Van Buuren, Armin - Face Of Summer Lyrics

Wandering alone
Caught at dusty dead end
Where are you now
Is there a sign you're sending
I want you back
I said I want you back

I was broken
Such a fool then
Till you looked my way
I was dreamin'
Now I'm believin'
You're my night & my day

You're the face of summer
I won't wait till summers gone
Don't let this fade away
I've headed down this road too long to discover
Standing in the light you and I side by side
You're the face of summer

You're the face of summer
Memories stole away
I won't wait till summers gone
Don't let this fade away
I've headed down this road too long to discover
Standing in the light you and I side by side
You're the face of summer
I want you to stay
Let's walk into the sun

You're the face of summer

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Van Buuren, Armin Face Of Summer Comments
  1. spectro 0 reflects

    droid ark! !! Baaaaammm

  2. Jhonatan Elias silva

    Perfet 2020

  3. Mohammed Mechennef

    Face of summer is my best😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Arielacelene Oliveira


  5. 77ArunasM



    Don't know why this track is so absolute gem with uplifting melodic vibe 💓❤️

  7. Nando Raven

    Incredible underrated track. A hidden masterpiece.

  8. mohammed mechennef

    Face of summer fabulous day lovely 🎉💘💘💘💘💘

  9. Fernando Schreiner

    This song reminds me his Golden age, of course

  10. Jose Mascitti

    the started is awesome

  11. Vivtor Marin Luna

    Dios del trance

  12. Ruben Egea


  13. Mohamed Khaled

    3 years and still in love with that album magic😍💃

  14. Jørgen Foss

    Extremly nice track

  15. syed muhammad baseer umer

    After this trance music there is only left full stop....

  16. Vivian Zabat

    perfectly awesome!

  17. c.meganx

    i love this song im nederlands and im going to your concert and im happy with your music its so wonderful😍😙👍

  18. get TheMoney

    Armin is a wizard lol

  19. Mashable

    Best part starts from @1:10

  20. Jacob Sánchez


  21. Wink Wink

    Armiiiiiiin, I told my dad how much I LOVE, YOU! Today.
    Best feeling, EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! ♥

    His reaction... BEST SMILE! That's all. :)

  22. David Nochebuena Parra

    Mirage vibes just right here <3

  23. PAWELL

    Armin invented a new style haha, Spanish classic guitar trance!! JUST AMAZING!!!

  24. Przemysław R

    Ten album jest zajebisty!!!
    Chyba już na zawsze będzie mi się kojarzył z AO Embrace w Gdańsku - niesamowita przygoda, podróż z samego południa na samą północ kraju; a w Ergo Arenie było MEGA! :D


    не ругайся пидр

  25. LaLa Lin

    I think Face of Summer is the best track in Embrace album. It's a pity that Armin didn't promote it and there is still no remix version of it.

    LaLa Lin

    @Nando Raven I can repeat it all day long ^^

    Nando Raven

    @LaLa Lin
    Me too. And I can't wait to enjoy it live at Armin's concert. Maybe in Ultra 2017. Tell me if you go!  :-)


    for me best Heading up high

    bilel hudson

    hands to heaven is my best ! but there is no remixes and he didnt play these tracks in asot .. :(

  26. Priyanshu Vishnoi

    Armin didn't do justice to this song....this should've been promoted better!!

  27. Diego Ricaurte


  28. ViscountStratton

    He never looks where he's driving but avoids accidents anyway. That's so cool.

  29. AzzWalk

    someone please remix this song as a tropical house remix! it'll be amazing if you remix the chorus into tropical house

  30. Jhan Doriel

    Typical new Armin album:
    70% cheesy pop music
    20% Bigroom/House
    10% Trance

  31. GTR Tareq Younis

    85 dislike !!! how could you dislike this track  <<<< fuckin dickheads !!

  32. roudayna gharbi


    roudayna gharbi

    veryy nice ✌👍

  33. Nipun Parikh

    nice guitar and progression, loved it

  34. Boshhab

    i liked because of that guitar *o*

  35. stanley631 H

    your remind me to Deadmau5 :v

  36. Daniil Makarevich

    I want my summer to have this face

  37. Fernando Fabe

    me encanta el sonido de la guitarra en esta dulce canción 😍🎸

  38. geovisnan

    Como me encanta esta canción

    Nando Raven

    A mí también, es poderosa

  39. Eduard Ursachel

    100 like !

