Vampires Everywhere! - Drug Of Choice Lyrics

I know you want me

Sex drugs mutilation thrills
worms in a box choke purple pills
Choose me, I can be your whore
I am the creator
I am the faker
I am poison born

I know you want me
I know you need me
I am your drug of choice

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
And I don’t blame you

Blood, sex & rock n roll [x3]
burning lies die with black crows
Come stitch my flesh back to, back to life

I know you want me
I know you need me
I am your drug of choice

Come say you’ll use me up tonight
And I don’t blame you

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
And I don’t blame you

Come say you’ll use me up tonight
And I don’t blame you

Is it bad to want
Is it bad to want me
Is it bad to want
is it bad to want me baby

I know you want me
I know you need me
I am your drug of choice

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
And I don’t blame you

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Vampires Everywhere! Drug Of Choice Comments
  1. Amanda Jayne

    Tim Skold is the only good thing about this

  2. Colby Howell

    They probably were influenced a little by Manson, but they kind of remind me of the band dope at least in this song.

  3. st van

    Damn, I miss these guys. Holy shit 😂 never thought I’d run into my past again but here we are


    If anyone likes this group and maralyne Manson u should listen 2 motionless in white

  5. irene santacruz

    This is pretty bad

  6. Some One

    wow... can't tell who inspired them at all..

  7. Frerick Varano

    Lo mentor musical Spanish goth vampires everywhere 👺💀💀💀🎶🎶🎶👄

  8. Stormey Shoults

    This is what my little middle school self thought was “cool” and “hip” then, high school me is okay with it I guess but my styles definitely toned down a “bit”

  9. I Am A Light In The Future

    Blim metal,metalcore,heavymetal,rock,gothic metal,glam metal, gothic metal punk metal etcétera 💖

  10. Fernandez Rodriguez

    these guys are 10,000 X better live. Actually their albums suck because they sound so bad. I only listen to them live. Fucking amazing there.

  11. Lil View

    I thought this was a joke. Bro get your own shtick you can't just copy Manson lol. This is real?

  12. Cartoon

    Oh my god middle school cringe. I miss those days

  13. j6ybybyhy njkk

    Marilyn Manson new song cry little BROTHER

  14. Idk Who

    THIS IS SUCH A THROWBACK! I remember listening to this in middle school can't believe it's been 6 years

  15. MeDaMac

    Wow super gay dont bite marilyn manson style

  16. what ever

    damn . . .

  17. Nightmare Strawberry Chic

    This manson/blue orgy combo looks ugly. Sounds ok.

  18. Zack Covington

    no...he uh...this band straight up ripped off the beat break and bridge from irresponsible hate anthem...this is...trash

  19. Crystal Lambert

    anyone else find it a bit strange that Michael isn't seen again after the girl bites him?

  20. Victor Jordon

    This has been stuck in my head for a week 😂😂

  21. devin houston

    Iv been to that bar on goth night!!!

  22. Greg Lattin

    I listen to this when I go buy PCP lol

  23. Josh Dybata

    It's the love child of Manson and Dope

  24. Canal Hashiga

    i love this

  25. Jaide Ednie


  26. Jenn Q

    Omg seriously ppl. Yes there are some opinions of there music was good or bad but there are many Marilyn Manson copies it's not just Michael vampire that looks lie him hell there are some that looks like him
    I will admit he does look like Marilyn Manson but it's new generation so of course there is gonna be judging and hating
    I love Marilyn Manson and I do like this song but the video just plain creepy but not every musician is bad at what they do they do there best and they are all still going strong
    Moving on I do like the girl she's cute

  27. Grace Elizabeth

    Micheal is so good looking. Even now. Miss VE.

  28. Mey Manson

    típica copia de Marilyn Manson xD

  29. Akicita A.

    Vocals: every note the same. Every. Single. One.

  30. MAtheus Sousa

    copiou o manson?

  31. Kira Linero

    Every heavy metal artist wants to be the next MM but there can be only one!

  32. High-Voltage 95

    Marilyn Manson 2 the revenge

  33. Morgan :

    I haven't listened to this in 4 years 😂 I used to love this

  34. Angie Morris

    I only came here for Tim Skold.

