Vampire Weekend - This Life Lyrics

Baby, I know pain is as natural as the rain
I just thought it didn't rain in California
Baby, I know love isn't what I thought it was
'Cause I've never known love like this before, oh, yeah

Baby, I know dreams tend to crumble at extremes
I just thought our dream would last a little bit longer
There's a time when every man draws a line down in the sand
We're surviving, we're still living, I'm stronger

You've been cheating on, cheating on me
I've been cheating on, cheating on you
You've been cheating on me
But I've been cheating through this life
And all its suffering
Oh Christ
Am I good for nothing?

Baby, I know hate is always waiting at the gate
I just thought we'd lock the gate when we left in the morning
When I was told that war is how we landed on these shores
I just thought the drums of war beat louder warnings

You've been cheating on, cheating on me
I've been cheating on, cheating on you
You've been cheating on me
But I've been cheating through this life
And all its suffering
Oh Christ
Am I good for nothing?

Baby, I know death probably hasn't happened yet
'Cause I don't remember living life before this
And, darling, our disease is the same one as the trees
Unaware that they've been living in a forest

You've been cheating on, cheating on me
I've been cheating on, cheating on you
You've been cheating on me
But I've been cheating through this life
And all its suffering
Oh Christ
Am I good for nothing?
This life
And all its suffering
Oh Christ
Am I good for nothing?

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Vampire Weekend This Life Comments
  1. Neliane Mesquita

    Uuuuuh 👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Varmando Varuso

    🎶 Me and Julio down by the school yard!!!🎶 ooops wrong song!

  3. Isaac Bobonis

    Who's here after Shameless S10E10?

  4. DudeInABarrel

    wade is vibing

  5. Dini xoxo

    IS THAT MARK RONSON????????????//

  6. neomerge

    I'm here for mr ilovemakonnen

  7. jack o

    Love this song. Just don't understand the lyrics?????

  8. Lelldorin84

    Wade is the Salt of the Earth

  9. Jimi

    Searching for WLR easter eggs? yeah me too

  10. Jon Q

    such a great tune! I love hearing this when it comes on the radio.

  11. Charlton Bolden

    Nice video, guy's!!!!!!!!

  12. Bad Manna

    Little Wings is the driver!!

  13. DJ Donald

    Is the video about him "cheating" on his religion? Is that why he sings, "Oh Christ" several times, even though he is at a Jewish Sedar?

  14. Maria B.

    I'm so happy i found this song and this band! It's exactly what i need at this point of my life.

  15. FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin

    another classic

  16. Carlos Eduardo López Cafaggi

    gr8 song

  17. Muzzy

    This song plays on a 5-hit loop during work. I had the lyrics memorised so googling the title was easy. I listened to one second and the flashback was too strong.

  18. Gerardo Torres

    Peter Rabbit? Anyone?

  19. 챛챛ᄎ

    통통한 에즈라도 너무 귀엽다

  20. Cindy A.

    how tf did jovan mak it into this video LOL

  21. abss

    I'd like to thank the Recording Academy for letting me discover this brilliant album

  22. Anita L

    I loved their concert with the spinning earth globes. My fam loves ya too

  23. 2005sunfire

    Just heard this on the radio for the first time. Amazing flow.

  24. 김규리

    love her face!

  25. Jeffrey Fry

    got to see you guys at @ACL Moody Theater in Austin, TX <3 it, was excellent <3

  26. Heinrich Himmler

    Humanity first guys

  27. Edgar Yeyaro

    Gracias, O'Farrill, gracias

  28. Yamazaki Kentö

    for me this is such a sassy song lol 💖

  29. Carlos C

    Grammy 's Album of the year nominated

  30. Brittney Herrly

    Yeah its my moms car 😂😂😂😂

  31. Mateus Henrique

    Cowboys x patriots FOX bumper music after end 3 quarter

  32. Kathryn Agius

    The people who down voted this song are dead inside.

  33. Mikel Taylor

    I want this band to be bigger than Coldplay.

  34. Paulo Silva

    Very, very fresh song! I've loved it!

  35. Talika Lawrence

    Sooo... is that Tom Hanks? It looks like Tom Hanks disguised as haggard Tom Hanks Assuming not cause no ones comments mention Tom Hanks...

  36. David Amundson

    Sorry...lil tipsy....great song

  37. David Amundson

    Palm springs is not a dessert.....

  38. Helmi Hiday Murpa

    I mean the lyrics kinda pathetic but the tune omg like can i just dance!!!

