Van Buuren, Armin - Something Real Lyrics

I spent my years trying to open doors
Hoping I'd find what I was searching for
I swear you made it all worth the wait

I promise that we'll make all our memories how
You told all your friends that you dreamed about
You made me find something real
Find something real

If clouds block the sun and rain on our parade
I'll see the light through the trees like I did the day
You made me find something real
Find something real

Find something real

You made me find something real
Find something real

I'd put my heart on the line for you
I'd move the oceans if you wanted me too
So you know that it's all been worth the wait

I promise that we'll make all our memories how
You told all your friends that you dreamed about
You made me find something real
Find something real

If clouds block the sun and rain on our parade
I'll see the light through the trees like I did the day
You made me find something real
Find something real

Find something real
You made me find something real
Find something real

You made me find something real
Find something real
You made me find something real
Find something real

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Van Buuren, Armin Something Real Comments
  1. Luca Cerri


  2. sarowleen Shakir

    Something real we find with you, So thank you so much for been our real man and dj successful all time and made us proud of you 💞😍😘🥰

  3. Alen Danklof

    I love this song

  4. anna dabrowska

    Super kawałek !!!

  5. Karomb Game

    This track is simply gorgeous!

  6. Boele van der Sman

    nice number!

  7. hanwaisproperty

    Vocals are real nice! But can the bears be more generic than this?? What happen to magic and unique sounds of AVB??

  8. Djorden Holtrop

    Anyone else still listening in 2029???

  9. Nick

    Armin ❤

  10. Ruben Stroet

    Lekker nummer 😁😁😁😁😁

  11. oepaga12

    just added this to my top 5 list for the year, listening to all 5 over and over to see which order. This song is just so epic, hard to pick.

  12. Roy Tenbergen

    De eerste keer dat ik dit nummer hoorde, Dacht ik dat dit nummer van Martin garrix was 🙈

  13. Danielle vn

    Wat hou ik van jouw muziek Armin! 😊
    Zulke goede beats.😍

    Groeten uit Nederland!❤💋

  14. Abraham


  15. Prince Little

    With Balance i'm listening new amazing singers and i looove them all. Incredible job! ♥️ I can't decide wich track is my favorite 😅

  16. IamAdryxPlay

    I want use your song in my 1 channel i can?

  17. Current Value


  18. Erden Guz

    De herfst hit van de jaar

  19. Hal Meer

    Hammer Song. Weiter so. 👍
    Great song. Keep it up. 👍

  20. Gummy Bear

    This sounds like easy making song that is made in 10 minutes. This shit sounds not orginal and we've heard already too much.


    Awesome 👏

  22. Happy Happy

    Thank you for the epic night in Yerevan🇦🇲 Armenia loves you Armin❤️

  23. Thomas maas

    hoi armin van buuren dit is een leuke liedje

  24. DylaBro19

    This song is so fk good😍

  25. Gaëtan Aymon

    Let me tell you a story.
    I saw Armin many times. Every time, it was magical. But my dream was to see him performing at Untold 2019, for these 5 years. It was also my mom's dream. She's a huge fan of Armin too.
    So yeah. We got our tickets for Untold 2019, got our plane and hotel booked, everything was ready to achieve our dream. It was a huge travel, as we live in a country far from Romania.
    We got super excited, and counted the days before going there.
    But, because there is always a but, I got sick one week before the festival. I did my best to recover, but nothing could help. We even went to the airport, but I couldn't take the plane, as I felt really sick.
    We were there, in this airport, with our stuff packed for the best time of our life, to achieve our dream, but my body decided otherwise.
    We didn't take our plane.
    We didn't went to Untold 2019
    We didn't see Armin performing its set.
    I saw my mom crying because it was her last festival (she's more than 50 now), because it was her dream to see Armin one last time, I cried too, because I ruined the dream of both of us.
    To this day, I still can't listen to a single song from Armin. Everytime I hear a single note from him, I start crying like a little sh*t, because I hate myself so much for not letting us go to Untold 2019.
    And this song is the worst, because it's my favorite from Armin.
    So yeah. Nobody is ever going to read this. But I felt like writing this under this song, because it's the Anthem of Untold 2019. But also the Anthem of the dreams I broke.

