Utada Hikaru - Poppin' Lyrics


Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey
I wanna see the bottles poppin'
Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey
I wanna see, I wanna see, I wanna see the bottles poppin'

Work our toosh way to the front of the line, the line
Bouncers gonna let us in 'cause we're fine, so fine

Girls, you know we have it better than the boys, uh
Girls, you know we have it better than the boys

Sexy stiletto boots, tight jeans, no panties on
Oops, did I turn you on?
I only came to party, party
Oops, did I turn you on? Did I turn you on? Oops, did I turn you on?
I only came to party, party

Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey
I wanna see the bottles poppin'
Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey
I wanna see, I wanna see, I wanna see the bottles poppin'

See the stars up in the sky, they're all mine, all mine
There's a full moon out tonight
The wolves cry, wolves cry

Girls, you know we have it better than the boys, uh
Girls, you know we have it better than the boys

Sexy stiletto boots, tight jeans, no panties on
Oops, did I turn you on?
I only came to party, party
Oops, did I turn you on? Did I turn you on? Oops, did I turn you on?
I only came to party, party

Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey
I wanna see the bottles poppin'
Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey
I wanna see, I wanna see, I wanna see the bottles poppin'

Yeah, you heard me right
They're all mine, the stars in the sky
But I can share if you like
Would you like that?

Hey, we make the beat go
All night, all night, all night
Hey, I might be crazy but I'm
All right, all right

Work our toosh way to the front of the line (the line)
Bouncers gonna let us in 'cause we're fine (so fine)

Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey
I wanna see the bottles poppin'
Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey (hey), hey
I wanna see, I wanna see, I wanna see the bottles poppin'

I wanna see the bottles poppin'

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Utada Hikaru Poppin' Comments
  1. B Jenkins

    Whenever me and my friends go in road trips we listen to this Album and this is our HYPE song this and automatic pt.2 lol This is a very underrated album I loved every song from it should've done way better than what it did

  2. 大宮さん


  3. Mark Hall

    yes yes

  4. Pookychan Kii

    damn she turn me on..

  5. Edvard Munch

    this is like a sexy pink panther theme song lmao i'm here for it

    Zeke Heling

    lmao there was a track on her first album that my sister said was akin to "a cat walking down a alleyway" lmao.

  6. Agent Paper

    People always bitch when artist change up styles or try something different. Utada is amazing and skilled. Lyrically and vocally, she is a musical Goddess.

  7. Zeke Heling

    This isn't sexy, lmao! It's revolting, grotesque, and with Utada singing it, extremely awkward.

    André Finger

    you realize her Japanese lyrics are just as sexual and direct, right?

    Zeke Heling

    It's not about it being sexual, it's about the fact that it's such a shameless attempt at mimicking the mainstream.

    André Finger

    except it's not?

    Zeke Heling

    She literally went on record saying that with this, her second effort for breaking into the American market, rather than trying to do her own thing and go against the grain of what sells here, she thought conceding to the suggestions of label executives could prove to be a better strategy. Instead of swimming upstream, she decided to follow the school's manner of swimming. Now she did not say so in those exact words, but I do recall reading her expressing the same sentiments in much simpler terms. Now I'm not saying that sense of logic doesn't make sense, especially given that the first album didn't take off as she and everyone else had hoped, but that doesn't mean the product of it all is something to be praised.

    B Jenkins

    @neutral name Exactly this album was extremely good and sounds better than most people we already have in America and if she had been promoted and marketed better she would be huge

  8. pei


  9. The Greek Pianist

    Best singer ever!!!

    yesterday dream

    +JonathansPiano I agreeeee! She is the best singer ever! XD

  10. Casey Vogle

    Utada is everything. I am American and I really, really, really respect her. Her racier songs are sensual, passionate, and provocative. Her innocent songs are pure, emotional, and sugary. I don't think it really matters WHAT she's singing. Everything she does is fantastic. <3 I don't listen to songs like Poppin' and Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence because I want to get my explicit kicks - I listen to them because, like everything else Utada sings, they are absolutely addictive. ^_^ She's beautiful. 

