Utada Hikaru - This One (Crying Like A Child) Lyrics

How can I put this I I I
I'm an independent woman, I...
I've been crying like a child
I just wanted you to know the person that I am
More than any other your fans
I would love you for a thousand years
Yours truly

I ain't gonna play it cool
Let me tell you I've tried that
Every day, and every night, your words
Ring through me
Who am I trying to fool, honey I've been living on my own
like Freddy
But I'm still a woman, baby tell me how

How could I ever love another?
How could you say you don't remember?
God knows I'd give anything
For just one more night together
Today I'll miss you more than ever
How could you say you don't remember?
This one's for the happiness I'll be wishing you forever

It's just another Friday night
For you and your accessory (lights)
And there you are before my eyes
Two hours and for fifteen minutes you are here
I don't wanna scream lest I should tear
A whisper in the darkness disappears

We should get back on the road
Like Simon and Garfunkel
Let's get married
You were all the shelter that I need above me
Who am I trying to fool
Honey I've got your ringtone on my
And I won't give a damn if only I knew how

How could I ever love another?
How could you say you don't remember?
God knows I'd give anything
For just one more night together
Today I'll miss you more than ever
How could you say you don't remember?
This one's for the happiness I'll be wishing you forever

You got me crying like a child
Ain't no need for me to lie
A hundred JPEG files fillin' up my hard drive
You got me crying like a child
And the crowd is going wild
This one, this is the one
Come on and give it up

How could I ever love another?
How could you say you don't remember?
God knows I'd give anything
For just one more night together
Today I'll miss you more than ever
How could you say you don't remember?
This one's for the happiness I'll be wishing you forever

How could I ever love another?
How could you say you don't remember?
God knows I'd give anything
For just one more night together
Today I'll miss you more than ever
How could you say you don't remember?
This one's for the happiness I'll be wishing you forever

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Utada Hikaru This One (Crying Like A Child) Comments
  1. ปรีชา สุริยะ


  2. poppe hopkee

    I'm falling in love with you i won't say anything
    Can be anyone who can disturb you
    Better to let her go
    Don't love me anymore, I'll endure
    Can you help me love you
    I ask for compassion
    Don't worry if you don't love each other.
    Let people like me continue to love you.

  3. poppe hopkee

    “Looking at the stars, distant horizon.
    Long wanted to reach half light her way.
    Like the star will never meet.
    I know the star.
    The moon will light up brightly.
    Understand the star
    You know, in front of the moon.
    The stars will light blur
    When the moon without light
    The stars will light up

  4. ภาณุ ชาดา

    2019 ใครยังฟังอยู่ ฟังครั้งแรกตอนนั้นอายุ11ปี ฟังจนวันนี้

    • 1 ชาติที่ผ่านมาウィンリー

    ภาณุ ชาดา เหมือนกันเลยค่ะ

  5. Kyle Smith

    Her voice 😍

  6. จักรกฤษณ์ เจตนา


  7. Brad N.

    Here's to the happiness I'll be wishing you forever...


    2020 ok watashi hoishi

  9. cheesesmiles


  10. Enika Siregar

    Nice song the first i hear



  12. Erika Sharin

    2019 anyone?

  13. tangmo mo


  14. กํานัน หมู


  15. Joel Marpaung

    wew, 2019 but still gold

  16. TANGMO Mo


  17. firestonegraywolf

    Concert on Netflix yall

  18. Brad N.

    How could I ever love another? Here's to the happiness I'll be wishing you forever. Good bye...

  19. Supaksorn Dittenlong


  20. FAH IFH

    2019 ♥

  21. Zen The15

    Whos watch this on 2019?

    It's got to be rare 😁

    JettylinMarie Young

    Me. I just listened to her album. Shes always relevant to me

    phatnitha sipasert


  22. Aom Aomsin

    2019!! 🙋🙋

  23. Fanggg Panwa

    2019 i love this song

  24. Thanaporn Kulthawachsiri

    until 2019

  25. JANENY

    I'm watching this in 2019😝

  26. Nita S.Wishaka.T

    2019 anyone?

  27. Praew Chanapa

    2019 forever 😻

  28. Aya Warasawa

    #2019 still listening to it

  29. Ying Cong

    who is watching this in 2019!

  30. สุกัญญา ตาวงศ์

    09/01/2019 ♡

  31. Yeng Vue

    I am watching this in the year 2018.

  32. Rmad Unlimit


  33. lela

    Man I haven’t heard this in forever and still know every word

  34. Krittawan Jariyatanabenya

    God knows I'll give anything

  35. Kenistar Evans Downey

    You got me cry like a child 😢

  36. Leo ishak

    i love this song so much

  37. luz T. pasco

    First tine- asian mtv

  38. haleigh

    a guy i was really close friends with and kind of fell in love with *always* texted me lyrics to this song. he was a very bad influence and jerk and turned out to be gay. he made me hate this song. 😒

  39. sandiana haendra

    im so sad

  40. Rishi Gera

    22/4/2018 !! <3

  41. Lia Smith

    Honestly the reference to freddoe mercury is really sad. Just because such a talented person died.

  42. Dee Saubhayana

    Amazing Utada song

  43. moss lab

    don't cry ❤2018...

  44. Gerry Vang

    Damn the feel utada is really something

  45. Emmy Ahkim

    ooo this lyric so sad..

  46. Seng Lee

    Crying like a new born!

  47. 황금이의일상

    Whos watch 2018

    Mutation ink WTF

    , hahaha

    naomi pijpers

    @Mutation ink WTF not yet lol

  48. Mimi Noita

    listening this song since 2011when I was living in NYC while I'm walking passing by time square alone with snow falling down & tears on my face..

