Vampires Everywhere! - Star Of 666 Lyrics

Like a mechanical God
You walk the boulevard
The smell of death in your hair
You smile like a teenage antichrist
With blood on both of your hands

You are the fallen
Of demon birth
You are the fallen
In the Devil's church

You are the Star of 666
You are the model of I don't give a shit
You lick the crucifix
Star of 666

Burn, motherfucker, burn [x4]

Like a maniacal bride
You offer suicide
The only simple way out
You smile like a teenage antichrist
With blood all over your mouth

You are the fallen
Of demon birth
You are the fallen
In the Devil's church

You are the Star of 666
You are the model of I don't give a shit
You lick the crucifix
Star of 666

Burn, motherfucker, burn [x4]

Now put your hands in the air
and bow before your queen
Say your prayers [x3]

Now put your hands in the air
and bow before your queen
Say your prayers [x3]

You are the Star of 666
You are the model of I don't give a shit
You lick the crucifix
Star of 666

Burn, motherfucker, burn [x4]

You are the Star of 666

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Vampires Everywhere! Star Of 666 Comments
  1. Zachary Boyd

    The song was about one of my good friends and the dude well I know him differently than everyone else 😂

  2. abel gebrehiwet

    i love you jessus gebriel mariam mikael my king is jessus my god is jessus my god is mariam

  3. Donna Davidson

    OMG This is a nightmare, don't know how this is enjoyable......straight evil from hell. Yes it is.


    I drink blood


    I love u satan

  6. Julio Alaster

    Queime fdp queime, queime fdp queime!

  7. beep beep lettuce

    Is YouTube trying to make me Goth? If so it's working.

  8. Adam Fowler

    wow century media actually signed a shit band like Vampires Everywhere?? No offense to anyone who likes this band...but I'm just rather blown away that Century Media, the SAME label that once released Lacuna Coil's immortal masterpiece "Comalies", is treading into shit artists like these guys...i mean sorry to the fans for saying this, but this music is atrociously awful, and generically uninspiring on a high level. I feel sorry for whoever pegs these guys as their favorite band.

  9. Jinxx Panda Playlists.

    Reminds Me Of Marlin Manson and Dope.

  10. Stormey Shoults

    As I was listening to this my little brother tried to climb into the fire 🔥 place

    I’m not kidding either

  11. okiku doe

    I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG!!! I scared some freshman with it. lol

  12. diana fernando

    hate this. I hate Satan! why write this song? creepy.


    diana fernando then why waste your time here looking like a pathetic dumbass troll🖕🏻🖕🏻

  13. Jesse Vanity

    Marilyn Manson and Chris motionless' love child 😹😹😹😹 song is great btw

  14. Lindsey Milton

    I forgot I was in public and I yelled shut up at my friend followed with me also yelling I'm looking for my satanic music. everyone just looked at me and the teachers were just like 'Holy shit wtf'


    Lindsey Milton No they werent lindsay

  15. Ceci Little-Cloud

    Nice, thank you.

  16. ComicStrange

    Damn, it's a good song.

  17. Travis Cox

    my sister's r scared of this song lol

  18. Maya Joss

    Lmao if y'all could read correctly y'all would know that it says they sound like Motionless In White but never once did anyone say they copied them -____-

  19. Jessé oliveira

    Banda incomparável

  20. Cat Davis

    Tempted to play this at church 😂

    Tasha Morgan

    +Cat Davis I call em like I see em boo boo. I don't take shit for people and I refuse to let other people influence my life. Btw I love you too lol

    Cat Davis

    +Tasha Morgan thanks haha :)

    Tasha Morgan

    +Cat Davis I love you too

    The pancake System

    I just wanna take a moment to say how much I appreciate your existence

  21. Raevhen Kira

    watching now ncuz i miss VE

  22. C Sands

    loving all the new comments that don't know these guys were out in 2010 saying they sound like motionless in white... these guys were out before motionless in white... 😂😂😂

    Sleigh Way

    miw started in 2006

    C Sands

    did they? I still don't hear any resemblance. but then again I've made it a habit not to entertain stupidity since that comment was last made so... well played.

    C Sands

    did they? I still don't hear any resemblance. but then again I've made it a habit not to entertain stupidity since that comment was last made so... well played.

  23. Vanessa Wrigley

    I love it

  24. francisco cabrera

    best song ever

  25. Noah Pw

    hell yessssss

  26. Front Fever

    sadistic i like it

  27. Uberx Extreme

    Not a huge fan of the song but the guitar solo is sick.

  28. Ashley Mae Smart

    i like it

  29. Andy G

    gotta say all the comments about god are stupid. let them like what they want, dont bring religon into it, its stupid. we live in a world where we should have our own religion.

    C Sands

    I don't think they even listened to the songs.

  30. allison nicole

    satanic much

    Loki Laufeyson

    Listen to Dissection, Gorgoroth or Watain...

    Cat Davis

    Go listen to Cannibal Corpse



  31. Raevhen Kira

    starrrr of 666

  32. Ree Bee

    This is the child of Marilyn Manson & Motionless In White. Fucking amazing.

