in your bathroom?

  44. LovingAtlanta

    🤔😜This other video seems appropriate for this video 😆 James In this other video is much cuter too 🤣

  45. gramme parsons

    100% authentic artistry.

    13/10 would smash

  46. Ai Budiarti

    Amoeba brought me here

  47. Alfred Gorman

    I found the volvo "Wedding" commercial and posted a comment "Sharon Van Etten brought me here" :) I'm just here for her music man (and to see the vid). She's amazing. I've loved her since Tramp and from the sounds of the first few singles, the new album is gonna be amazing. If you were brought here by the Volvo ad, I hope you're now a fan and you go buy all her records and go see her when she's in your town :) <3


    I'm here for Elementary... Great song

  49. Christina Masden

    Every time the sun comes up I'm in a british colony filing a police report

  50. Umer Farooq

    the originals brought me here,..,.what a song

  51. Skeeter Mcgeeter

    I'm here because of my dentist

  52. Paul Emmanuel Delaunay


  53. Little Nicky

    Wtf is even the point of the video this song??

  54. Scotty Russell Music

    I don't care for the description of the toilet/kitchen sink use tbh. Maybe I'm a prude but singing about "shitting in your bathroom" is a questionable lyric no?

  55. Sarang Naik

    Volvo is still not a thing around here, my good taste in music brought me here.

  56. sinphoenix

    I came here from Bulldog stream

  57. Max

    Here from Admiralbulldog


    weird and unlikely, i know

  58. fulano

    I came by Elementary, stayed for the music

  59. Richard Pastor

    É a minha vida.

  60. Orion 99

    Great song

  61. tamie tanis

    The Originals brought me here ... I miss Klamille/Klami

  62. Don Quixito

    Back to trimet videos of trains..........

  63. Lucky

    Came from the B-Dog of hell

  64. foreskin assassin

    YouTube recommendation 😊❤️

  65. ChrisDaMate

    Who's here from the bulldog stream hah smiley face

  66. janitor manager

    Hi baldog viewers


    janitor manager omegalol, I thought I was the only one.

  67. Michał Pyrszel

    I washed Your dishes, but I shit in Your bathroom and I also broke Your glasses, but I covered my asses - sounds like Chandler Bing to me :) You have already imagined him with this line in Friends, haven't You ;P

  68. Nicolás Acaro

    My depression brought me here

  69. Ran Tama

    Irreplaceable you brought me here.

  70. Georgi Hristov

    Anyone else caught that Delegation - Oh Honey baseline?

  71. Johnny dangerous

    I heard this song at the ending of a show called kingdom one of the best shows of the past 10 years and not many people know about it. It is because the channel it was on. If you haven’t seen it check it out.

  72. Yunus Mutal

    Hâlâ âlâ

  73. Fahad S

    Am I the only one here who came from no commercial or series?

  74. Nathan Parsons

    Tim Presley got me here

  75. Fulguro Geek

    Anyone from the serie kingdom the MMA tv show that ended 2 years ago?

  76. Fulguro Geek

    Kingdom episode 15 bring me here!

  77. beflygelt

    Thank you Twin Peaks

  78. Paul Kwesi Ajiro

    I heard from a TV series. Elementary

  79. ou812

    11 k likes thanks to Volvo, million views wow !

  80. Benny Wright

    Lucinda Williams " Something happens every time we talk". It's very close

  81. Theonecn693


  82. Miss Piggy

    is she dutch?

  83. Samuel R

    Spotify brought me here. Damn, they know what I like.

  84. red drib

    Best album ever

  85. David Koleos

    this bad song and you know!


    Volvo cometcial

  87. Mae Styles

    Irreplaceable you brought me here😅

  88. Liji V

    I was having a bad day, then I heard the dishes line and started laughing.

  89. kuba rozpruwacz

    Jay Kulina brought me here

  90. PA AG

    I'm here because it sounds in an episode of Kingdom, this song fits so good there, I love it

  91. aaround

    Good song, love it!! Also, no commercials brought me here

  92. Stevey Boy Doolan

    Sitting in the pub listening to this. In tears: it's that good.

  93. Jefferson Springs

    243 idiots

  94. Barbie jake

    Great tune👍🏾😻😻😻

  95. exarmyofficer

    I thought he was Lewis Black.

  96. Don't judge, Hate me

    Irreplaceable you brought me here

  97. Juan Juri

    i had no idea this had been on a car commercial but i'm happy to hear Sharon is swimming on that sweet sweet volvo money rn