Unguided, The - The Worst Day (Revisited) Lyrics

Speeding down memory lane
I find a lot of grudges to be held
But a few ripe enough to let go
She hailed like a storm wind
I hardly knew what hit me
My heart was taken hostage
And then it's just illusory

We all know there's no happy ending
Only a varied haul before the bad one
Sometimes you have to lose everything to find yourself

May the bridges that I burn
Light the way on this nameless road
We passed the point of no return
And watched the worst day unfold

How's life treating you?

Undeniably better than you ever did
For once I'm just going to call it for what it was
A futile dream stuffed with naivety
Built on pillars of lies and egoism
You had your reason, I had my pride
And with my pride I soldier on

May the bridges that I burn
Light the way on this nameless road
We passed the point of no return
And watched the worst day unfold

We are not fooling anyone
We are both going to burn in hell
I will book the furnace next to you
And we can argue for eternity
Whoever mistreated who the most
Since there's a dispute on the matter

May the bridges that I burn
Light the way on this nameless road
We passed the point of no return
And watched the worst day unfold
And I would let you of the hook
But it's such a complex hook
Better be leaving on the road
Never ask which way I took

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Unguided, The The Worst Day (Revisited) Comments
  1. Nemo the Fallen Angel

    A fallen angel to usurp lucifer and make things right for humanity again. Revenge amd vengeance i see

  2. Michael Bitzer

    I always wanna play world of warcraft when I See these lyric videos

  3. Nemo the Fallen Angel

    so theres a fallen angel that they are singing about that seeks to rewrite the balance of darkness? curiosity sparks in this one...

  4. hank augustine

    Fallen angels in human form seeking redemption as well? Let us hope.

  5. Virtuous Leper

    this video deserves millions of views ...

  6. Warrant AWOL

    A masterpiece but now without Roland, I'm kissing goodbye to the unguided.

  7. ChopChan

    This song is extremely heartfelt to me. I can't help my eyes watering listening to this masterpiece...

  8. MadCatzLover

    Great song and astounding art, im just so impressed by the art of this video!!!

  9. Brady

    unguided with breakdowns? Awesome breakdowns at that! Nice!

  10. Miki

    Fucking Epic!!!

  11. Emy Lopez

    great fuckin song! but remember me to as i lay dying 😕

  12. NeedForSpin

    Who's making such a badass lyrics Videos??

  13. Virtuous Leper

    who made the art? it is incredible

    fist full of anchovies

    for real, an entire lyric video centered around the cover and its more entertaining than alot of music videos

  14. RoseOfHizaki

    Caliban has a song that sounds similar to this on their new album.

  15. Metal Addicted

    My favorite song by The Unguided \m/\m/

  16. Quillion

    I like how they combind both ways realy. I do love both styles. and would find it a bad thing if they lost eather style relay. Songs like My escape Affliction and encaged was and is to this day some of my favorites. How they keep on like this as Unguided. I hope they never stop mixing both ways together.

  17. A Dark Reminder

    I have no problem with hash vocals, but I really hate the ones in this band, which is a shame considering how good everything else is.

  18. Thai Corralo Vigo

    Man this is even better than old Sonic. This album and Adept's new one have made my month lml

  19. Rob

    Why does it feel like that song should be longer? I was jamming on that!

  20. ultrarandom

    Really want to pre-order the album but it's so expensive after conversions to get it in my country (since I can't get the US one). I'd pre-order a digital one but don't use itunes so that's useless to me.

  21. Ljungan


  22. Flam3zSW

    Gotta love this track <3

  23. David Rocha

    fuck...this is good!

  24. Manofwar9431

    0.0 I like it

  25. Jonny Wu


  26. Brady

    Nice, sounds spot on . Man his clean vocals are the best in the game !!!!

  27. Omertahun

    Scar Symmetry facebook sent me here

  28. MrChaoticRabbit

    Good music but the lyrics are kinda disappointing :/

    Levi Everaerts

    +MrChaoticRabbit Funny you should say that, I love the new lyrical style. Much more straight-forward than constant fantasy metaphors.


