Utada Hikaru - Me Muero Lyrics

Everyday in my life's in shambles
It's easy, took the love away
I got nothing left to gamble
I've thrown it all away

Now and then I'm suicidal
Flirting with a new temptation
Happiness inside a bottle is what I need today
Oh my lover's gone away, gone to Istanbul
Light as a feather
I lie in my bed and flip through TV channels
Eating Godiva
I'm smoking my days away reading old emails
In my old pajamas
What a day, me muero, muero, muero

Loneliness makes its arrival
Depression starts to settle in
Try to go where no one'll write her
And do some crazy thing


It's the good stuff, oh my lover
Smoking, I'm smoking my days away
What a day, me muero, muero, muero
What a day

Gone away...yeah
Doctor, doctor
You give me my lover
Oh yeah
Oh my lover
Gone, gone away
My lover, gone away
What a day, me muero, muero, muero

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Utada Hikaru Me Muero Comments
  1. Jovany Delgado

    I love this song, it relates to me... Mexicano identity. "Im mexican'.

  2. Corey Parker

    laws how did I get here she a beast

  3. Nnedix

    <3 One of my favorite songs on this album.

  4. Astrid López

    yo tambien me muero amoo tu musica utadaaaa!!!! eres la mejor!!!

  5. yague123

    theres something sexy about this song

  6. A Wusa

    the best track on the album :D hikaru is so cute