    Hayden Kurosaki

    Absolutely. I would say the same thing about Tippy Toe, and Hotel Lobby -- they are absolutely *addicting songs*, along with everything else in her albums, *especially* Exodus (only in my opinion; I do actually love both of her American albums equally). For Hotel Lobby, I loved the manner of which she hid the taboo theme within the song so much that I actually did a drawing for it and it was one of the six drawings that got me accepted into the College for Creative Studies!! :D

    Linksgrün Versifft

    @Hayden Kurosaki that sounds cool, now I really wanna see that drawing :D

    Hayden Kurosaki

    I'll send a picture of it the next time I go back to my house.


    +Casey Vogle lol She is really good although it shocked me to see her in a live video where she starts off talking japanese and sounds way different and then switches to english when she starts singing and im like O>O thats the same person? XD Also interestingly i didnt know she was born in manhattan

  11. WarriorForChrist85

    She is so Fine and Has The sexist Voice I have ever Heard:) 
    and This song so Hott. 

  12. Mike Medina

    love this song P:

  13. Alexander Tatum

    If anyone is interested, I made a playlist out of this album, go to my channel to see.

  14. KiidAnt18

    this i agree on haha so sexy :D

  15. Suisei

    That voice..omg Hikki <3

  16. guitarist5477

    Great song, can't wait till she comes back from the hiatus

  17. Mia Demaya

    I never thought she`s talk like that but it`s cool

  18. Abbey Kadaby

    Am I the only one obsessed with this song?

  19. beaverboykrunk

    'Tight Jeans no panties on. Opps! Did I turn you on?'

    Yes Utada, you did! You are amazing!

  20. Chase Gran

    This is the worst song on the album, and I still love it. :)

  21. ExpGainz

    i just read your comment at the exact time she started saying that line

  22. Yoshi -TheOreo

    @caramelking0693 Tell me about it. It's like witnessing the inner freak of a female similar to Velma's personality from Scooby-Doo. O.o

  23. ItaloSuave

    Song makes me want to read a book about Feng Shoe eh Feng_shui

  24. Robert Smith

    for ome reason i find this song chilling. i love utada's work, but this seems so wrong

  25. BertieTodd

    i <3 u Utada!!!

  26. E. T.

    whoa... her normal voice is really different from her singing voice o.o ..... AWESOME!!!!! :D

  27. Roderick S.

    This is a sexy,smooth and Jazzy blues sounding song.

  28. AzulEnergy

    People do realize she learned English first, born in New York City, then moved to japan at an early age. So she can do whatever she wants :P

  29. Eva Rivera

    Omfg... People forget she is Japanese-American and has a freaky side to her =.= she isnt a saint lol She is already in her 20s and she has had done "stuff" with her Husband (before breaking up) sooooo She has every right o sing about sex XD Music is a way of expressing. She cant express like this in japan due to culture so we're seeing more of who she is. either way she should still be loved freaky or not her music is amazinggg! I love Utada for what ever music she makes

  30. UltimateNinjaSensai

    this song is so true in so many ways

  31. Lapita Rai

    maximus...... maximus.. the merciful!! yeeeeeaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~

  32. Darcy forbesbox

    @TheManinthemirror25 lol michel jackson new who she was why wouldnt he?

  33. Darcy forbesbox

    i like simple and clean utada not kind of whorish utada but its still ok

  34. Ivory

    XD This is why she is my FAV singer. >< Utada knows how to "POP" it XD

  35. SDAG

    Her English-speaking voice is so silky and sexy. Love it.

  36. ForeverSPremium

    She sounds like a black Christina Ag. She did a nice job on this song. I like her voice when she is talking

  37. PistolPete

    @leonDenzel they just need put one of her songs on the radio

  38. TheManinthemirror25

    Michael Jackson is my favorite male artist. Hikki is my favorite female artist :) Both super talented people with their own style. I'm sure if he knew about her, he would have loved her music. Hikki has all the rythm and beats down, plus the singing talent, and she's original.

