UnoTheActivist - Glad You're Back (Ashanti) Lyrics

(I'll be right by your side)
(I'll be right by your side)
(I'll be right by your side) I wrote this motherfucker very good you know what I'm sayin'
Today we gon' slow things down a little bit
(Even through the hardest times) Uno, I killed it

Welcome back, I gotta watch my back, baby
I won't lack, thinkin' bout these sacks, baby
Sell my sack, I won't sell my sack, baby
I'm alright, I ain't gon' call you back, baby

It's my day, I won't turn my back, baby
Are you deaf? I ain't turn my back, baby
Sack, and I'm goin sack crazy
Exact, I think I'm exact, yeah
Call my friend, I wanna fuck from the back, yeah
And I'm amazing, that's why you always comin' back to me, yeah
I'm hopping and jump in the bed
I finally got me a check
She come in, I tell em who starin'
My ear on her heart, I can hear it
I'm thinkin' this love we could share
Let's see how it happen wit' her
I'm ridin' her back like a carriage
She singin' like Mariah Carey

(I'll be right by your side)
(Even through the hardest times)
(I'll be right by your side)
(Even through the hardest times) Uno, I killed it

Got you back, glad to have you back baby
Think 'bout that, [?]
Glad you cracked, I was goin' crazy for you
Have my back, know I got your back baby

I'm TheAct but, no, it ain't no actin' me
Matter of fact, yeah, I think I might crash it, baby
Sad to say, I'ma end up as a castaway
Sometimes I wonder how long will you gon' last, baby

(I' your s.. even..hardest times...)
Sometimes I wonder how long will you gon' last, baby
Sometimes I wonder how long will you gon' last, baby
I just need you to make it through all these tragedies
The Act' in me, I was gettin' through these tragedies
I know we gon last baby, yeah, you are forever

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UnoTheActivist Glad You're Back (Ashanti) Comments
  1. Tiffany I wanna be a star

    I love this song 🔥🔥🔥 and the Ashanti sample ... don’t ever let me go , one of her before murder inc songs

  2. Kane Cortez

    Uno tha GOAT

  3. Metro Lego

    sounding like gunna

    Cat Slow

    ya bro,completly agree with you,but its also fire

  4. Flippant Booch

    The production outdid the artist forsure

  5. Con

    im an uno fan and think this is not good. obviously a good beat but he just did not go in lol. sounds off

  6. ATrvXx Productions

    i chopped and screwed this.

  7. mrgreen42

    Uno Uno Uno Uno Uno Uno Uno Uno Uno Uno

  8. Playboicarti

    the snippet sounds like it’s in a higher pitch by a little bit. if someone could do that, this might sound better


    Playboicarti ima try it out

  9. Omarion Haywood

    been waitinnnggggg

  10. Åłäñ ëåtš Åšš

    Everything about this vibes from the actual song to the picture

  11. Jarrod AR

    How does this only have 12 dislikes you can't understand a word foo is saying

  12. bloodyrojo

    if you just want the beat, instrumental on my page <3

    Cash OverClout

    Good shit bro 💪

  13. cozy

    bro its crazy you either hate this or you think it’s beautiful and i personally think this shit is fucking other dimensional dawg

  14. joto bert

    I might just turn into a castaway 🦋🔥

  15. mrghostman

    musical genius

  16. Marcos Antonio

    This needs a lucki verse asap

  17. Lamar g

    I'm glad you did that uno ... U no you been was supposed to kill that sound .... Good shit
    Young Figaro

  18. Ian Hurff

    Fuckkk bro 💧

  19. bobby trill

    Uno the activist is about to emerge into the next autotunee legend and half the world aint readyy

  20. Tyler D

    dam this a 1 take luv u uno

  21. somethingsick

    Y’all dumb asf for hatin... like wtf y’all got goin on?

  22. mrlean30

    Where can I find the beat ?

  23. darien hutchinson

    This picture is so nostalgic

  24. Zelcey

    Anybody hating on this song aint know shit about music.... This beat is so good that it doesnt matter how hard uno goes. Fire as fuck. Period.