    That's fine too. It's a bit too straightforward for me but to each their own. Still love the way it sounds so I'll enjoy it no matter what! :P

  29. Unguided Reaper

    Eh. This was okay. I don't know why they'd wanna sound like Sonic Syndicate. A little disappointing after all the great music they've made.

  30. Alex dith

    Oh my god, that intro..........

  31. negative creep

    I'm fucking sure iv heard this before can't remember which 1000 bands though

  32. Stone WarcraftTV

    From Fallen Angels - Sonic Syndicate I've been a huge fan of these guys for many reasons. They were one of the first bands to properly mash symphonic metal with an awesome duel vocalist style that still carried a great story/chorus etc.

    The same demons Richard and Roland sang about then, they'll wage battle with once again, closing some doors open and other portals closed. I truly hope if you enjoy their music please take the time to pre-order their album, they're doing a lot of cool bundles with shirts and posters + truthfully the views on youtube aren't nearly paying out what these guys deserve. I know we can wait hours from their release and find everything on the web, but by helping them out, you're making it more likely they'll have even more music in our hands sooner.

    Alright thanks for anyone who cares for these guys as I do,
    -can't wait for my pre-order! \m/ hope to see you tour USA!

    Alex Sharp

    sadly they won't be touring the US. Richard said so himself

    Stone WarcraftTV

    Yeah well Richard is just one 1 part of an entire band, I'm not saying they will come to US but I also like to remain open minded about the idea, because regardless of how big some of these Metal Bands are like Sabaton/Amon Amarth Recently, their trips to USA bring in a lot of $ from the merch and  tickets soldout at every show. These guys aren't exactly swimming in cash and I would like them as  a fan to get their worth. I love their music but it's volumes are being ripped apart by so many bands that don't nearly half their talent!  That's why I want everyone of these assholes who live on youtube to simply find an album they like and order it and of course pre-order the new one that's going to kick a lot of ass

    Alex Sharp

    +Twitch.tv Stone_Solid lol I understand what you're saying. I'll be pre-ordering mine soon. I'm just going off of what Richard himself said and that was a US Tour would not be an economically smart decision.

    Stone WarcraftTV

    Not individually it wouldn't be, They need to Tour with someone that has a bigger name in the states. Then people will drive home from the show going ape shit about the band they never heard of before "The Unguided" just to go home and spread the word and get these get on grid. It's happened that way with Amaranthe - I've seen videos go from 200k views to 2-3 million just in this year from their tour. Bands on fire now. I love music and I also love when bands don't endure economic hardships so that they can comfortably produce music or possibly invest into a nice music video "Like Inception" I love the artwork and school text, but that's not going to give justice to some of the other works of art they've created, especially the music we've yet to listen to! I want my boys to enjoy what they do and make a killing at it! They're the one band I'm counting on to not bite into this radio/media bullshit in terms of how they're music is made and the way it sounds!

  33. Mhesp

    the screams is so good

  34. Tholfend

    Hitted the like button before loaded the video................... I knew its gonna be fucking great!

  35. Jonasnator

    awesome song! can't wait for the new album

  36. Bloodhorror

    Damn awesome song, keep up the good work!

  37. Anatoliy Bekerman

    Aaing song

  38. Chris Box

    This was sick Roland's cleans on point

  39. Draxthos

    Sounds like Old Sonic Syndicate

  40. Gree#.

    hope to see you guys soon in germany :) this album will be so awesome ! so much feeling behind every single sound //616

  41. Patrik Farkas

    cant wait new album

  42. Jeremiah F

    This song is excellent! I can't wait for this album to be release! \m/

  43. ZapTersZ! (I_x!

    Gran tema!!!!!! y gracias por dejar la letra xD

  44. Stefanus Midget

    im going to buy this album so bad :3

  45. MarkSamurai5

    Brian Storm, Austin Dickey, and jared dines should cover this song!

    William W

    MarkSamurai5 They're not good enough to do that. None of them have an operatic voice like Roland.


    +Metal Lover but I can see them do the uncleans though.

  46. JoxeOAlgo

    This is PERFECT

  47. sombretoy

    This is the way You should go guys: great video, great art, great music.

  48. 6Nightmare6Sandro6

    ¡Joder tío! que puta pasada xP

  49. Brian Richard

    Amazing song \,,/

  50. Владимир Луньков

    Атмосфера в песне классная!

