Vampire Weekend - Bambina Lyrics

No time to discuss it
Can't speak when the waves
Reach our house upon the dunes

Time cannot be trusted
When the police come
They always come too soon

Life felt like heaven today
Like a foreign car thoughWe are American-made

I thought I'd probably stay
But before I know, I know

My Christian heart
Cannot withstand
The thundering arena

I'll see you when
The violence ends

For now, ciao ciao

No signs of injustice
No signs but the flames that are filling up the room

But fire cannot be trusted

When the engines come
They always come too soon

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Vampire Weekend Bambina Comments
  1. Ian Pavelko

    Congrats on winning Best Alternative Music Album at the GRAMMYS, Vampire Weekend!

  2. Zombie Guitar

    Sounds like Les Barricades Mystérieuses 😃

  3. Matthew Bouchard this is it live, this is the only song ive been unimpressed live... everything else is fire dont get me wrong

  4. logan thompson

    The best song to day one fans.
    The worst song on THIS record, only because it is the least inspired song.
    Not bad, but it's short for a reason.

  5. Edrei Gonzalez

    Hello my dudes, can someone tell me what this song is about ?

  6. Ron Babu

    My Buddhist heart
    Cannot withstand
    The thundering arena

  7. Teen Boys Group

    Keeley Fischer was born on August 12, 1997.

  8. dg rabbit

    This song is so darn catchy I can't help it. God.

  9. Evert J. Aicrag

    Algun fan de Perú?

  10. J M

    I was not feeling this new album, and then I was hit with this one minute and fourty four second masterpiece

  11. Mary Pat Baxter

    Favorite song on FOTB...

  12. Saúl Justino Prieto Mendoza

    103 seconds of music on fire

  13. Monte8Carlo

    I loveeeee how they did the police siren in the first verse.
    This is one of my top 3 songs from the album x)

  14. Modern Sophia

    what a fantastic song!! So genius, so great! Puts me in a fantastic mood

  15. Wilo Polis

    I love this song but why is it above freaking A Punk on top tracks??? Is it really that famous????

  16. Davy Roger

    Bye Bye Baby Girl

  17. Asaf Alcántara

    Bambina gone too soon.

  18. Lewsha Camille

    how am i this late for this???!!

  19. Aziz Demir

    çok iyi

  20. Aarón Estrada

    Someone knows more songs like this?

  21. Brian Garoutte

    This album helped me to realize, I never liked Vampire Weekend, I liked Rostam (Batmanglij) - without hearing this extremely disappointing production by Ezra Koenig and his Vampire Weekend, I never would have found the seemingly endless list of heat that Rostam has continued to produce, from his OG works as Discovery, his Solo work, and fire collaboration with artists like Hamilton Leithauser.

    So Thanks Ezra and “Vampire Weekend” for showing your true colors on FOTB.

    Lil’ Fetus

    Brian Garoutte he worked on this album a bit

  22. denise v

    One minute and forty-three seconds is too short !

  23. Sam Vitulli

    I'm sorry am I on crack or does this song sound exactly like Domino by Van Morrison??

  24. Count Drainer

    primeiro br aqui fdp

  25. I am Horse

    I was listening to this and my bro called it faggot music. Is this true? Pls help

  26. Nero

    that autotune part puke

  27. Lucas Hellrigl 07

    Q perfeita..

  28. Sam

    This song already holds a special place in my heart. After my first bad breakup I played this song on repeat and it helped me calm down through the anxiety and panic attacks. Whenever I listen to this, it makes me sad and melancholy but calm never the less. I'm back on my feet but whenever I'm getting overwhelmed, I play this and it never fails to ground me. Thank you Vampire weekend for giving me a way to cope

  29. I Do Basketball

    This may be the first time I’ve heard VW use Autotune. It’s really weird.

    Wilo Polis

    Technically Caliornia English used autotune.
    Also I think it still matched their sound pretty well, in their classic fun and kind of weird style

  30. Kaptain Krunch


  31. Patrick Bateman

    la wea mala, es como un trapp

  32. Alex is out

    Playing this on repeat

  33. Micah Delk

    It sounds good but, what's he even saying?

  34. Jared Starks

    This might be my favorite.

  35. Lorelai M

    so good yet so short ):

  36. Chris Victory

    Good band until this stupid lyrics

  37. ItsWill-Z

    Speed in x1.25.

  38. Tiago Melo

    Bambina e Unbearably White são as melhores desse álbum


    Ya me tiene harto los anuncios de Netflix pa alv

  40. Robocopseven


  41. cris crischichito

    We all demand an extended versión of this song.