  26. Annemiek van Dijk

    great track! love it😍

  27. Joel Jimenez

    Wow where do I start? I'm not ashamed to say that when I heard this song for the first time i was immediately emotional because it has help me express my feelings to a very special ladie in my life. I love you Armin and thank you ❤❤❤

  28. Aimee Dara Lyon

    September 2019, anyone?

  29. RodriDJ

    I feel avicii❤️

    Tom Groenestein

    With you

  30. Andres Quina De Torre

    why sounds at start like britney spears "Everytime"

  31. Bart

    This song is way to underrated tho

  32. LittleMusic Boy

    I finally made myself cry to this. I'm going through a really hard moment in my life

  33. FileScS

    Song like 1 mil others, each second track is exactly the same

  34. Alguien Lol

    Seguro que nadie va a leer este comentario, pero bueno, me da un poco igual, ésta canción verdaderamente la tengo infinito cariño porque me recuerda a una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido, viajar a Italia y conocer a mucha gente con la que he podido compartir grandes recuerdos, cada verso de la canción me recuerda a un determinado recuerdo que me llena de alegría y tristeza, porque ya ha pasado todo y tengo que volver a mi vida de mierda, en la que tengo que luchar para ser alguien,
    Gracias por tomarte la molestia de leer el comentario :)

  35. Magic Illusion

    Ja pierdole :( Shit

  36. Johnny Cheng

    Still giving me goosebumps every time I hear this song

    Alguien Lol

    Me too :)

  37. Joseph Geagea

    Would you look at that Armin , this is now my wedding song 😍😍😍😍

  38. Javiprogo

    Solo te digo gracias por tu música, la adoro y me ayuda con todo.

  39. Aditya SHarMa

    0:01 that smile

  40. Dani Vegas

    It's been long time since I could listen a song 50+ times over and over again. the melody is amazing, can't stop thinking about it. Armin #1 ❤️

  41. Emman Tuanquin

    How would + x and armin van sounds like

  42. Aimee Dara Lyon

    Just discovered this perfect song, replay button is severely injured ATM :3

  43. abraham tellez

    This is fucking garbabe, armin can do better

  44. Ioan Vlad

    Something real....

  45. eileen

    I wish there were an acoustic or an instrumental version <3

  46. Lieselotte Pulver van de Luxe

    💟You make me fly to something real💟

  47. György Klutsik

    what a trash mainstream

  48. awesome


  49. LipoSky

    This song should have milions of views because it's perfect! Greetings from Romania🔥❤

  50. Batallador1957

    Gracias y saludos cordiales desde Mallorca para ti también armin van Buuren DJ

  51. Jesus Contreras Durand

    No hay q olvidarse de votar por el mejor dj del mundo en djmag😉😀😎

  52. Supagenki

    Love the Music!

  53. Mohamed Elhage

    I love your song it is the best.

  54. Orangel Perez

    Los demás Dj hicieron su presentación en Malta 2019 y todos bajaron del escenario directo a sus camerinos, solo ARMIN vino al público a tomarse fotos con nosotros… no pude evitar llorar al verlo…
    Grande y humilde, larga vida al Rey del Trance...

  55. joemar musrey

    Clouds are not block sun and i saw lights in heaven.. And jesus christ name

  56. szqopek

    Brotha this is incredible! Close eyes, play it and let it flow in your head. Lit! Love y'all out there, PLUR!

  57. Raul Jimenez

    Está [email protected] [email protected] ya no es trance !


    * I LOVE *

  59. Adilson Duarte

    Brazil 🇧🇷

  60. Michael Angst

    why are there any dislikes? This is a brilliant track

    Gaming4 Life

    No its not. Pop cheesy garbage.... Like his dance floor tracks . This one and only song he's made that makes me cringe

  61. Максим Полушин

    Good, Armin

  62. Adrian Tibil

    I LOVE IOU ❤

  63. S. Kdt

    I heard this song on Qmusic morning music best radio song

  64. Зинаида Пулукчу

    Армин Ван Бюрен!!!Только ты!!!❤❤❤

  65. Argo Navis

    This made me cry and turns out you too, thank you for making my first concert a special one, you are truly the king of trance. Armin Forever!