  39. leonDenzel

    ugh. it upsets me how is isn't super famous in the US.

  40. number9711

    @NiceeGuyz Plus Utada's not a transvestite lol and gaga sucks. oh! and ur coment here is the same thing as mentioning Justin.B on a screamo bands comments list lmao

  41. japanesechica41

    this song is the bomb! utada hikaru ftw!<3

  42. DrunkJesus

    Utada im shocked

  43. frankie jay ponds

    She's so friggin diverse lol. Four thumbs up

  44. Jacob Morrison

    I could really see a music video to this. "Bouncers gonna let us in coz we're fine." At the second part, the bouncer doesn't let them in coz they're fine, coz the bouncer's gay... But she has a gay friend with her, and he's fineee :D

  45. Kitri

    HEY, hey, HEY, hey, HEY, hey HEY
    hehehe, love that part :P
    Wow, she sounds so hot :O Wonder what the music video would turn out :P

  46. xonlyxjojox

    i love her!!!!

  47. SuperUtada

    I love it when she says "YES!" in the beginning of the song. So sexy!

  48. Archived Account

    "Would you like that" That sounded like something you would hear in a James Bond movie, well, only she could make it sound so sexy

  49. PoeticVampire04

    I love this album because of all the fun she had with it. "In my fantasies I love you long time." in Dirty Desire makes me laugh everytime so does her little "Ooops! Did I turn you on? I just came to party party"

  50. PoeticVampire04

    You can hear various genre influences in all her music. I've always catagorized her as Japanese R&B because of how soulful she is. Plus she does not sound anything like Japanese Pop which you hear alot in things like Dance Dance Revolution and various anime.

  51. captain derp

    wna hve sex

  52. Clover

    the filters on her voice in parts of this song remind me of christina agulera the back to basics album.

    oh also has anyone noticed how she puts the accent on "the" in a lot of her songs on this album? I think she puts the strong upboat on the word 'the' a lot. Kinda weird. like" THE line" instead of "the LINE"

  53. ellooellooo

    Hikki said she'd incorporated a lot of humour into this album ... I love that she managed to do it while making a good song to just listen to, too. "Oops! Did I turn you on?" Heh.

  54. Kiwi

    I love how she kinda moved into R&b

  55. caramelking0693

    LOL WOAHHH i would never expect a song like this from Utada

  56. ReilaalieЯ

    gaaaah right on!!!

  57. Rica Kutchik

    lmao true true :P

  58. ReilaalieЯ

    gaaaaah thankyou! besides, she's hot by herself...well she could have me xD jk jk

  59. ReilaalieЯ

    lmao yeah xD

  60. Rica Kutchik

    lol i agree utadas got way too much talent she could up with something greater then wayne and t-pain together and thats not even saying anything cuz look how far shes gotten already ;)

  61. ReilaalieЯ

    how bouts no....well maybe xD he's ok i guess

  62. ReilaalieЯ

    gaaaah i love this song! especially the part leading up to the "oops did i turn you on?" xD so reminds me of myself!

  63. ReilaalieЯ

    fuck no! utada with those losers!!!!! hell no! especially not that damn little wayne! fuck that!

  64. Lina Beep

    wth like this song

  65. jutsigirl

    that is so trueee ^_^

  66. SawaneeKimbirli

    it's not the sound that's bad...it's the words in the songs....the messages

  67. candace658

    It's because of different cultural expectations that are given to artists in japan and america. The cute "innocent girl" look is very popular in japan, because it portrays a submissive girl that men can dominate and women can emulate. In America it's about the girl being sexy and not afraid to be more aggresive (in a romantic/sexual way) towards men. Again desirable roles for american boys/girls

    It's the different cultures we have grown up with and what is popular to the demographic crowd.

  68. dreamingWisdom

    lol Had a bit of an English accent when she said that too.

