Van Buuren, Armin - Wild Wild Son Lyrics

Hello son, you're ready to come into the air
We can't wait to hold you and rock you to sleep in your rocking chair
Before you know it you'll be standing
Crashing round the house like bandits all day
You can't get into too much trouble
Nothing's gonna stop me from loving you always

My wild wild son, run free
You'll know it when you're where you're supposed to be
My wild wild son, run free
You'll know it when you're living out your dream

Someday when you leave the house and the open road calls
Just know your heart won't lie to you if you learn to listen close
When you meet your queen, go get her
Make sure that she knows you'll love her always
Before you know it, your own child's standing
You can crash around with them, like bandits all day

My wild wild son, run free
You'll know it when you're where you're supposed to be
My wild wild son, run free
You'll know it when you're living out your dream

My wild wild son, run free
You'll know it when you're living out your dream

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Van Buuren, Armin Wild Wild Son Comments
  1. raimonds matusevics

    He looks so good with those pianos 🙌🙌🙌 all reapect Armin

  2. Ira Iza

    I still don't get it, why that masterpiece never get to the Single Charts, but hes other Song, Blah Blah Blah is so popular

  3. Timur Dadashev

    Очень душевная и трогательная песня.

  4. Almir Osmanovic


  5. Steven O'kane

    Love the mix but the mixed race videos is way to globalists agenda for me. And a Viking heritage man like yourself would understand that

  6. Бухгалтерия для Частного Предпринимателя

    Это шедевр. Армин это любовь!

  7. Julián Moreno

    Saludos desde Uruguay Armin!!, Best melodic Trance artist in the world 🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾

  8. Lea

    Anyone still listening in 2020?

  9. Tomas Jansky


  10. VL123

    Ironically this is one of the most pro-iife songs ever.. awesome, Armin!

  11. Ana FS

    perfect in this! i loveeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Fubago Difteria

    Здесь нет мобильных

  13. Tu Nguyen

    Armin is god

  14. Laura Garcia

    Emotional Armin van Buuren 😍😥💛⚪💛⚪

  15. Tania Mcphelim

    I dedicate this song to my two sons shaydon and Zac xoxo

  16. Douglas Queiroz


  17. Lera Nasilnikova

    Your music how dream.Perfectly.

  18. Jr Goswamiii

    Great armin... Its a song... Ohh.. For everyone...

  19. latief vinlio

    love my life from indonesia

  20. Fubago Difteria

    Ещё не существует такого числа лайков!!

  21. job banage

    I miss my father

  22. Sebastian Zamerski

    Tu i ówdzie

  23. Sebastian Zamerski


  24. Lenin Ashok

    I cry Only Because this is the father i want but i got one asshole of a guy !!

  25. Lori Doerr

    I cry too

  26. Estuarte Mendez

    Is beautiful the song☹️

  27. Brian

    2:30 epik tema

  28. Sam Trikx

    This song has so many emotions attached to it. Love this.

  29. Manases Jimenez


  30. Xastiel Muffinz

    i might be late, but i got a weird feeling that this song is made for Brett from (ex) Corridor Digital

  31. Андрей Куптель

    Armin, thank you for all you do ! wanna see you in Minsk. Again.

  32. Patricia Anne Pineda


  33. Fubago Difteria

    Уберите негра

  34. Masim Ek

    Nobody cares if you listen to this in 2020

  35. Yudha Adhietya

    this track makes me cry

  36. jan wandelaar

    ech mooi dees

  37. Juan Morales

    Amó está canción, amó la buena música @ArminvanBuuren...😍🇲🇽

  38. Tomasz Wierzbinski

    Armin, can't find words to express how much this song means to me. Yeah, i now also do have a son (long awaited child, born back in March '19). But anyway, an outstanding tune, outstanding music, an absolutely brilliant and heart-touching voice by Sam Martin, and thank you for doing what you (still) keep on doing. Have a great year 2020, all the best wishes to you and your family and Sam and his family as well! Greetings from Poland to you guys!

  39. Marek

    Very good

  40. Dina Prime

    This song always gives me chill

  41. Lyubomir Marinov

    Dad's cowboy boots look so awesome!

  42. RodMax77

    Is like Jhohnny Sins fcking my ears...

  43. Mr. Best-of

    Who comes from Lockk9 TT Racing?

    Isaac Tui

    Me🤣🤣🤣🤣 iomtt, greatest racing sport ever.

    Aiman 724

    Isle Of Man TT 💪💪

    ade sopari

    Me 😀

  44. Éncarni moréno

    El video precioso.💋💋💋💋💋😊😊👍

  45. Éncarni moréno

    Maravillosa canción y la traducción al español todavía mucho mejor.Gracias un saludo.😊💋⚘💟

  46. Mcanzy ·

    this music n video makes me smille and a spine feeling i cant explain. life in 3min or so.

    p.s: the wife not showing after yough age of son raising is heart brake...

  47. Jinong Millick

    RIP replay button.