    Hidden Vision

    +Ree Bee YESSS

    Andi The Potato

    +Ree Bee EXACTLY!!!!! AGREED!!!!!!!!!

    C Sands

    these guys were out before motionless in white.

    Lindsey Milton

    +Rika Jay no they wasn't motionless in white came out in 2006

  33. Tasha Morgan

    To those of you saying"give your soul to "lord" who died for you sins" you aren't completely perfect either. And honestly I was raised Christian and I see that "religion" is bull. It gives people like you a reason to cast judgement. I mean no one is "sinless" so go fuck yourselves with your religion crap. And if you don't like this type of music why are you looking it up? Talk about dumb..

    Cat Davis

    Thank you, someone needed to say it. i was raised in a religious home to but I'm not religious myself.

    Tasha Morgan

    +Cat Davis I was raised southern baptist but learned half the shit they talk about is judgement on people like fuck that

    Cat Davis

    +Tasha Morgan ikr haha

  34. Emmy Lord


  35. Dominick Alexander

    Give your soul to Jesus Christ the lord who died for your sins!!!!

    Cemetery Bat

    how bout I give it to food. that sounds much better

    Mustafa onah

    i give it to my self that made me invisible in this world

    C Sands

    I'll give it to the almighty Bob. because Jesus is a facade and the government is god.

    Cat Davis

    Get outta here with your Christian bull shit, clearly no one wants to hear it.


    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😈🖕🏻, ok u can do that but wrong video

  36. WeirdVic

    This song is so awesome! I'd have to say this is probably my favorite song from them

  37. Daniel Ross

    i don't disike this because i'm religious, which i'm not, but the music is terrible


    +Dan Ross
    OK, Dan.

    decklan p

    I don't dislike you because you're religious, I dislike you because you can't recognise good music.

    Daniel Ross

    @ChloeTheThugPugSweeto :3 it's not that i don't like metalcore, but it's not good metalcore

    decklan p

    I apologise for my previous statement, I don't even remember commenting that. I'm sorry for being rude.

    Daniel Ross

    don't worry about it

  38. ThaReaper319

    "God cannot deny anything to a De Rais, but should he ever, their is always the devil"

  39. Janus G Lamela

    the guitar in this song is crab


    Ur genitals are crab

  40. Aryanna Gentles

    yes.. just yes \m/

  41. ThePayneTrain

    And yes they changed their name to The Killing Lights.


    Oh, wow.

    C Sands

    actually that was Michael's side project. they are now back to being vampires everywhere and have a new album called "Ritual" on Google Play and Apple Store

    damon jonas

    @C Sands Negative. Vampires Everywhere changed their name to the Killing lights. Then when DJ Black left Michael decided to change it back to Vampires Everywhere. After that short amount of time being VE again that ended and now Michael started Dead Girls Academy and that is currently what he is doing. The killing lights was never a side project.

  42. ThePayneTrain

    People trying to be so edgy, I can't take these guys seriously, it's okay to be inspired by Manson but to me this is just a ripoff of his work, like a complete obvious one.

    C Sands

    listen to their new album Ritual now available on Google Play and Apple Store

    C Sands

    I guarantee you'll feel bad for saying that.

  43. Kyle Aleksandersen

    I love this song

  44. Cleopatra BloodQueen

    This song was made for me, my damn theme song!!

  45. jesse Guerrero

    hell is here 666 the devils are come

  46. The Hydra

    copying marilyn.

  47. tziqura

    Best song EVER besides Drug of Choice!

  48. jayme barnett

    these guys tear shit up when they play live

  49. jesse johnson

    My parents tried to make me a christian when I was 4...10 years later....iv tried believing god would solve my problems....and look where that got me....haha I laugh at the very thought of believing that ever again.....

    Thomas Nunley

    I completely agree with you man. I became a satanist after giving up on some so called "God".

    jesse johnson

    I dunno what people see in that pathetic excuse for a path in life...all it does is lead to pain and suffering like it did for me....there is no heaven...only a living hell...

    Mustafa onah

    Converted to agnostic


    @Kodies pretty trans nope

  50. 420Panda

    I can't wait to share this song with my Christian group. (: (this is sarcasm. Not a Christian. Great fucking song though) keep it metal \m/

  51. Steven King

    are these  now called the killing lights? they are supporting the defiled next week and i really hope this isn't them.... been trying to find a song i like by them but there's something about them i dislike.


    I like them, but some of their songs get pretty old after awhile. Like this song, during the middle of the song I got sick of it. I have to be in a specific mood to listen to them

    Ree Bee

    They changed to The Killing Lights, but according to Micheal Vampire's (the lead singer's) Instagram, he's changed it back to Vampires Everywhere! earlier this year.

  52. Jason Arvel

    Does anyone know where I can find the instrumental to this?

