Van Buuren, Armin - Sunny Days Lyrics

She woke up in the morning
With the sunrise in her eyes
But all that she sees is darkness
She won't tell you why

No more butterflies 'cause they don't ever last
Stolen from the light by demons of the past
It's always raining
She keeps on praying

Oh, sunny days
Lift me when I'm down
Oh, sunny days
Breaking through the clouds
Oh, sunny days

She keeps on praying
She keeps on praying
She keeps on praying

All she needs is shelter
Shelter for the night
And this one could be heaven
But she's looking down the line

No more butterflies 'cause they don't ever last
Stolen from the light by demons of the past
It's always raining
She keeps on praying

Oh, sunny days
Lift me when I'm down
Oh, sunny days
Breaking through the clouds
Oh, sunny days

She keeps on praying
She keeps on praying
She keeps on praying

Sunny days
Lift me when I'm down
Oh, sunny days

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Van Buuren, Armin Sunny Days Comments
  1. Gunther Bleuzen

    Grüße gehen raus

  2. Stefania Chiriac


  3. Ichigo Orihime

    oooooo..... sunny daysss.. <3 <3

  4. Sky Quee

    shitty music shitty vocals.... this is not armin van buren this is another underground dj turning to mainstream for money.... its a shame....

    Ichigo Orihime

    he is still the same who are you to judge someone to doing what they wanted, i enjoyed this one if u don't then no one cares just leave this music and find the other trances or big room that you want.


    Egipt 2019❤❤❤Hurgada

  6. Stephiemarie Garcia

    I like 😍😍

  7. Doly Delgado

    Me encanta, me relaja es increíble lo que se siente escuchar esta canción, esta entre una de mis favoritas. 31/01/2020

  8. Doly Delgado

    Me encanta, me traslada a tiempo real.

  9. Sameer Rajakumar

    Love this song n the guitar playing in the beginning is beautiful & the video is so cool now this is what I call top music 🎶 absolutely brilliant 👍👍 Armin u outdone urself with this song


    0:02 joker was really happy before batman ruined things

  11. Arpan Gajbhiye

    2020 💥💥💥🥰

  12. Eliud Juan Herrera Rojas

    Who is the mimo ?

  13. muhd zahid z

    2020 vibes?

  14. TheElectroBoy Matze

    traumhaft schöner SONG <3 <3 <3 <3

  15. alefff Silva

    Janeiro 2020

  16. The Beautiful Sounds

    It's a magic!

  17. Szilvia Székely

    ❤❤❤🔊🔊🌅🎤🎧Thank You, Armin! It's amazing!🔊🔊🌅🎤❤🎧🎶🎵🎀🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤

  18. Leyenda de un Crack

    Estilo 100% 🇪🇺 . Es decir , perfecto . 👌🏻💯😎

  19. SzisziFTC

    ❤❤❤❤🇭🇺❤❤❤❤I can't wait to hear these heartbreaking song live! 🎵🎶🎀

  20. SilGab

    I’m in love with this song 😌

  21. Манарбек Ахметов

    Базар жоқ

  22. The Lugo

    Moony Days
    Sunny Days

  23. Vitória amongblox



    Hermoso video; saben en qué lugar es? Parece la Rioja

    Paolo Rossi

    Assisi at 0:57; can't tell for the other towns but it's Umbria, Italy for sure

  25. Waris Xo

    i am listening to this in 2019

    Riuclide I

    U mean 2020, but true

  26. Bet Mojica

    Listening to this puts me in the best mood.

  27. Nao Mixxz

    Me encanta 😍 no puedo evitar cantarla! 😆

  28. rAndrey

    Sunny Days 2020


    2020 and its still my fav song

    Erik Machyna


  30. André William O44

    The last comment! It was me

  31. michael rios

    2020 and still bumpin...any1 with me?

  32. michael rios

    love that guitar in the beginning, it catches everyone’s attention

  33. Carlos cruz

    1/01/20 9:29

  34. Sarunas Petrasiunas

    I sent this song for my cousin for New Year

  35. Julia Moreno

    Alguien en 2020

  36. Djamel Vazely


  37. Dan

    Used to live in the Netherlands, for some reason this video sums up the vibes from there so perfectly. Always miss it there when I listen to it.

  38. Cesar Requeno

    Latinoamerica dice presente, saludos desde El Salvador, sonando en todos los rincones con el maestro Armin van Buuren

  39. David BrjsS

    La mejor rola del Sr Armin

  40. WakeUp#23

    Does anyone know where is the place that they're dancing in Italy?

    Paolo Rossi

    It's Assisi at 0:58, not sure about the rest but definitely Umbria. Stunning places

  41. elbo rreguito salvaje

    Armin. 👌😎🎉

  42. Anisa Stefani

    Could anyone tell me where this place is?

