UnoTheActivist - As A Young Boy Lyrics

(Ayy, let me hear that ho, Jeff)

Yeah, yeah, ooh, yeah, what, yeah
Ooh, yeah, what, yeah, ooh, yeah
Started, started, ooh, started
(Uno, I killed it)

Started up on the block as a young boy
All of my diamonds they jumpin' for joy
I'ma play 'round with the stick, no joy
Baby eat me like a Almond Joy
If you write me the check, then it better not void
UnoTheAct, AKA Troy
I'm in the back of the Maybach with forties galore
Little boy better go back and get shell and the sword
The way the light hit, all my diamonds shine green and red
That's your bitch, well how I hop in her bed?
They not on no light, it's dead (ooh)
I'm in the kitchen, I'm cookin' the stir-fry, I feel like Pharrell
My bitch is a vegan, she only eat kale
Fuck up the beat, I'm pissin' all on it, R. Kelly
My main bitch like Rocko, we ain't goin' steady
I'm sippin' the Act, it's somethin' like auntie
I'm sippin' too much, I get a bit aggy
That Draco spit fire, it turn into a dragon
Forgetting my name, they callin' me handsome
I came in the game, pickin' out addies
Gon' peel off the top of your brain like it's gravity
Makin' your body fall just like the apple
Ooh, it's the Yung Shyne, you dig?
I'm talkin' ho after ho in the dick
I'm talkin' hole after hole in the head
My favorite color purple, I feel like Preme
I need a turban, I flooded again
The bullets inserted, she lookin' for prints
That ain't me, it ain't no trace, you dig?

Yeah, we out of here, nigga
Man I left the prints where I shot your stupid ass
Bitch, dig?
Nigga, he fuckin' with me ,then he dead
Uh, I'm a lion in the den
You turned your back on me then you're dead, uh
All of the things that I did, uh
I am so light, use a head, yeah
Sprinkle the cheese on your head
Money sit on my whole body, it's spread
When I die all of my seed will inherit, ooh
Diamonds jawbreakers like Ed
Need a jawbreaker like Ed, Edd, and Eddy
I get the kicks, I feel like Eddie
Told all my kids to come when I'm ready

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UnoTheActivist As A Young Boy Comments
  1. YZZY

    this is the hardest song of all times

  2. 500subswith No videos challenge

    When he said alatalkathahoeanahead I felt that

  3. and I opp

    Playboi carti kind of beat

  4. Diaryof anebonyqueen

    My shit🔥🔥👌🏼ilove this song

  5. Prod. Yvngfanta

    I want the 808

  6. RoShy Beats

    Not a fan of beats without melodies cause rappers cant rap for shit but uno killed this shit!

  7. dylan dubez

    killin it son

  8. Stacy Adams

    This fuckin beat just take over yo whole mindset

  9. POLO RU

    If Uno Didn’t Split From ASAP He Would’ve Blown Up

  10. Curlie Beats

    Carti flow

  11. T Poppy

    Dude mixtapes go hard

  12. AirForce Rambo

    I heard this shit on February 13th when it had 20k.

  13. Lord Tli

    Shout out to the fans who been rocking with my brother since I Doubt It

  14. Adrian Aguilar

    how does this vid under 500k? tf. people really blind to talent

  15. Twizz The Whiz Kid

    "Im'ma play 'round with the stick, no joy".

  16. Sayan Andrews

    cant belive mans is stil slept on

  17. metro

    he was hitting the woah first no cap

  18. recs

    No wonder Carti and Uno are related

  19. Sergio1503714 Big goofy


  20. Tyreek Jones


  21. Killbadmilo


  22. Sebastian Carreon

    what jacket is uno wearing

  23. TRA8WAVY

    Started started started

  24. Citygreensboy

    He got the experience of 5 famous rappers but still works on the come up, when will people recognize uno as the dope boi he is?

  25. DONI42

    He gonna blow up soon

  26. Derr!ck

  27. Sayan Andrews

    ayy leme hear that hoe jeff

  28. Tre' Brewster

    This beat hard asf

  29. vCompCartier -


  30. XXX •


  31. A E M O Ç Ã O S E F O I

    Copia o Derek não ,pussy
    He copied Uma bala by Derek

  32. Stephon Reid

    So Playboi Carti?!?!? 😂😂😂

  33. Sayan Andrews

    ifanyone knows what hes saying ill pay ypou everything

    Lil Boat


  34. Sayan Andrews

    whats better this or feeling like jumpman

  35. copperpalms


  36. Killa BAngBAng

    This beat wacc af and it sound like the rest of those trash ass no melody fruity loop 3 ass drum kit beats Jeff and Splurge cook up. This wave will end and a year from now y'all will call this shit the trash that it is. If you're reading this I hope you have a awesome 2019🚫🧢

  37. Red Greninja

    I just preed the last part of the lyrics... wow

  38. Black night

    That beat🤟🏽🥵

  39. JucheGang

    Thank you for saving rap music! Mr. TheActivist!