  25. anthony blackshire

    Uno kinda hurt my feeling wainting for Dis its not what I thought but unique beat

  26. Seh Sizzny

    This shit ass he has no bars AT ALL, straight fuckin mumble

  27. Faraz khalid

    To everyone who don’t like this are y’all deaf 💀


    I swear 😂

  28. KJ Powell

    He dropped my shit😢😢😢😢😢😊

  29. 187 boochie

    Where is the instrumental ?????????


    i got it on my page

  30. Money Miles

    song is beautiful

  31. CamZoo

    him and are awsome artist but they never formulated a specific sound to set them apart from all there contemporarys

  32. Tokyo

    Finna put this on repeat and clap some buns

  33. T. Hill

    This shit so beautiful

  34. Kevin in Sales

    Oh my god this shit might be the hardest song so far in 2019 . All genres

  35. لمعان

    I legitimately felt a tear coming down my eye when i first heard this. Simply, beautiful.

  36. TheKKCody0824

    Who produced this gem❓💎🔥

  37. DuWan Jr

    I’m confused to why y’all trippin lol this shit fye 🤷🏾‍♂️🔥

  38. Black Diamond

    What is the sample original from ashanti ?


    Black Diamond Shine by Ashanti is the sample

    Tiffany I wanna be a star

    Don’t ever let me go ... one of Ashanti’s before murder inc songs

  39. Collin Rivers

    This is so fire, like you don’t even understand...

  40. Real Baller

    This beat😧🤦🏾‍♂️👌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    i got it

    Antonio Suchil

    @bloodyrojo how g where

  41. Alasia Humber

    Been waiting on this and it's finally here. He never disappoints

  42. McCrain George

    this has to be my favourite uno song to this fucking date

  43. Kevin in Sales

    Uno on future ass


    Sou do Brasil, estamos ouvindo você aqui.

  45. OfficialKMILLY

    You actually need to be FADED AF to listen to this. Not for the sober hearted!

    Rodolfo Jimenez

    Kameal Ahmed TBH

  46. PAQ_Killa

    I threw up listening to this 🔥🤢🔥

  47. cloutkidnick!

    he finally dropped it lmaoooo lets goooooooooooo

  48. Kvsh Sinatra

    Not wasted straight vibe💯

  49. a 554

    this sample fire what is it called

    Tiffany I wanna be a star

    a 554 Ashanti don’t ever let me go

  50. Stack daddy

    Uno so damn underrated it’s crazy

  51. WWE Fanatic

    this is pretty trash smh

  52. Playboii Mason

    Man he’s my boii, but he trynna sound like lil Wayne on this and I don’t like it ..

  53. Charles Kirote

    this is so trash.

  54. josee rojas

    Would never talk down on uno still slaps if you vibe with it just listen

  55. Kenny Cole

    Fck! wat they Talkin bout G this shit dope Uno U-no💪🏽💯💯❤

  56. CitzaMatza

    ashanti !!! much love

  57. Zuriel Love


  58. Koolkidbrrr

    Low key a waste of a beat

  59. Kendre Jenkins


  60. awwoctobrr


  61. ByronBeatz

    This song needs a Cole Bennet video 🔥


    uno will blow up if he does that with this song

    Mr Filch

    he got one with no future instead

  62. dom 123

    Spaceghostpurrp type beat

  63. loner

    it's aight but Ik for a fact that he could of killed this shit

  64. Regis Habimana

    his hat look photoshopped


    Regis Habimana lmfao

    Sic Semper

    lol i cannt unsee that shit now

  65. Kano 26

    This shit hard yall can stfu

  66. BigMacWitCheez

    So much potential, but like Wale said, potential is just another word for "ain't did shit". This should've been a lot better than what it was; the beat is FIRE but the vocals unfortunately don't add up


    RoseGoldSoldier Fr this song a vibe, type shit to listen to when you high asf

    Okay Cool

    Yeah you barely understand what he's saying on this song


    @John from Tennessee Its not the lyrics that's the issue, I dont listen to unotheactivist for his lyricism. It's the pitches in his voice that arent resonating very well with the beat. I majored in music performance in college as well, so I'm pretty sure on my take on this.