  35. *XxcupcakeSuicidexD *

    mini Manson

  36. Genetic._.Jackal

    The middle cheerleader is totally Avril Lavigne

  37. demz rodriguez

    The best Song!

  38. horror Queen

    Micheal vampire is so sexy

  39. zomb kid

    wait isnt that bar sinister

  40. Sergio Carrillo

    He is the actor in the mask just look his tooths

  41. Maria Vega

    when you find marylin Manson in another video

  42. Ashton Webster

    fuck this I love this band and I can't stand Marilyn Manson

  43. Ashton Webster

    fuck this I love this band and I can't stand Marilyn Manson

  44. Eian Bergeron

    I really hope that dga sounds nothing like this.

  45. Julio Alaster

    Que Gay,Michael Vampiresco!

  46. Zack Smith

    Yeah I'm just going to stick to Manson. We have enough wannabes in today's society.

  47. Chrissy Ungrew

    Why is it every emo band has these goth cheerleaders in all their videos

    simon cowell

    Chrissy Ungruhe cz goth chearleaders are hot 😂😂👌

    Julian R. Dene

    Mr.sharky No, because fucking Marilyn Manson. I actually like this band but damn this song sounds just like Irresponsible Hate Anthem and mOBSCENE had screaming sex

  48. Meth Dettol

    most Hot Topic thing I've ever seen

  49. ariatna castillo rosas

    Marilyn Manson Style (?)

  50. Gothic Artist

    Just discovered this band and it already reminds me of Marylin Manson and I LOVE IT!

  51. KrustBuket

    I never wanted or needed you


    also these guys are so shit botdf are in the related videos

  52. Irvinng Garcés

    I'm here just for the Marilyn Manson comments.

  53. laughing jack

    even tho he looks like marlin mason he is still cool

  54. Crystal Lambert

    Is he biting her,or is she biting him? Important question here, people! Xoxo, vampires.

  55. Серж Хой

    Ещё один Мерлин Менсон)))))

  56. Kevin Luper

    Manson wannabes -_-

  57. カズキ・デ・ニーロ

    Come To Japan!!

  58. CryTheRavens

    oh god that was horrible

    Crystal Lambert

    Fuck off

  59. Jake Sibley

    oh look Marilyn Manson but not and worse

  60. Daniel DeMayo

    hmmm....i feel like i know who they were influenced by but i can't quite place it....;)

    MicDrop Hoeseok

    Marilyn Manson?

    Daniel DeMayo

    you've won a prize!

  61. Youtilla Gamer

    there so Marilyn manson lol

  62. kasabian rage

    manson everywhere

    D E V I L


  63. Nina Bentz

    This is really good but this really reminds me of Marilyn Manson a lot.

  64. MyLeftHandisBi !

    My nightmare is this song and the video

  65. Boy Aditya

    woa ... Marilyn Manson jr

  66. Clorox Bleach

    ' I am the creator I am the faker'

    I hate the hater I rape the raper'

    This sounds like the fight song and irresponsible hate anthem.... 🤔

    Kevin Luper

    Looks like Fight Song too

    Jaide Ednie

    Sounds like the Angel with the Scabbed wings
    "He is the maker."
    "He is the taker."
    "He is the savior."
    "He is the raper."

  67. Crystal Lambert

    Absolutely not, Michael! It is not bad to want you at all. You are smart, talented, funny, sweet, cool, handsome, and sexy as fuck! Plus, you are totally rockin those contacts. Much love to ya, my vampire prince!

  68. Cat Davis

    When you wanna be Marilyn Manson...😂

    MicDrop Hoeseok


    Jaide Ednie

    Right? Oml what a knock off

  69. Steven Hampton

    the lead Singer kinda reminds me of the Singer from botdf.....

    MicDrop Hoeseok

    which one

    Clorox Bleach

    +missy vanity probably jayy



  70. xq10xa

    Dude...........there's a limit to how much you can bite off someone.....this is straight up jacking Marilyn Manson. From the get up, lyrics, backround girls (Mobscene by Manson), the voice and bravado style. Like you can take inspiration but this is straight jacking the idea. Some people say Orgy was biting off Manson....but they weren't. This is just a Manson fanboy. I mean cmon the guy with the mohawk is trying to look like Tim Skold.