    Hello you there

    Anisa Stefani i am guessing 🇮🇹 but not sure

    Anisa Stefani

    Ok thx! :-)


    Bevagna, near Foligno (PG), in Umbria....Italia

  43. Pema Lhamo

    My uber driver was playing this song. I liked it so here I am

  44. Volodymyr Oslikovskyi

    TOP !!!

  45. Pao Tao

    I could listen to this once a day for the rest of my life!!!


    2019 Riyadh 🇸🇦 Netherlands 🇳🇱 ❤️

  47. Necrophite78

    People in England be like: SUNNY DAYS!!!

  48. CheezhOfficial

    It's Christmas guys but still here.

  49. Pedro Jk

    Very Good.

  50. monica ivonne perez contreras

    Is the best Song I love

  51. Alejandra Melgar

    ... Ohhh sunny days 🎶... she keeps on praying 🎶 no more 🦋 ... she keeps on praying 🎶 oh sunny days... lift me when I'm down... 🎶

  52. jade van beers

    why is no one talking about how nice anc cute that clown is?

    holy shit i got one like but wait why is it blue?

  53. Mewan wijekoon

    2019 anyone ?💕

  54. Rituj Shrivastav

    One of the most underrated track from one of the most underrated artist of all time.❤️❤️❤️

  55. Ewel P.


  56. Christian

    What a beautiful town + great Song!


    SERBIA 2020

  58. PUBG BABY YouTuber

    Nice Voice
    Nice music [December2019 anyone?]
    Nice dance
    Nice places
    Nice couples

  59. Sabina M.

    "SUNNY DAYS " bring a smile in my Face ...Love you Armin , Greetings from Spain !!!!!!!

  60. Julio Zapata

    Italy =)

  61. Maicky

    Amazing! Like!

  62. Joseph Collings

    Sunny days

  63. geeneou5

    I've listened to this song almost every day for the past year, especially after going to Tuscany last summer! Love it :D

  64. Melissa Fortunato

    Ooooh sunny days, left me when i'm down !!! 2/12/2019

  65. Paula Hyvönen

    Armin van Buuren.. .. Hou van you.. .. Mooie muziek. Groetjes hut Finland 🇫🇮🎤🎧🎤

  66. Alexander Zhuchkov

    Для Европы такая музыка не очень подходит, но песня классная и клип отличный!

  67. Enes Yıldız


  68. atk b

    Sill love this one

  69. Quincy Josefina

    this song will always be my summer jam, and that’s that

  70. mistic yeshua


  71. Michelle Victor

    Love the vibes

  72. Shivam Verma

    Soothing and sober song.... 😎

  73. ana rosas

    cuando hasta el joker es feliz!!

  74. malik hassan

    19 nov 2019, masterpiece

  75. Tim Rosner

    I NEED THAT DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY!!! (still 24/7 in Nov 2019)

  76. Ahmed Shawky

    جميله اوي اوي اوي

  77. Joost Wasbauer

    2021 still playing ;-)

  78. Laura Young

    Soooo love listening to this before I go to trance events I just so love this tune personally means the world to me and its a tune I will be listen even when am old and wrinkled 😍💖

  79. Ramona Clenciu

    This song make my optimist! Love you Armin Van Buuren! ❤❤😊🤗

    Elena Madera

    hrqheeeq2ijdq3jj2insàmdnjnkkķkkkkķ was hhhjjjhhhhhkjj⁸8 for my jkkkqqj2jq
    qmqqqmjjnhb. hnlllkoooq1mqmĺàjekejkekejsakajs
    qemwjjaiuiikj .

  80. Claude Monete


  81. Seef Bayaa

    12 November 2019 ❤

  82. Silurian Asus

    The mime is my favourite

  83. Mouuu mou

    2019 November?

  84. Paweł 1969

    Brawo!!! Super Hit 👍

  85. Биг Мен

    С 0 17 а потом с1 59

  86. dady spaghettini

    Girato. In l italia s


    I don’t know for what but this song gives me hope?

  88. okaka irawan

    7 november 2019 🇮🇩

  89. Nurul Nadhirah

    I want armin to make more videos like this 😫

  90. Kronickillness Nikolaos

    Meh it's just ight this one sooo idk how to count it for the good to bad ratio. Idfk depends on the mood if I like this song cuz parts are ok. It's not good when he sings live lol. But I feel on the fence about this one.

  91. tâm hồ

    6/11/2019 Viet Nam, Ha Noi on a sunny day

  92. Фергюссон *

    Armin RIP...............

  93. GeneralHappyDeath

    I can watch that mime dance and perform all day.

  94. mr.Tanaka

    Видит Бог такие треки и клипы делают мир лучше!

  95. Денис Колосов

    Amazing clip )