    Kenny Morales

    @BigMacWitCheez watch out everyone
    he was a music major


    @Kenny Morales Don't be jealous. You'd feel the same way if somebody tried to tell you that you basically dont know how to explain something you went to school to be able to explain.

  67. Mac McGrady

    Ive been waiting

  68. xDEF14x’re better than this....gotta re do the song....should have killed this

    312 312

    xDEF14x fax!


    ik it sounds like he not trying


    If you knew what he was saying you would think otherwise....

  69. Clean

    Straight garbo

  70. Romello 20

    🦹🏾‍♂️🦹🏾‍♂️😈 dumb 🔥

  71. TheLastShot

    Needed showstopper not this.

  72. alvigap

    Shine > Ashanti

    Tiffany I wanna be a star

    alvigap wrong it’s one of her before murder inc songs .... don’t ever let me go

  73. Cgp 3


  74. 999 ABYSS 999

    Idk, but regardless Uno still 🔥💯

  75. xWeak

    sorry but this is ass

  76. will54

    Waste of a beautiful beat you could of done better


    Well im sure it was a throwaway so he didn't really care


    Thats pretty sad considering his current career status


    @will54 well hes doing pretty good still tbh

  77. Juhm!r

    He actually dropped dis 🥵

  78. Skillzy

    Listen to Ski Mask ft. Uno - Stunt! and tell me that Uno is bad at rapping. I would love to hear more songs like Stunt! from him...


    forreal he killed that shit i aint expect him to go that hard


    he shows glimpses of his rap on some of his melodic songs

    Brandon Elias

    Famous Dex & Uno The Activist - Hold Up, he doesn't rap a fuck ton but that flow he got is fuckin gnarly

  79. swoog

    every rapper n prod will b playing guitars n all sorts of other instruments in the future

  80. rip t

    Such a hard beat wasted

  81. ✰ VT ✡︎ sh¥neboivt ☪︎

    We need get that now

  82. ClarityGolden

    Lol snapped. This beat is crazy and Uno always experiments with shit.

  83. 312 312

    his voice sounds off key smh track ruined

    312 312

    L C imma give it few more listens but ngl if the auto tune was there this track really woulda hit wayyy better


    U can barely hear his voice


    Look at his track shine and conpare it to this

    Linc Struggl3

    UR off key


    That's true but if you listen to this a couple times you get used to it

  84. Adam Andino

    We need Brooke’s interlude pt 2


    Its already being made i believe

    Yung Mud

    @cash_rey uno n brooke not together anymore so it's not happening


    @Yung Mud uno said on a ig post after they were over " the only girl i ever loved moved on, should i throw on the fisherman hat and say fuck it, or make a mixtape about it"

    Zero Cen

    when he say this?


    @Zero Cen on February 18 of this year

  85. Sly Blu

    #20KCommentGang lol

  86. Hoodrich Slat

    We gone around our kids in the future

  87. Rell Gosha

    lets get this on the chartsssssssssssss

  88. Danny Jay

    Snippet > actual song

    Kyle 400

    Giorgio cartier I honestly think this is a good ass song, Uno could’ve went harder on this track especially with this beat, but at least he didn’t do too much. this a 7.5/10 to me

    Jameer TheDonProphet

    Boy u ugly as fuckith


    I swear all the snippets be better than songs he droppin

    Giorgio cartier

    @Clean on God

  89. Danny Jay

    The day *Perfect Plug* or Uno, Fauni, & Lucki are verified is the day I can actually rest in paradise


    M B I’m talm bout ig, I don’t really fuck wit Twitter


    Uno been verified

    Åłäñ ëåtš Åšš

    薬物 S A L T I V A still verified, don’t matter where kinda how being “verified” don’t matter ... he’s already on


    Alan Doran tf are you talking about? I’m just pointing out the fact that he ain’t verified on insta nigga


    薬物 S A L T I V A Twitter be funny asf

  90. Åłäñ ëåtš Åšš

    🎼Ooooouuuuu Damnn!!!🐳🥶

  91. flackoSMG James

    Was feening for this shit now that I got it I’m addicted