  48. SAM Hanspal

    2020 repeat to repeat 🔥

  49. Vasile Giscă

    Love burefol 💑💪👍👍👍❤

  50. Gautam Daimari

    Oh my wild son...what a song

  51. GreatRetro

    Song is great but please stop this interracial propaganda!

  52. denis charless

    I don't know what happens when I listen to this song

  53. Рамиз Османов

    I am Ahiska Türkish, go to me to visit

  54. chandana wijesooriya

    Being a Dad to a proud son, kind a different feeling which you never can described. You'll only realize how your father loved you on that Amazing moment.I want My son to see this when he become a grown man.That time i may not there. But I would love him all with my life. ❤❤❤❤

  55. Nur Faozi

    Indonesian cry listen this voice

  56. Can TURK

    fuvk that 3500

  57. Olga Kanioz

    damn ı found it so late :(

    Tom Raider

    You're not the only one here.

  58. Anna Nowak

    <3 <3 ::::(


    someone can tells me where is the mother go?

    Tom Raider

    She's probably died when the boy was young


    @Tom Raider thank you , at least i can sleep better now



  61. Alejandra Melgar

    This is a dreaming... 🎨

    - Art ✨

  62. Paco Fragoso


  63. jhoan rodriguez

    3 de enero 2019 y aun siento el beat corriendo por mis venas... 🤘🎶👌🔊

  64. Michal Komár

    Anyone 2020?

  65. Maximilian Dressel

    The most underrated song!!!!

  66. David Arakelyan

    tolerance is shit👿

  67. Pedro Fernandes

    Tradução da Letra para PT
    "Olá filho, você está pronto para entrar no ar
    Não podemos esperar para te abraçar e balançá-lo para dormir em sua cadeira de balanço
    Antes que você perceba, você vai estar de pé
    Batendo em volta da casa como bandidos o dia todo
    Você não pode ter muitos problemas
    Nada vai me impedir de amar você sempre
    Meu selvagem, filho selvagem, corra livre
    Oh, você saberá quando estiver onde deveria estar
    Oh, meu selvagem, filho selvagem, corra livre
    Oh, você saberá quando estiver vivendo seu sonho
    Algum dia, quando você sair de casa
    E a estrada aberta chama
    Apenas saiba que seu coração não mentirá para você
    Se você aprender a ouvir de perto
    Quando você encontrar sua rainha, vá buscá-la
    Ter certeza que ela sabe que você vai amá-la sempre
    Antes que você perceba, a posição de seu próprio filho
    Você pode brincar com eles como bandidos o dia todo
    Oh, meu selvagem ..."

  68. Ren KZ

    Amazing video and song👍

  69. Juliano Martins Couto


  70. Yoniy Hernandez

    Que rola para salir de viaje🚃. O ir a lo mas alto de una montaña🌄🎑🌞

  71. Christopher Solley

    Recently came across purely by accident love it

  72. Павел Куйбышев


  73. Павел Куйбышев

    Thank you, Armin and Sam . Из России с любовью

  74. Jerri Simanjuntak


  75. Jonathan Perales

    Una canción y video precioso 🥰

  76. Juan Morales

    Hermosa canción

  77. Shuaib Khan

    Sam Martin's voice is perfect in this!


    Why every video clip must have mixed couples

  79. Gurswon Johnson


  80. NoRisK NoFuN


  81. John Mike

    Please someone do a karaoke with backing vocals of this plssssssssss

  82. Juan Cardenaz

    Exelent cancion la amo

  83. Tosif Patel

    I m listing still 2019 nov its greatest songs piano bass music everything is beast🔥🔥

  84. William

    Is beautiful

  85. Coleco Co

    This is why Armin will always be my love inspiration and hope! Can't wait to see you January in Houston!

  86. Miguel Zea

    Xvr tema armin eres el mejor

  87. Ivan Gimenez

    El video excelente llega al alma... caen algunas lagrimas...

  88. j o

    Is dit gemaakt op de veluwe ?

  89. Nationalism Is Sacred !

    Race mixing... yuck !! Great song nonetheless

  90. شبابي قادح

    احب هذه الاغنية كثيرا 💝

  91. Meli Dearma

    Sam has a beautiful voice!!

  92. David Silva Alavez

    Hermoso! Llega hasta el alma ! Gracias Armin 😍🇲🇽❤️

  93. Ochoa Arez

    Ya casi termina el año y aun sigue siendo mi canción favorita

  94. Jose Flores

    Muy buena música

  95. Alberto González

    2:57 growing up 👋🏼 my beloved son

  96. LUCHO


  97. Armin van Buuren

    So happy to finally share this one with all of you: WILD WILD SON!

    Many people ask me what songs of myself I'm most proud of. All tracks are my babies, but some tracks I just have more of a connection with, simply because of the time I spent on it or the emotion attached to it. In this case, Wild Wild Son is about Sam Martin’s (then unborn) son. I fell so much in love with 'Wild Wild Son' because I recognize the love I feel for my own son!

    Share your story in the comments 😊

    Vladimír Režný

    Linkin Park


    Sape esta

    Lera Nasilnikova

    Armin only!

    kanoglug Seerung

    Great song !! I love it


    my thoughts and prayers are with ur family!