  66. Tuấn Đào

    i have something real for U <3

  67. 10年間刑務所に入ってた人


  68. Pripon Flavia Mihaela

    Hello, dear Armin! Or can I say dear friend, since you came in the every year for the past 5 in Cluj at Untold? We thank you for this amazing anthem and for the magic you make us feel every year! ❤️❤️✨💋🙏🏼
    Love from an Untolder! 😍😍👋🏻
    Wanna see ya back at Untold 2020!

  69. Putri Phe

    Dat voice♥

  70. Bodo Tutu

    I found something your music. Really loved the show you put up at Untold! Can't wait to see you again.

  71. Gianpierre HA

    this track reminds me Dash Berlin

  72. Syntheresis

    Armin, we need Something Real (Club Mix)


    Armin van Buuren & Avian Grays feat Jordan Shaw – Something Real (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)


    Thank You, but I can't download this remix because Guiseppe talking in Intro of the track.

    And second reason really good
    Armin's Club Mix editions always transform Original in something better 🙂👍


    @Syntheresis maybe buy the remix instead of downloading from youtube?


    Download Extended edition
    You Tube have 48Khz, MyFreeMp3 44Khz (44 is standard)

  73. Gary Yañez

    produciendo hardstyle xD COPYrite

  74. RW Silence RW

    WE ARE SEE IN 2020 😁

  75. Lanting Farming

    Heard it first on the radio...i was first that Harry Styles in the vocals??🤔 sounds pretty much like it.

    Andrei Şucuri

    Groningen :))

    Lanting Farming

    @Andrei Şucuri klopt 😁

  76. meard dragona

    Super nummer, ik vind dat deze gast een fijn stemgeluid heeft om naar te luisteren. Armin heeft weer iets moois neergezet. Dit nummer maakt mij happy.

  77. Андрей Мавлитов

    Armin продолжай делать музыку как раньше!!!мне больше нравятся твои старые треки как mirage, touwan,this like bitwinas, orbion, youtopia,come home.....

  78. Rari

    welcome to Romania!! wonderful performance! :*

  79. JosheeS \o/ xD

    Dash berlin track

  80. giorgi khubulovi

    კაეაააა კაიააა good my men my meeen deemn

  81. Yimmy 7iete


  82. joanna wisniewska

    ♥️♥️♥️ ♥️♥️♥️

  83. Tinneke1 W


  84. Tondave Overdoser

    ❤️ from thailand

  85. Anderson Silva

    Very cool song, thank you very much

  86. Ene Miruna

    It’s gonna be the best Untold thanks to you❤️❤️❤️🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

  87. Pedro Rodríguez

    I was in Unite Tomorrowland Malta listening this song and when I listen this song now is making me cry

  88. Peter Do

    This song gives me chills. Has been on replay all day

  89. irma cibulskyte

    like like :)))

  90. rizwan khan

    please upload million voices also fast

  91. DFrizzleNizzle

    i was 99% sure this was a collab with Jeffrey Sutorius

  92. Benjmin Peter

    Super Armin👏👏👏👏👏

  93. silviu stefi

    Untold Anthem ! awesome track ! thank you Armin !

  94. aditya kumar

    This tune /melody is so beautiful.. SO REAL.😘😘😘😁

  95. Armin van Buuren

    Can't wait to be back at UNTOLD this year! Will I see you there? 😊

    RW Silence RW

    Yeaaaaaaaa 😁

    Moldovan Eduard

    Of course. I live in Romania and i love your music.

    Murarescu Adrian

    u are the best❤❤

    Youssef Bitich

    Ben je nederlands armin van buuren

    sarowleen Shakir

    I love you💞😍😘🥰