  39. Helmi Hiday Murpa

    This song making me soooooooooo happy 😍💃🏽

  40. Jukka Sarasti

    They better win the Grammy for this album, or I will be so mildly disappointed

  41. Lisa Shea

    Love this song

  42. Mister Nobody

    Catchy song. Lyric is pretty pop but the last lines make up for it.

  43. #taekook Bts


    Hayden Eric

    How embarrassing

  44. Ruby V

    Palm Springs baby

  45. Giovanni Giorgio

    I like the song but, for someone with VW's track record, this video is utter shit.

  46. Joe Blow

    fuck this zionist piece of shit video

  47. Johannes B

    Is the bearded dude death and the meaning of this video the fact that it will come for all of us after all?

  48. Iban Junior

    Canciones que dan buen rollo.

  49. thatdapperfellow

    Damn, I immediately hate "sweet car, mom" dude.

  50. Trose Skins

    I know who that is. Very funny.

  51. Molly amma life

    Peter rabbit movie 2020

  52. hillary tarus

    I came for that riff!!!!!!

  53. OG NA$A

    This song makes me wants to lose my virginity all over again after 18 years.

  54. James Gadd

    That is great music, love this band!

  55. Jan H Skov

    Fantastic song… It sounds like Van Morrison "Brown Eyed Girl" another great song.

  56. R'Montay Konschuh

    Joe rogan

  57. The moderate Cuber

    me and my dad love this

  58. Jason Day

    You do it better than Matt Costa

  59. Brandon Barbera

    This song was played going to commercial during the 49ers vs Panthers game. Googled the lyrics, and wow what a video.


    Why the hell is this song so GOOD?!!! .... (😑and underrated)

  61. John Beresford

    "This life, and all its suffering" really jumped out at me when I first heard it

  62. Davizito PA

    stop trying to sound like Batmanglij is still in the band... even if you have to cry like pink floyd did for the rest of their carrier but move the fuck on!!!

  63. Davizito PA

    gay people all the fucking way
    we're here for the music, we don't care about the different ways you use your butt for sex!!! booo, gay people, booo!!!

    Hecking Bamboozled

    The fuck is your problem?

    Christian B

    Lol. What

  64. yikes

    When I heard this I got nostalgia of things that haven't even happened to me-

    Vandana Gahir


    Joey Fritz

    This 😁

  65. Amanda Swartz

    I have been loving this song all summer and just heard it featured on youtube for an upcoming movie. I cannot for the life of me remember the movie. HELP!!

  66. Joanna Austin

    My techer had this song on and it reeminds me of my Fave techer I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH💜💜✌️

  67. Neelam Verma

    one of the most melodious and meaningful songs I ever heard

  68. Carlos Filipe

    only 2M ? =(

  69. Alan Meadows

    great band

  70. Joseph Hauser


  71. Charlie M

    Punctured bicycle,
    On the hillside desolate.

  72. Brian Dufty

    I think I see me to.. it's scary..peaches.n Apple. .nice smelling Grandmay kitchen.

  73. mgh griezm

    this life is happy

  74. Jesh GC

    Volvieron <3

  75. qa 988

    this feels like a b-side alex turner would make for alexa chung

  76. Isaac

    what is cheating on someone, really?

    Hecking Bamboozled

    Being romantically involved with someone else while you're in an established relationship. Quit trying to be a pseudo intellectual

  77. Thomas Sowers

    Great song. It's an introspective song that kind of has the melody of brown eyed girl haha

  78. Imre Kiss

    Baby i know pain .. .

  79. David H.

    It just isn't the same without Rostam. They are going in a direction that isn't special. They sound too much like everyone else now. That special glimmer/spark is gone. Their willingness to be different and find unique sounds just vanished the moment Rostam left. So sad..... everything since modern vamps is thank isn't special anymore. Its generic, the lyrics even fell in quality and aren't as unique and the singing style is so plain now. I guess this is them losing Rostam and selling out to the mass song mill of the corporate music industry. Songs that are boring and vanilla to appeal to the masses, a perfect contradiction of themselves. They weren't plain vanilla before, they had sprinkles and a dash of chili in the ice cream and maybe some figs, wierd stuff that they made work with amazing results. RIP Vampire Weekend. You've lost me......

    Hecking Bamboozled

    Sounds like you just aren't used to change. People always say this when someone leaves the band without citing any examples, and it's obnoxious

  80. Isaac Bobonis

    The Good Doctor season 3×03 brought me here. Anybody?