    +xq10xa Yeah this shit just sounds like a band taking 5 Manson songs and throwing them together, then performing them with a fraction of the skill Manson's band had in the late 90's. The lyrics and melody are just straight up taken from Manson songs at points, it's embarrassing. Even the video looks like 4-5 Manson videos thrown together, it's insane.

    Although, that apparently is Tim Skold from what I understand, which is why I watched the video. No idea why he's there, I guess he was the producer on the album?

  71. stream remember me

    marry me Michael😍

    Emo forever


  72. ChrisP Bacon

    whos the white haired chick?

  73. Beata Lockhart

    He's goth, not a Manson copier...

  74. Crystal Lambert

    The ending is a little confusing. I mean, is michael a vampire who bites the girl, or is it the other way around? Otherwise, it's still pretty cool.

  75. Stephanie Love

    I hope they get their balls sued off.

  76. Stephanie Love

    How many Marilyn Mansons are in this band?

    Clorox Bleach

    Lol. Look up on google the band photos and some look like Wednesday 13, Joey jordison, twiggy Ramirez, Manson and didn't dimebag Darrell had that same confederate flag guitar? Rip offs miw are better

    Emo billy decker Emo

    @rocknroll029749 ikr I love miw

    horror Queen

    +Emo billy decker Emo I like miw too

    Kevin Luper


  77. Amir Kavianpour

    say hello to extremely pitch shifted marilyn manson

  78. Lippy Witch

    ... did i just hear lyrics from marilyn manson in this along with some of the visuals? sigh


    +Lippy Witch Dude. Yeah.....that's pretty fucking bad.

    Clorox Bleach

    Yes this is basically like irresponsible hate anthem -.-

  79. billy Decker

    at least is better then blood on the dance fucking floor

    Bruce Bales

    +billy Decker Barely lol

    Clorox Bleach

    Anything is better than BOTDF. Well maybe not lil Wayne and his crew...

  80. Gustavo Guerrero

    Copia barata de Marilyn Manson

  81. eleven-point-six

    I'm not sure if Michael Vampire would like to read it if someone compares him to Manson but damn...he really rocks that Marilyn Manson look.

  82. tiffy


  83. Emily Kavanagh

    Uhm tf???? Stars and bars guitar

    Kvlt Goat

    It's one of the Dimebag signature guitar models.

  84. Misanthropic-wolf666

    i can see where you guys are getting the whole marilyn manson rip off but this band sounds nothing like him and you're all missing the obvious Wednesday 13 rip offs, the track is still cool though you guys are focusing on the wrong things entirely

  85. bird bird

    I feel like it's a mason rip off :/

    Real MGL

    yea and another whiney emo band

  86. kyle luark

    when I first heard this song I thought it said "I am poison porn"

  87. Tanner Small

    This is just..terrible.

  88. wolfie rawr rawrs

    manson will always be the best

  89. Jonathan Sandoval

    u guys fucked it up....u were so much better back then

  90. Sam Core

    MM copy

  91. Adrian Campuzano

    wtf is doing tim skold there??

  92. Tasha Morgan

    I have liked these guys since they started. I think this is more edgy then the older stuff but I like it.

  93. Lourdes Neipan

    Marilyn Manson? 0.o

  94. John Ballew

    I was there when they filmed this music video. The producer for it is a total dickwad. just sayin'.

  95. V&J FOREVER 666



    @Reptilemaggotcreature 666 Gay

    V&J FOREVER 666


  96. Mick Rob

    Omg, if you want to copy Marilyn Manson, try at least to be half as good .... boooooriiiiing

  97. SoraSkyOfficial

    marilyn manson has a little brother? :D

    Tu Rincón Anime TV

    yeah xD

    Cat Davis

    ikr I thought- "Marilyn Manson wanna be, holy shit"

    Halsey Lover.

    +Cat Davis Jeff the killer wanna be


    Lmao, the first time I saw this years ago the Marilyn Manson esque look threw me off in a really good way. Such a sexy fashion statement if I do say so myself.

    Shadow marie darkwolf

    like holly shit i thought it was manson for a minute wow

  98. Lil_Diablo909

    I think there old shit was the they went poop :(