  69. cecillbill

    My first comment seems to have caused misunderstanding b/c of the way I worded it. What I said was in response to ppl complaining that these songs don't sound like typical Hikki, hence my asking why they feel she MUST always 'do Hikki.' I don't see anything wrong with her English albums, and love the songs This One, Apple & Cinnamon and On & On.

  70. rhesuger

    lol true......ok soo she not a crazy PARTY girl but she has 2 do a little bit of somethin anytime she writes a song like dis 1,and i know 4 a fact she likes 2 drink,lol 1 interview she was talkin bout her favorite beverages like valka,and how she pasted out n woke up wit a missin tooth,soo n my book shes a lil bit of both,a "PARTY" and "NERDY" girl.....but its cool,I love how "down to earth" she is.

  71. cecillbill

    Maybe's she's just having fun or trying to make a club banger for the heck of it, lol.

    This may not be your fav Hikki, but support ya gurl so she can keep making the Hikki music you like and experiments like this one...

  72. cecillbill

    Ah, why does Hikki always have to 'do Hikki'? Why can't she experiment with her sound, even if it doesn't go over well? Keep doing the same thing and you get typecast, hence ppl here thinking she's trying too hard and going to far from herself...

  73. Goofy Danja

    The Name of the album is called "This Is The One"

  74. rhesuger

    Remember guys she is kind of a party girl,judgin by her interviews,lol

  75. BingTiddleTiddleBong

    You can hear her singing "I'm acting crazy but I'm alright" at 2:41.

  76. foxinsocks506

    Her ex-husband, Kiriya Kazuaki, was 15 years her senior and directed several of her music videos (Traveling, Sakura Drops, Deep River, and others). You are right though, they did break up because their jobs led to a lack of communication between the two. They divorced in 2007 after 4 1/2 years of marriage.

  77. Lucid Letters

    It's true! That's why she used to call it the 'Austen song' I think. I could see this doing well in clubs, it's different from what you normally hear, and very danceable.

  78. BingTiddleTiddleBong

    Tarantino-ish song, it is a totally her own genre tho; hottastic repetipop - She is so versatile, she is not a person who just make songs like "Colors."

    5 / 5

  79. spark

    i can see how utadas fav american melodies have been influencing her music
    personally,i love her jp music more than this...but i see how she wants to start her own genre.
    not just some jp hit star makin a show as an international...like come on guys, this is how we rock in Japan.understood? thats how it was for her 1st american single..i forget the title...X_X but i loove her unique ideas toward musiq..
    i hope theres alot more american fans since the debut of tito

  80. jon judd

    Ahhh, my favorite line in this song.


    Utada hos stolen my heart.

  81. Celine Tran

    i want the album NOW!!!

  82. Megan Thorrild

    yeah she does! anyway, utada's such a cutie ^^

  83. SarahNicholle IonePlace

    Ahh I see, Well that's better than her leaving him to be with a girl i don't think she would do that, but i can see them getting a divorce because of that..thanks for the input..maybe,lol

  84. skailevia

    LOL. this song's pretty clever, actually.

  85. DBHxgiga92

    not bad!

  86. SarahNicholle IonePlace

    What? I'm pretty sure that's a rumor, I don't know the exact reason behind their divorce, but I'm pretty sure it was the husband that broke it off (I don't know his name).

  87. lunaretic3

    they're saying she got divorced because she realized she likes girls.

  88. Hollowhispers

    her low voice is sooo sexy.
    but when her soprano voice comes up, i keep getting reminded by her japanese music. lol. it sounds a bit out of placed... maybe it's something i have to get used to.

  89. Shia Matsumari

    thiss is just greatt!
    lovee hikki forever!!

  90. justingamemaster

    i like her japanese music much better.

  91. inoout

    i like the pics...

  92. vannie88hellyeah

    lol it does sound like a song for a secret agent show.

  93. katislazy

    Sexy secret agent Utada. ;]

  94. mcluva420

    omg no way, girls dun have it better than the guys -.-
    anyways, this album is wayy better than i thought it would be, i may consider buying it :D