  42. G G

    I need 4 minutes of this...

  43. Ulfheddin 368


  44. moises guzman

    que xuxa sus voces se escuchan como la maldita conchetumare, tienen autotune hasta pa los peos malditos conchetumares :)

  45. JJ Game

    this song came on in my youtube mix and i thought it was an ad before i looked at the screen

  46. Natalia Carreño

    I want dance 😋

  47. i still love this as much as i did the first time i heard it

  48. Lucas Hellrigl 07

    A melhor do album

  49. UpperlolBruce

    Here before you go big

  50. redskeletonart2

    They opened with this one in Dallas, and now I’m in love with all their music

  51. Jeffrey Fry

    Nice, like the old stuff, but better <3

  52. naya

    can i just say vw are fucking GENIUSES

  53. Wilo Polis

    Such a happy song about commiting mass felony

  54. Erikari

    I was at the concert in Milan yesterday, and let me tell you, that "ciao ciao bambina" was the loudest I've ever heard a crowd scream a t a concert lol.
    they even sang it twice in a row! It was amazing!

    Duc Vu

    So even they know the song is half the length it should be.

  55. slavic putin

    Drinkin roners on the beach : )

  56. Far Out MEMEZ

    who the FUCK disliked this

  57. Aneta Walus

    Is the "Uuuuuuuh to an extent, yeah" not Julian Casablancas!? I can't remember which interview of his it's from.

  58. First Name Last Name

    I REALLY wanted the 2nd verse to say "when the engines come they always go vroom vroom"


    And then the rest of the song is just musical car noises 😂

  59. mykestyle

    Gives me goosebumps every time.

  60. rrCHRISxx

    Missed opportunity... should have extended version.

  61. rrCHRISxx

    Best song

  62. Wilo Polis

    Percussion of Vampire Weekend + Instruments of Contra + Upbeat tone of Modern Vampires

    Edit- After thinking about this for a while, I think the instrumentation is pretty distinguishably FOTB-y.

  63. Renaldo Matadeen

    Need this big and long

  64. Carlo

    Why is this song so cute

  65. Andrew Crocker

    El Fusilado - Chumbawumba?

  66. Wellington Jesus Costa

    Alguém do Brasil 08/06/2019

  67. Wellington Jesus Costa

    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Brazil

  68. Wellington Jesus Costa

    good music 🎵🎶❤️

  69. MrSissyBear

    this song auto plays in my head since the album came out.

  70. Amit Maharjan


  71. Amit Maharjan


  72. G Rohr

    Wish y'all were playing like 2 days later in Seattle and I 100% would have gotten to go.

  73. nightshiftart

    This is the best song on the album

  74. Ted Jones

    You may only listen to this album if you drink horchata in December

  75. Marisa Brown

    Uh, to an extent, yeah

  76. Wilo Polis

    Sounds like a mix of Contra and Modern Vampires of the City

  77. Earl McEarl

    I get a very big “Cecilia” vibe from this. Amazing

  78. banannieable

    What a bop!!!

  79. hexthedog

    Obsessed with that Buckingham-esque guitar riff at 0:19

  80. Kurt Kline

    YouTube will need to replace their replay button pretty soon. It's getting worn out.

  81. Renaldo Matadeen

    When the police come they always come too soon

  82. Joakoo Fer

    Thanks to my girlfriend who showed me this😍

  83. Aleix Browne

    Why so short ;)

  84. Willdemburgo Wallker

    Why does this song give me nostalgia?

  85. Random Blue Toad


  86. Gerard Cruz

    This is too good to be such a short song!!

  87. Mark Anthony Sevillano

    Hearing contra influences here

  88. Matheus Silva

    This one and How Long? Are the best


    Thought I was the only one, both songs are f##king great

  89. Jerkhov

    Feels like a really good Contra b-side

  90. wfd87

    the melody totally reminds me of Weezer

  91. Daynor _

    Que buena bulla oe!!

  92. Valerio Rota

    I can't remember the last time I felt proud of being Italian

  93. Blackstar 76

    Got an instant John Frusciante solo vibe from the verses and guitar work on this. One of the best on the album, why so short!?

  94. cymophanous

    When your fav song from the album is also the shortest... omg :')

  95. DipoPapo

    Es krim Campina!

  96. Jesus Diaz

    Why is dis so short? No no no no

  97. Sophia Anderson

    This fucking slaps