  40. plewek87

    This track needs a good remix :) nice vocal.

  41. Andy Tran

    Thanks scottysire fo dis song

  42. Korinti Venesia Sembiring

    this is so cool,,, cant wait the video Soon, Armin !!

  43. theebar

    He is sampling from SIlversun Pickups I believe.


    +theebar my new song on repeat!

  44. Alex EDM

    Wonderfull!! <3

  45. Adel Megahed

    loved itttt

  46. Zahar


  47. Tabish Shaikh

    This is beautiful. AVB is a magician <3

  48. Roxana Cuc


  49. Any Roma

    Awesome! I <3 Armin

  50. Amir Nadeem


  51. miguelredal

    it's trance

  52. Sparkle Ride

    Oh those spanish/arabic guitar riffs in the beginning made me think that Armin was back with his trancey-progressive sound . . .. but it turned out to be another normal track . .. . sorry to say but cliche vocals & tune spoiled it.. sorry Armin . . But im still your fan

  53. Sérgio Martins

    Remembers me of Tiesto's ISOS, yaay!

  54. Daniel Torres

    Sounds even better at 140 BPM

  55. Ketil Dyrdal


  56. FrozenFlames

    I am hungarian and I love that guitar too

  57. Myat Thet Kyaw

    DAT 0:55 ... Heaven's sound .

  58. André Queiroz

    Love this song!

  59. Wasantha kumara

    Great :)

  60. RODRIGO Oporta

    #trance instrumental clacic

  61. Vibez 123

    What a great song

  62. Isaac Rutter

    Armin this has to be the next single. I love this song so much.

  63. Michael Christen

    hammergeil ,wie immer

  64. eM tuobA

    This is a Nice Progressive Vocal Trance we Love. Excellent Vocals. More like this please !

    The Best Song of The Album.!home/c15zz

  65. javitorzzzzz

    Esta guitarra me recuerda al Armin only intense.

  66. Maha Kadah

    No matter what I say I'll never say enough !!! You're so good with your music ! This is one of my fav from Embrace!

  67. Anupam Sharma

    I Just raped the replay button

  68. Sweet Dreams

    Hey Armin ! You are the God of Trance by far.

  69. Tomi Svahn

    Sounds good

  70. arkangelpipi

    wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. bennocelt

    this is brilliant

  72. Andrec Andreç

    Armin, tu eres el mejor..

  73. Ivan Montes

    I just want to say that Armin van Buuren is the best dj in the world you are the better armin

  74. ismail Metarr

    this is pure trance with an amasing touch of the guitar

  75. E'POOL 23

    if u thing this is strange this album twice...then u'll get it...

  76. Alexander Silva

    me recuerda a Waiting for the night ( Intense)

  77. Rainn M

    Got some "Waiting for the Night" sounds in there

    Gusti Ardy

    i think so....

    Mohammed Mechennef

    Fabulous this song

  78. mehdi souhaib

    best track frome the whol album

  79. Kevin Au

    La guitarra's beat by orjan nilsen is better lol

  80. Azyz Ellala

    Amazing !!!

  81. Ari Van buuren

    Sin duda un gran tema 🙌👏👏

  82. Suzana Curavic

    Amazing track!! Classic Armin :)! And amazing album as well, it`s on repeat constantly :), perfection as always - great job!!

  83. Arcadio Official

    those pads reminds me "76"

  84. Anshul Sharma

    guitar + trance <3

  85. Arthur Mellinger

    Instant classic

  86. Mehrdad Shirazi

    Amazing Armin <3

  87. Ali Naderipour

    This song and Caught in the Sliptream top 2 tracks of this album

  88. tadeomerla

    obra maestra👌

  89. Mare Herondale

    Fantastic! I love armin <3

  90. vyern Praga

    Armin Van Buuren the best dj , forever :D

  91. Frankie

    forever GOD

    Mohammed Mechennef


  92. David Sierra

    Armin + trance = perfect

    mohammed mechennef


    Mohammed Mechennef

    Absolutely 😍😍😍

  93. Mohamed Choukri2


  94. Adnan Kouatli

    Best track in the album!

  95. David Reyes

    Porque todas las canciones tienen vocal. Extraño esos temas de puras melodías. Aunque creó que esta es la mejor del disco.