Van Buuren, Armin - Caught In The Slipstream Lyrics

Turned 5 am, no sleep again, so tired,
Mind wide open
I'm on the same journey east, life on repeat,
Frustrated and broken
And we all just need a little something to hold on to
Another day at the puppet show
Now I'm heading back to you

When I'm caught in the strings, in the strings
And I fall under the weight of everything
And then I'm caught, and then I'm caught
In the slipstream of your smile
And it makes it all, it makes it all

Misplaced and lost, walking through
Lonely avenues
Got nothing left, I draw a breath,
No more bad news
'Cause we all just need a little something to hold on to
If the world won't meet me half way then I know you do

When I'm caught in the strings, in the strings
And i fall under the weight of everything
And then I'm caught, and then I'm caught
In the slipstream of your smile
And it makes it all, it makes it all

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Van Buuren, Armin Caught In The Slipstream Comments
  1. Angelina Kobel


  2. Felipe Kohn

    My favorite song from Embrace

  3. Yahia Hassaan


  4. Alejandro Rodriguez

    Armin is another level


    tout simplement superbe music

  6. Antony Baruk


  7. dean Napierski

    I love this Song so much

  8. Fábio Ferreira Pereira


  9. Satu Tikkanen

    Oh yes: Lovely Armin :O)

  10. Brook Ember

    Wow... Can you imagine CREATING this beast of a song?? Armin Van Buuren is an absolute genius! 💖

  11. Israel Silva

    Very good

  12. E1jay

    i searched up armin's slipstream in 2003 which was on the album 76 and it bought me here

  13. Julieta Acuña

    Me encanta!!!♡


    I love this song! And the rest ha!

  15. Leonardo Diaz Guzman

    Siempre has sido un dios cabrón
    Eres el mejor del planeta eternamente. 🎶🕉

  16. Leonardo Lima


  17. Mr. Fr4m3

    0.0 - 0.30 ❤❤❤

  18. Merino B.

    Next Saturday I'm going to The Best of Armin Only - 20 yrs edition - in the Amsterdam ArenA (soon to be 'Johan Cruijff Arena')!

    It's gonna be legen.. [wait for it].. dary! Already so excited!

    Who is joining? :)

  19. The Professor

    By far Armin's best track

  20. Mtro. Luis Armando Sarabia López.

    oye que buena rolaaa. me encanta!! i like !

  21. Markella Basd


  22. David Gonzalez

    que maravilla de cancion, los pelos de punta

  23. Norbert Bautista

    Excelente, de mis favoritas

  24. BadNewZ

    Remember Armin , you did this.

  25. Ivana Podbreznjak

    sounds like Stromae,like it

  26. Röleve Lizm

    This song very very power

  27. THO games

    This is a very underrated song!

  28. Kevin Menjivar

    Vamos por buen Camino Armin... 😍😍😍Siempre impreesionas. Lástima que ArmadaMusic publique canciones que no tienen que ver con su calidad de sello discográfico.

  29. marietto

    Really nice song. I also love Kohma's rmx

  30. social_ assassin88

    needs an acoustic version

  31. Daniel alonso hernandez gonzales

    That's a great song, good job ARMIN V.B.!!!

  32. ewelina lenartowicz

    😍 amazing😍

  33. Kelvin Kyle

    I was looking for the name of this song forever. So glad my shazam app caught it right before my phone died at Omnia Vegas during Armins set

    Kelvin Kyle

    Favorite song right now!

  34. Santupi

    the lyrics are amazing

  35. Brett

    Armin Van Buuren - Caught in the MAINSTREAM

  36. FelipE Abarca N.

    Embrace me robó el corazón 💜

  37. Monique Vreugdenhil

    the kickoff for the World tour at ziggodome Amsterdam was beyond the stars and back . again limmitless!! 😍😘

  38. Katalin Németh

    Flawless music! Perfect!

  39. TheLiveBanana's

    What are the Piano chords for this song??

  40. Eddy Seid


  41. ImNot AtHome

    Farking SICK!!

  42. Razy Sebastian Kiehl

    yeaaah little trance here

  43. Jamie Collins

    If they made an acoustic version of this song....... <3__<3

  44. Jamie Collins

    Gah, this is gold..I needed this.