  81. Brianna Martinez


  82. coochie mane

    1:30 fun fact that man is standing in front of the welwood murray cemetery

  83. Gusti Pratama Putera

    Why youtube no have Very very like button

  84. Alina Abril

    I see vampire weekend haven’t lost their touch, just as good as I remember

  85. Craig Laycock

    I was a brain washed believer once. I thought I could drink someones blood and become immortal.;)

  86. John Villeneuve

    Love and enormous respect, Ezra, but I wonder about your response to NewsPunch, one of the most respected news outlets on the planet (besides Breitbart), and today's headline, that "Trump And Putin Vow To Destroy The World".  Where is the NYT and WaPo on this breathtaking news?  NewsPunch has more Pulitzer's and Nobel's and yet the Post & Times are mummy.  Why the silence?  Do my children have a chance against these two rogue maniacs?  So scary!  Ezra, I know that your father was best friends with Mr. Pound's homosexual niece, who betrayed her auntie over the heroin that his friend Arnie was supplying to Bill Burroughs during their tryst in Morocco, whilst practicing their new found ability to destroy animate objects, in this case, a restaurant which they claimed had the worst pancakes in the Middle East, and, inadvertently, they discovered that a whole region of Rabat did not even use kosher dough, which your grandfather, a silentist,  withheld, eventually mortifying your grandmother, a landed Montreal confiseur in the Heights, yet, he remained silent to all others, and took up the cause initiated by the Nazi's against circumspection, which was misread as circumcision and further confused with the idea that whole-wheat served simultaneously with goat's milk, a sin more paramount than dressing up girly or murdering an enemy, would cause penis enlargement.  I don't need to tell you how that bizarre misinformation was received, but it is still important to note that even to this day foreskin, the results of torture and child abuse, is practiced with abandon, if not glee, and there are dozens of reports, especially from NewsPunch, that the remnants of savagery are insinuated in bagels throughout North America, and some European (and Ethiopian) countries.  I thought that five or six years ago you condemned the practice, and suggested that if this barbarism was to continue then heroin would be a remedial, if not, necessary counterpoint to child mutilation similarly inflicted upon young girls who's privates were/are minced daily, and with the same diabolical abandon.  I guess my question, ultimately, is why?  Why stay mute while Trump, Putin and, frankly, some of your relatives are selling the world by the pound?  An Ezra Pound?  In other words, first it's the bits of children , then the whole of the person that, without its presence, there is, I dare say, absolutely no conscious planet.  In essence, no minds, no reality!  A proposition frighteningly defined by NewsPunch.  Their headline, "Trump And Putin Vow To Destroy The World" is not a loose gas made by an inconsiderate roadie.  This is serious, MAN!  What do you intend to do about it?  Besides pithy music videos and tacky appearances on The Academy of Awards?  Do your children hold any relevance in your heart?  Or do the bounds of decorum negate your ability to win prizes and talk about the genitalia of children?  The world is ending, and so far, all I see from you is indifference and self-preservation.  Your grandfather, I am certain, would be crest-fallen, if not disgusted by your complicity in 'The apparition of these faces in the crowd;  Petals on a wet, black bough'.


    What the fuck did I just read? These are the ramblings of someone who has lost touch with reality. Please seek psychological treatment.

  87. DADAMON 99

    Esta mamada de canción ya me está pelando la verga

  88. root Police

    😀 cool song!!!

  89. Brian Garoutte

    This album helped me to realize, I never liked Vampire Weekend, I liked Rostam (Batmanglij) - without hearing this extremely disappointing production by Ezra Koenig and his Vampire Weekend, I never would have found the seemingly endless list of heat that Rostam has continued to produce, from his OG works as Discovery, his Solo work, and fire collaboration with artists like Hamilton Leithauser.

    So Thanks Ezra and “Vampire Weekend” for showing your true colors on FOTB.


    Geeze it's not that bad....

  90. banja

    I love the textures and the lyrics and tbh everything

  91. Octavio Eduardo

    No to the takeover of Palestine, and our Taxes helping them kill innocent people

  92. Ergun Dergun

    Has Ezra always looked like Justin Trudaeu?

  93. 777Comish

    Such a stunning tune with many instrumental layers

  94. bacchante1

    Is it just me, or did anyone else immediately think of Van Morrison's 'Brown Eyed Girl' when they heard the opening guitar?

    Guitar riff aside, they aren't the same song at all and I really like them both -- but I STILL had that strange moment of deja vu.....

  95. Joon Han

    Saw them at life is beautiful they are the besu

  96. Suraj Bhalaik

    I too enjoy this song but can't understand all this hype. Please help me out, considering checking out this band

  97. Todd

    This song is perfect right after Bambina. It's like hope after melancholy

  98. BCFinancials

    Anybody know what kind of straw hat that is or where I can get it?

  99. King Koopa

    There will never be a band as perfect that fills me with joy as much as vampire weekend. Hope to see Ezra and his buds play live soon.