Vampire Weekend - Young Lion Lyrics

You take your time, Young Lion
You take your time, Young Lion
You take your time, Young Lion
You take your time, Young Lion

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Vampire Weekend Young Lion Comments
  1. Riley Dyer

    love how the piano is slightly out of tune. really adds to the effect!

  2. dietimmarie

    perfect song for my shih tzu (which literally translates to lion)

  3. Randy Butternubs

    This song is kindness

  4. Ornithocowian King

    uncondensed joy in a song

  5. Dan Olive

    Best album of all times for me, pity I have overplayed it so much now. This song still hits hard cos it's the last one on it tho

  6. Burt Gaming

    This sounds like something Teen Suicide would make

  7. Diego Gonzalez

    Ever since I first heard this song (December 2014) it always reminded me of this old kids show I use to watch, “Between the lions”

  8. Yoshi’s Epic adventures

    This song is great!

  9. Nathan Hassall

    If only the music was as good as the album cover.

    Drew Peacock

    Nathan Hassall that's your opinion mate... but the millions of people that have heard their songs might disagree 🤷‍♂️


    talking shite there nathan

    Phoebe FP

    I know you don't care, but this album was voted as the best LP of 2013 by Rolling Stone, NPR, etc. I think it also won the Grammy for best Alt Album of the year. So plenty of people enjoyed and positively reviewed the album. Clearly you're not "getting" it.

    Ornithocowian King

    f*ck you

  10. Alexander Fosler


    Twenty Øne Fall Out Boys Panicking at the Disco

    Alexander Fosler They must have had their phones upside down

    Freal Goat

    I'd beat up the people who disliked

    Commercial Review

    Alexander Fosler the only reason i could see for disliking it is that it so short, other then that the song is perfect.

  11. Funnemuffin

    Why is this so short

    edward westover

    Ryan why does it have to be long? dumb question

    Harry Eichelberger

    actually I believe he asked this because another version is extended play.


    Funnemuffin queen

  12. Strawberry Sodas

    i love it.