  45. Zakariae Oulkadi

    Antes de decir teneis que escuchar estas cancion en sesion pq despues de escucharlas en sesion uno solo puede decir que son magnificas,gran trabajo armin :)

  46. Panji F

    Nice track

  47. Alex EDM

    Amazing Song!!

  48. CESC7

    Buen track !!! :D

  49. Tommy Marley

    shame can be good track with out singing :(

  50. Teemu1

    It would be a great song if he rewrote 1:15 to 2:59!

    Richie Johns

    +Teemu1 I agree:-)


    que temazooo!

  52. SuperNanosec

    awesome track, has the vibe of faithless "we come 1 "

  53. Dasha Ryabka

    Даже кремлевское бbдло ценит топ музику!

  54. raistakilhara

    too many feats in this album

  55. Pablo Castillo

    Needs a Dub Remix by Alex M.o.r.p.h. 👌

  56. Prateek Dalal

    Best of Embrace! :)

  57. Eddy Seid

    56 rockers were here

  58. mitarmat

    Very good!

  59. tutruk20

    i've tried to play the synth part you can also find MIDI there.

  60. Joey Ayub

    best of the album imo.. the god is back ladies and gents !!

  61. xropsonx

    ja pierdole jakie gówno jak takie coś mogl zrobic ale zeby to gówno wydac i kto Armin ? !!!!!!! RIP

  62. pancotti andrea

    the best forever...this is miusuc

  63. Tails Prower

    This would be a follow up of Sound Of The Drums, it sounds very similar to me. Excellent track tho.

  64. omar taraf

    You are the best one armin 🎧

  65. Raymond Leggs

    beep beep bee ba ba booop

  66. Valérie Eijsermans


  67. arturo martinez

    W&W REMIXX!!

  68. Pankaj Deoli

    Best in the whole album

  69. Jorge Echeverría


  70. Maha Kadah


  71. Pierre de la Cruz

    Needs a dub version.

  72. pilar ocon carreras

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it <3 <3 <3

  73. Saturno Saturno

    La letra :') la melodía ¡esta canción es más que perfecta! :') 👏❤️ ARMIN PARA MI SIEMPRE SERÁS EL #1 #RESPECT #THEKINGOFTRANCE. 👆👑💕

  74. geovisnan

    The best song of this album.

  75. Stefan Barbu wow.

  76. Δna María


  77. yoel Yoel

    beautiful song!!!

  78. Tomáš Rimarčik

    ONE OF THE BEST!!!!!!! <3 Armin I love u!!!! keep up the good work!

  79. Karim Essam


    Suzana Curavic

    +Karim Essam amazing tracks on Embrace, I have hardly chosen top 5 somehow, whole album is top, top!

  80. Mandy Lane


  81. Alex Rivera

    Awesome Song !! amazing😍

  82. insomnia axl

    Caught In The Slipsteam

    insomnia axl,d.bGg&psig=AFQjCNG6T6ubTNK_1OBahqG9dmmCc2mDoA&ust=1446889462783519

  83. Petey Zee

    lol melbourne bounce?

  84. Hesham Atwa

    1: Caught In The Slipstream
    2: Embargo
    3: Embrace
    4- Hands to Heaven

    Hussain Ziniya

    +Hesham Atwa face of summer.

    Hesham Atwa

    makte it 5 :p 


    +Hesham Atwa my top 4 is
    1. Caught in the slipstream.
    2. Freefall
    3. Embrace
    4. Looking for your name.

  85. Music Lover

    1:16 ♥Caught In The Slipstream

    Samir Destani


  86. Martin Novotný

    wow :-OOOOO

  87. Jeez Luiz!!!

    this track shows armins furstration with the industry he works in. but in the end its all worth it

  88. Mare Herondale

    This is one of my favourites tracks of the new album! It's sickkkkkkk

  89. Edga Valencia

    waooo! con este nuevo album queda demostrado que armin esta de regreso y eso me llena de emocion,sigue asi armin y este 2016 tu serasde nuevo el numero 1,queremos al armin humilde,creativo y autentico.armin armin armin! make some noisseeee!

  90. Magdaleno Guzmán

    es una de las mejores del mundo

  91. geovisnan

    The best song

  92. geovisnan

    This is the best!!!...

  93. Raul Davila

    muy buena musica !!

  94. Jesus David Coneo Monterrosa

    Lets Embrace Trance!!!! Forevern In A State Of Trance!!!! Perfect Track!!! Love U Armin..God Bless U!!!!