    Remind me lots of good and bad times.

    Still listening this song and loving it 👍🏻

  49. Kokaioh99

    I don't even get like half of these references but I LOVE this song. "Your ringtone on my Blackberry" is a little bit funny now...


    yep, that didn't age well

  50. Stanford Leeham

    it's euro

  51. Stanford Leeham

    if no doubt then you will be fine. no matter what but if it was not then all the world figure out it up.

  52. mar'itza gtz

    ive always loved this album since it came out. im 26 now and its so wild how this song has more meaning to it now

    Boubakar NIAKATE

    I have the same feelings !!

  53. Anthony Hendra

    perfect illusion

  54. Neo Chen

    I always use this melody to sing Umbrella...

  55. Nutthapol Kuengmaihuy

    Who is watching this in 2017!!!! Put your hands up!!!


    Me too. Sadly the topic is still a current one ...


    Here here

    no name


  56. Min Chan Lee

    How could I ever love another? Today I miss you more than ever...

  57. jpopboy

    it's the modern day version of The Carpenter's song Superstar! Best song on the album...

  58. Haki

    thank you

  59. telephoneribosomemetronome

    Freddie Mercury has a song called, "Living On My Own," for those who don't get the reference. I guess when she mentions Simon and Garfunkel, she's talking about how they started touring again after like, 20 years. You don't really have to get the references to enjoy the song, though. I love how vulnerable the lyrics are.

    o min

    thanks, I thought this song is about her mother or parents.

    Lady Golem

    Yea I didn't understand the reference but I love her voice and that's what makes this song so good. When she said she's alone like Freddy, I thought she was talking about Freddie Kruger lol because that's the only Freddie that I know is alone.

  60. VeNuS2910

    i like the lyrics and the melody. :)

  61. Freddy Liang

    quite amusing listening to a song with my name in it :D

  62. Luis Bravo


  63. msjulicious

    she's like an obssessed fan in this song somehow. maybe the song is about a fan who fell in love and had a relationship with some rock star?

  64. Xiong Richard Sounthala

    Forgive the child don't hurt him

  65. Carrie Bonnett dinglebean

    I love this song, can relate in so many ways

  66. 廣田理子

    it swallowed up the herb tea in the coffee shop
    it coffee shop is very pretty.

  67. 無く敢え

    I 'll be wishing you forever <3 ~

  68. PrincessDarkheart

    For those asking about Freddie, I think she's talking about Freddie Mercury. One quote of hers from an article says ,"you might notice the references I make, to Captain Picard or Freddie Mercury or Winona".

  69. Jaron Wilkinson

    Favorite song from utada.... :)

  70. alaneasable

    sounds vaguely similar to mariah carey. but only a little. more like stylistically for this song.


    aye Kev they are both amazing in their own rights. They honestly are artistically and musically much alike. If you take the time to listen to Mariah’s discography you’d hear how much musicianship she has just like Utada.

    Gejamugam Latsoomanam

    MIMIxAyu can mariah sing Japanese and English,?


    Gejamugam Latsoomanam no, but she can sing in the whistle register which is the highest register. 💁🏼‍♀️

    Gejamugam Latsoomanam

    @MIMIxAyu like she did in new years eve when she got caught lip syncing something utada never does


    Gejamugam Latsoomanam She might have lip synced but gurl is still collecting coin 29 years into her career, and is still selling out doing a WORLD tour. Anyways, Utada has stated that Mariah has influenced her and has even played one of her songs on her radio show for her Mom when she passed. Don’t see what’s the point on hating on another artist just to try and prove whose better. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  71. herry heo

    i will love this song forever

  72. nutcha tonkanyar


  73. CloverChoco

    Dat references. O_O

  74. Zinnirah Nur Addeen

    how can i dont realize that this song exists?oh my,the words are so true so real !

  75. Max Fresquez

    Like how she mentions some of the artists that influenced her in this song.

  76. Zong-auksorn Panyashiab

    That's my life.

  77. ICM Shihaburanukit

    ฟังแล้วจะร้องไห้ T_T

  78. EED F


  79. InNo ZenT

    คนไทยก็ฟัง " T h a i l a n d "

  80. UtadaHikaruFanGirl

    it sucks man lmao being a burn out is alot better i just love smoking grass dog shit man laffing as a burn out to your face period ........

  81. Patcharaphon Suwannajan

    T H A I L A N D ^^"

  82. Viktor Pál

    LOL Japán minek énekel angol számot?

  83. Dimas Apriady

    it's really good song ..

  84. Axecriminal Thomas

    My Father died,and I know this has nothing todo with Fathers but whenever the chorus comes I help but cry......

  85. ช่างนัด รับทําสีแปลงเบรครถยนต์


  86. MyWorldisYourReality

    I love this song so much, but it makes me cry i swear i can feel her pain in this song. I can so relate....amazing artist she is.

  87. Stephen lee

    ugh... love sucks

  88. PiplupNoms

    Damn.....all those memories we had...are coming back D;

  89. Kru Chutima

    เพราะมากเลย :(
    ฟังจนร้องได้เเล้ว ><' ♥

  90. Chris Sullivan

    this song always kills me

  91. MyWorldisYourReality

    :( why utada! who hurt you? you make me cry :'( i love you so much.

  92. Rogue Legacy

    awe this song made me think of my exfiance

  93. kedai Bunga

    bintang mana dah sampai? duk sana teruslah

  94. yanatchara Lad

    แปลความหมายให้ฟัง มั่งสิ

    Teemo on Duty

    ยังอยากรู้ไหม ถามาห้าปีก่อน

  95. amp pawinee

    เพลงนี้ความหมายดีคะ สะท้อนสังคมได้ดี