    Killa BAngBAng

    If HE saved it....who fucced it up???

  40. kuoz

    Some one out this on audiomack 😂💯

  41. Thomas Acid

    Drop that Kick Damnnn

  42. Soulja Ian

    Looking like First Day Out Sosa

  43. Dillon Bradford

    It’s interesting to me how people sleep different. I sleep on my side, my girl sleep on her back, the rest of the world sleeps on uno

    BIG PG dripset

    Dillon Bradford underrated ass comment


    Dillon Bradford this should be top comment

  44. Linc Struggl3

    Beat by Jeff 🧙🏾‍♂️☄️😈

  45. First name Last name


  46. Dan Greenhalgh

    great tune

  47. Viper Deuce

    He could be saying anything ....the beat makes this song amazing 😂😂😂

  48. Bay Morter

    Play it 1.25 speed

  49. Marvin Danier

    bass to hard

  50. 96 Bread


  51. believe

    Вот такую бы одноклассницу я бы за косички подергал🤠👍


    uno he killed it

  53. jordan *

    uno stay biting.

  54. O Lk


  55. Jay DAGoat

    he k-killed that junk

  56. yvng. Rickey

    Here b4 500k ?

  57. Donald Drumpf

    Wow. He stole this style from Selena

  58. Nectanebo II

    Uno needs just collab with better producers. He need Pierre. That’s the only difference between him n carti


    Jeff is hard af tho

  59. kilo tha kidd

    Aye fuck wit me on SoundCloud I’m kilothakidd 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍

  60. johnmunoz18

    Uno and Carti are cousins

  61. Lamar Dizzle

    If playboi cardi and yung bans had a kid

    Abdul Hamid

    Lamar Dizzle yung bans would be carti and faunis offspring


    bro i heard uno is carti's cousin

    ✰ VT ✡︎ sh¥neboivt ☪︎

    u look like a fucking goofy , dumbass nigga , carti sound like uno , and they cousins clown

  62. JAYR_G

    This is literally playboycarti


    JAYR_G Uno is carti's cousin

  63. Playboi Keeg’s

    Uno and cardi are both good idk who stole this and that they both make good music

    X 567

    TRIPPIE BOI fans just mad because carti made hits with the flow but uno cant seem to make even 1... its uno fault he aint as big as carti...

  64. Francisco Davis

    Originator of this style

  65. andrewcg1337

    uno uno uno

  66. Neckashi 69

    Better then carti tbh

  67. jackson gilliam

    The most underrated rapper out right now

  68. Psychedelic Hip Hop


  69. Brayo V

    Don’t like the beat

  70. Wreck Vibezz

    I just had sabra

  71. Enrique Julien

    Stealing playboi carti flow and gunna flow L

    Meta Finals

    Enrique Julien nice try


    how can he steal different flows in one song stfu

  72. teko D crazy

    So did he too carti shit or carti took his?


    teko D crazy Carti took his

  73. Marcus Newby

    better then gunna

    Killa BAngBAng


  74. alejandro alvarez

    This shit amazing🔥🔥🔥

  75. Yung Dior

    Turnt ya back on me, u dead...

  76. Jon Gerty

    This song was so LIT!!! Its like you can create FIRE where ever you GO!

    Hows that bush tho?

  77. khadafi degruy

    Uno never disappoint

  78. King Kemo

    I always be gettin lit to dis song on ma soul dis one of ma favs

  79. Syntax AVA

    This nigga raps in braile

  80. ii Mulaa


  81. Davion Givens


  82. big ralph

    just heard dis at his show n this shit fye

  83. nameless

    Don’t sleep on him you’ll regret it

  84. KxmmxrI

    Like if uno better than carti

  85. Just Yuji

    Splurge type beat 😂

  86. Jamie Foxx



    lil world 😂💯

  87. MetatronGroove

    yo thought this kid was gonna be on point with a name like that. nah

    Meta Finals

    MetatronGroove sleep

  88. Jaysten

    We Need Another Carti And Uno Or Trippie And Uno

  89. 0G Mikah

    Do a collab with lil wop

  90. B The Slime Lord

    Ngl I know the producer made this bih in like 3 mins 💀

  91. skatevictom

    They want a beat by jeff they wanna be me

  92. eli 90

    This should be at be at 10 mil views. Rap music can't blow like the same it use to be.