Urban, Keith - Even The Stars Fall 4 U Lyrics

I couldn't bring myself to take you home, I got you out here all along
And even this old truck of mine, is staying right here tonight
Yeah those fireflies in the field, they gotta know the way I feel
Out the corner of my eye, did you see that?

Every star up in the sky, has got your name on it tonight
And they don't stand a chance like I know I don't
Girl, you can't tell me that you can't see, the kind of spell you put on me
You gotta know just what you do, even the stars fall for you

Even the stars fall for you
So, make a wish and make it fast, I just want this thing to last
'Cause heaven knows I'm falling hard, and I'm not the only one


I never counted on your touch, making me want you so much

I never dreamed that your sweet lips could make me feel like this


Even the stars fall for you

Even the stars fall for you

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Urban, Keith Even The Stars Fall 4 U Comments
  1. Shirley Rael


  2. Ethan Lewis

    this song represents a girl a like so much but don't have confidence to ask her out

  3. Kayla Schulz

    Feels like a monsoon when you're gone

  4. Kayla Schulz

    Hole in my heart

  5. Kayla Schulz


  6. Scott Tulley

    one of favourite songs

  7. GARY Paul Simon SHAW

    Best song on the album

  8. Lenchy Nely


  9. Al Huggins

    yeah, i know for a fact that they actually do fall 4 U. i've seen them and i get a lot of their whispers every time you appear. the song doesn't mention that you're an angel though, so i'll just add it in there... you're an angel!!!!! :):)

  10. Nick Stern

    A+. Period.

  11. forestjk

    Amazing, im in jersey and listen to country, this is good. To be good at country you need to sing about open highway, fireflies, crickets, anything sweeet.


    but it has to sound good, like randy houser running out of moonlight is great. keith urban is the best country singer thogh

  12. Maybe It Isn't Me

    He should do a whole CD with Butch Walker writing and producing this song proves they are a great team.