Van Buuren, Armin - Hands To Heaven Lyrics

Had to look up when I saw you,
Almost instant struck by lightning
Staring at the back of the stars
It's like looking in the mirror
Just before the dawn it's the darkest
So, is this what you're on end you're honest
Everything is in on the outside,
Clap as the sun goes down
Clap as the sun goes down.

When the world stops spinnin' round
And gravity brings you down,
Don't give in
When the weight's too much to bare
And nobody seems to care,
Don't give in,

Throw your hands to Heaven!

Look at what we started
Everything comes from something
Love from pain, hope from hate
And life from the rain
I'm not waving, I'm drowning
And the elements won't give in
Don't give in
Throw your hands to Heaven!

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Van Buuren, Armin Hands To Heaven Comments
  1. Rodz

    God this sounds so good

  2. DDR///

    Nostalgia 1:53 to 2:11

  3. DDR///

    2015 summer... 💓🔥😭

  4. Karolina Borowicz

    love this song !!! 💚

  5. BrandonFab


  6. Emmanuel Ventura Silva

    Two years from this album? Wow how time flies... January 2018

  7. bilel hudson

    still searching the lyrics guy in the comments xD

  8. Rian Kientzle

    Sick track, Armin doing his thing!!!! Love it!!!!

  9. Armin Eller Van Buuren

    Awesome track

  10. Zumba Anc Squad

    really love it..embrace

  11. Frank M

    The first 2 minutes of the song is awesome. After that it's ruined.

  12. Sushil Pardesi

    this song has a feeling of high spirit! Exceptionaaall

  13. Markella Basd


  14. Nando Raven

    ¿Soy el único que encuentra la influencia de Depeche Mode en este track? En particular en momentos como desde 01:39 hasta 01:53...

    Infinity Played

    No eres el unico

    Jose Rubio

    Depeche Mode también es considerado un grupo de musica electrónica pero no veo influencia alguna ya que se trata de géneros dentro de la música electrónica.

  15. Diego Ricaurte

    My fav song of the album, love the intro and then such a great chorus with that uplifting feeling in the middle. Simply amazing stuff.

  16. Hakan Demiroglu

    KİNG Armin. Greetings from Istanbul.

  17. Brian Cortés

    00:54 👏😜😜

  18. Deathstruck07

    good pvp song

  19. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter

    This is turely amazing track, Armin van buuren is awesome. i love the trance music he makes, all of trance music is just a masterpiece. Im in a state of trance, outstanding work Armin.

  20. Eternal Spiral Books

    Outstanding track! The whole album is great.

  21. Deep Web Zoeira

    Armin Dj de todos os tempos em todos os planetas

  22. Vusal Babayev

    love it!

  23. Live

    é super Armin

  24. Ibraham Assi

    Absolutely stunning track <3

  25. Envyx Shooter

    Such a tuneeeeeeeeee 😊😊😊

  26. Doris Doris

    love this track his beatifol! ! ♡♥

  27. Ye Cheez

    Classy boss ! Beauty

  28. sebastianpk

    Armin. Can you please make that one as your next, new video? Please.

  29. Niky Max

    It`s my favorite track ! Armin it`s awesome

  30. Stefania

    Nice anjunabeats sound

  31. gonzalezgio5

    best tune of the album :)

  32. Sérgio Martins

    I really like it, number 2 after embargo

  33. Nerijus Vanagas

    love it !!!

  34. Raymond Leggs

    67 people did not embrace a state of trance.

  35. Erwin Verlaan

    Een van mijn favoriete tracks van Embrace! Heerlijke sound.

  36. Prateek Dalal

    Just came here for Armin's hair :D

  37. navakhey78

    Great track! Ukraine

  38. Colorimm4Trance

    In TRANCE we TRUST :) What a track !!

  39. Alper Meral

    Welcome again !

  40. Ralf Dederichs

    One the top hits of the album. Great Armin!!!

  41. nandini astami

    sounds good.. make me fly awayy...........

  42. Lolo


  43. Aditya Verma

    Awesome song AVB.

  44. Yulia Pavlenko

    love from Argentina! mua...! Best of all

  45. Amine Abouzoul

    Coul be the best trakck from the album for me


    Estoy aqui por Shazam O_O Que procede?

  47. bolicina

    like it

  48. Aofushi Gensui

    Awesome EMBRACE album. Congratulations Armin. Come on!!! throw your hands to Heaven!

  49. Florin C

    Armin the best!!

  50. Роман Костік

    Хтось підскаже, це повний і оригінальний трек? Бо є треки різної тривалості.

  51. ChromeDove


  52. Sameer Aftab

    lame singer and his voice. just ruined a very good song. XD

  53. Agata Zanaglio

    This track pierces the skin!


    What are you doing Armin you going to be more Crazy :/

  55. Suzana Curavic

    What a track!! Perfection! So unique!


    Armin is the best dj of the world!

  57. kawal singh

    Beat Service Remix Required here.

  58. Navaz Merchant

    This Album is Super!!!! My Favorite Song of the Album

  59. Dj Axell Br.

    Me lembra Arty!.