  53. Mr Q

    Sounds like Marilyn Manson

    Denisa JK

    Something lile that😂

  54. Tyler Teague

    Satan all the way \m/

    AhSatan Ravenna


  55. Mia

    I think being a satanist would be far more interesting than being christian. I'm currently an atheist. I think that its more exciting to be unique and it helps you discover other things in life that lead to who you truly are.


    +Ree Bee. not really ...they're are different kinds of Satanism there r theistic and atheistic ...theistic is devil worship and atheistic is more about basically believing u r Ur own God an that u control the good an evil that u commit and that there is no God an that the only good an evil is her on earth... that's all


    +zackary042398 here *

    AhSatan Ravenna

    I agree with you, I'm Wiccan and Satanist, but my whole family is Christian and is very boring. I think it's more fun amore saying to a exploring Satanism than Christianity. Just an an opinion.

    AhSatan Ravenna

    But anyways, this song is fuckingawesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    How's ur satanism Mia, still feeling unique?

  56. crazydude23

    I'm an athiest



  57. Angel Mckay

    Great song! V~V

  58. luis hernandez

    I love this song

  59. warren glover

    The name is vampires everywhere Mr.Majorasmask101

  60. MrMajorasmask101

    You guys know this band is called The Killing Lights now, right?

    Ree Bee

    This year Micheal changed it back to VE!

  61. BlackCrow101112

    This song is fucking amazing!

  62. Seras Victoria

    I agree. (That wasn't my first thought though :3) I was going to yell at you for calling him fat/old, but then I looked him up... and yeah. He's 44 and getting saggy. Not as good live as he used to be. I still love him to bits but his music years are almost over.

  63. Seras Victoria

    Smart... :P

  64. Anonymous

    Hell ya vampire metal 666 Hell ya !!!.

  65. Naomi Ferguson

    Love this song and this band :D sounds so like Marilyn Manson!<3

  66. Ayecie

    When i first heard this Record all i could think of was "wow, fucking manson ripoff" now i kind of like it, yea it sounds just like mansons Antichrist Superstar album, which was sick but hey. since manson is fat/old and really shitty live now, i guess it's not bad to see a band like VE with a similar sound.

  67. Babette MaanCraft

    It sounds like Marilyn Manson... I FACKING LOVE IT :D

  68. Chelsea Chameleon

    I likey your avatar! :)

  69. Cody Byars

    Emily text me 864-426-4026

  70. ωιтѕ єnd

    Evil, metal, 666... Hello, my music.

  71. MsBrionna11

    my brother came into my room while I was listening to this song and he said that I'm going to hell for listening to the devil's music

  72. TMBK Productions

    I'm not into screaming metal. This is the only band I love.

  73. Phoebe Vacek

    i first listened to this song doning homework at my granmas house who is super religous.

  74. borgtwat

    I don't- I mean, there's- nope. this song is fucking shite. it's not really the band's fault though. They can't help it, on account of the fact that they, themselves, are fucking shite.

  75. Dom Fabio

    I'm Christian. I'm not offended. I'm fucking headbanging. Just cause i'm Christian doesn't mean i can't enjoy awesome music. And i also don't get why some Christians think that heavy music is Satanic, Most Satanic music is in the Pop genre.

  76. Sekmet

    this song makes me smile so big :) i love Vampires Everywhare awsome band the best band ever the reasion i'm starting a band the name is classifide so are the songs but these guys i look up to <3 <3 <3.

  77. Sharon Harger

    I'm Pentecostal and I love this song bawhahaha

  78. KayKanvasStudios

    Is it bad that this song makes me uncomfortable but yet I still love it

  79. Like a ma'am

    Some people don't believe in "god". Like me. I don't think "god" is real.

  80. RockerNerd 666

    Never been religious ever and I fucking love this song <666

  81. kjrody21

    Im christian and i love this song what the big deal lol

  82. Crystal Aylin

    I'm Catholic and I love this song. I don't know why but I do

  83. Paige LeeAnn

    Deal with it lol

  84. Cassandra Furman

    Omg. I love this song so much!!

  85. pinkamena pie

    Lol star of 666 and the duration is 3:33

  86. Luke Casteel

    hail satan <3

  87. tyler bryan

    This song is the bomb!

  88. Alex Powell

    I never said it was bad lil ass girl

  89. Vlad Rosu

    I am Atheist and I love this song and this band <3

  90. Alice Gale

    I love these type of songs but it makes me even more confused about what I actually believe in...

  91. Alex Powell

    They need god in their lives


    Alex Powell no they’re fine, you can do that though 🖕🏻🖕🏻

  92. Cae Wolf

    HELL YEAH! May father be with you! XD

  93. Cae Wolf

    Same here. My father is full christian but i turned out the exact opposite. Dont know how but ive always felt it there in me. XD Love this song!!!

  94. thepikkujussi

    i LOVE it <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Nicole janeigh

    I like his new sound but I just wish he didn't change so much :/ but it's good to evolve :) keep up the good work Michael!!!

  96. francisco cabrera

    666 all day

  97. evy von vanity

    I am a Christian but...not bad Michael...not bad