  60. T0ni Pérez

    one of the best tracks of Embrace, AvB <3

  61. Indulis Skrastins

    Something amazing :)

  62. Julian S

    This is incredible Armin! Love it!

  63. Dj Axell Br.

    Uau esse é o verdadeiro Trance real!.

  64. Dead Account

    Clap as the sun goes down :)

  65. Jesus David Coneo Monterrosa

    Lets throw our hands to Heaven and embrace Trance.... Love U Armin...

  66. Naranjosaurus

    What does it say at 1:26? Vocals are a bit hard to catch. Also gotta say greeeeeeeeeat song.

    Salma Kh

    +Naranjosaurus Rex So, is this what you're on end you're honest

    Sinequanon J

    +Salma Kh Of course, because that makes perfect sense!

    Sinequanon J

    Someone needs to get them right because that's not correct English!

    Salma Kh

    +Stephen Jones I'm sure it's not right.. many different sites wrote it in different ways and none looks like the other if you've checked them out.


    +Salma Kh yep, that's why I asked, all those lyrics pages get different vocals and none of them seems to make any sense.

  67. Melver Mendez

    Excellent track!!!

  68. farhan mazher

    Awesome album overall ... So happy for the haters of Armin now 😀

    Muhammad Essakjee

    farhan mazher They missing out big time

  69. Mohamed Choukri2

    Good reaaaaaaaaly good

  70. Alex Villafuerte

    Amazing album, congratulations Armin , the best dj

  71. Felipe Burgos

    when start it i think that was "Ginza" lol

  72. PsYKoTx

    This song is very refreshing, yet familiar to me. I love it.

  73. Jaziel Ricardo Cruz

    🙌🏻🙌🏻 hands to Heaven

  74. Shiva Gupta

    best trackk beatss n all

  75. Eduardo Sicolin

    continue assim cara kkk

    Dj Ruccy

    +Eduardo Contro
    Русев е най-добрият

  76. Eric Tournemine

    I was sure to be disappointed by this new album... And i was wrong... all trailers are awesome !

  77. MontenegroGamingS247

    Only people who dont understand can dislike this epic song.

  78. Sami Jendoubi

    ASOT Sounds VS ABGT Sounds ?!

    Hector Aviles

    +Sami Zandianist this song is similar to another from A&B

    Sami Jendoubi

    +Hector “hEcToR A” Aviles Indeed ! it has many elements of Above & Beyond, Ian Bluestone, Jerome Is-mae and Andreaw Bayer

    Hector Aviles

    @Sami Zandianist
    cought in the listream too, elements of Ian Bluestone


    +Sami Zandianist 2 distinct flavours. i love my abgt and i also love my asot, any overlap is great because those tracks are always savage beasts

  79. Boris Accardi

    Another perfect track! Armin let'so go! :)

  80. Red Dy

    trance trance trance...that's all i need now!!! good trance track from this album!!

  81. jose guzman

    GOD, Armin is on fire!!!!!

  82. Tails Prower

    Tiësto - iTrance

    Tails Prower

    The melody is the same. @Sérgio Martins

    Sérgio Martins

    +Tails Prower This is by far much better

    Tails Prower

    Maybe, it's a matter of taste. @Sérgio Martins

  83. flubber flave

    This is so amazing. Great job Armin, I will never give up on you!

  84. vadim cauia

    cool music armin

  85. Iván Garrido


  86. Jonathan Selaya

    Armin is back, y'all!

  87. Romario Thartori

    dat whistel thing doe

    Navaz Merchant

    +Romario Thartori you mean the Synth sound? its the main lead sound. Sounds like it came from the Access Virus Ti Armin uses

    Romario Thartori

    +Navaz Merchant yep , it soubs really unique

    Romario Thartori

    +Romario Thartori sounds*

    Deep Chopra

    it gives me choosebumps

  88. Reda Reda

    ATB's Style From No Silence Album....Love This Track <3

    Sameer Aftab

    +Space Marshals yap the music is similar to ATB's.

    Reda Reda

    @Sameer Aftab Finally one thinks like me...thanks mate

    Romario Thartori

    +Reda Reda What song in particular , I'm curious to see because this song is great so finding something similar to this would be great , :)

    Sameer Aftab

    @Romario Thartori
    this is not a great song to be honest and nowhere close to Armin's other great songs.



  90. Lonneke Engell

    *Love it Mix***

  91. DWARD

    Just Perfect!

  92. Edgar Gonzalez

    después de todo creó que si comprare embrace 🙊

  93. Julio Carrera

    Look at what we've started
    Everything comes from something
    Love from pain, hope from hate
    And life from the rain. 10/10

  94. myPhoenixBlade123

    nice car mod

  95. Carlos Agustín

    Ya le di me gusta y ni siquiera la he empezado a escuchar, pero es que esté material es de primera.

  96. Synchronic

    Actually its pretty good.


    @Romario Thartori
    Maybe but i dont want my ears bleeding because of signature.

    Romario Thartori

    @Alex Tremblay haha idk i kinda dig it


    @Romario Thartori

    Romario Thartori

    I like it

  97. Reda Mordi

    ♣☆♧★ ▶▪◀ ♡♥

  98. ZEK Music

    Epic track !! Guys i miss the summer when i hear this.