  51. Максим Сюткин

    Почему клип выглядит как титры?

    Vento Alati

    +Максим Сюткин потому что это не клип, а Lyric video

    Максим Сюткин

    @Nightfalllol спасибо, что разьяснил.

  52. Tech-Priest Marcus

    the art gives off a warhammer 40,000 vibe

  53. akane171

    Can't freaking wait for the new album!

  54. Jow Kame

    omg, it's happening

  55. ZedKah


  56. Dr. Unfähig

    omg so sick :D <3
    cant wait for the whole album!!

  57. Minato Hadj Aissa

    OMG! i was waiting u since long time to make something sound like Eden Fire, Finaly
    i'm so happy love u guys <3

  58. Ross McVay

    Brutal . . . I need no further Christmas presents . . . Cannot wait for the Album to drop \m/ \m/

  59. vasilis vks

    freaking awesome

  60. schimmel2

    sounds better than the last album, harder^^

  61. Fabian R

    Even if the song is great and I will buy the album anyway...I miss the heavier Unguided like "Pathfinder' or 'Betrayer Of The Code' :s


    +Fabian R (Mercenary) This is only one song from their upcoming album, I'm sure that they made something with heavier sounds. In their blogs they often talked about the diversity of the new songs, yet all have a destinct 'Unguided' sound. :)

  62. Sean Antley


  63. SaW

    Brilliant... can't wait for the Album... this one might be the greatest Album of them so far!!! So much Power!!

  64. Егор Стеценко

    I feel notes of metalcore or it simple seems for me?


    +Егор Стеценко true, sounds a little like Chelsea Grin

    Levi Everaerts

    +Егор Стеценко The Unguided is a Swedish modern melodic death metal band...which means they will have a slight hint of American metalcore in their music by default, because that's just how that genre rolls these days.

    Lord Hedon

    +Егор Стеценко it leans in that direction. partly because metalcore was heavily influenced by swedish melodeath, but this sounds like melodeath that's been influenced by metalcore. funny how that works. They really remind me of Scar Symmetry who've sounded like this for a long ass time now and always got filed as melodeath instead of metalcore.


    +Егор Стеценко

    Swedish Melodeath is basicly where the modern more riff based style of metalcore were born from... so by default you have the key element there.

    At The Gates and that era of "gothenburg metal" is something bands such as Unearth, Diecast and It Dies today embraced highly and started incorporate in their hardcore driven songs :)!

  65. Alfadas fire


  66. Shower Power

    Not bad, but In my mind not as awesome as "Collaps my Dreams".

  67. Godof

    Please, someone make it in 8-bit O_O

  68. Brad Barnhardt

    Seriously napalm records all you have is screamo? I see subscribing was a mistake...

    vasilis vks

    +Brad Barnhardt napalm records has literally no screamo band.this aint no screamo this is modern melodeath ,screamo is a pretty rare genre

    Beard Banging

    +vasilis vks melo... what?

    vasilis vks

    @Beard Banging modern melodic death metal...

    Kimmo Toivari

    I'm having same opinion as Vasili. This isn't screamo, not even close. Modern melodic death metal

    Agustín Exequiel

    +Brad Barnhardt go, and listen to Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber, you are free to choose

  69. Alex Nab

    супер )

    Artemy E.

    +Alex Nab (Алексей Набережный) отличный трек, скорее всего альбом будет таким же! с:

  70. F metalhead

    You may hate me but i hear some Core in this single and yes old Sonic Syndicate vibes too love it so much and dat breakdown is super catchy 2:00

    Levi Everaerts

    +Youtubecore bands It's Swedish modern melodic death metal, that genre always went hand-in-hand with metalcore...The Unguided just managed to hide it really well until now (which isn't a bad thing, this is the best song I've heard from them so far)

    Lord Hedon

    +Levi Everaerts well yeah, metalcore pretty much started with english and american bands taking At the Gates and Carcass riffs and throwing hardcore breakdowns and more gallops in. Then the "emo" type clean vocals which I'm less than fond of (I have no issue with clean singing in general, but I prefer the more traditional metal style) but a lot of the swedish melodeath bands did add clean vocals as well, and I'm not sure whether they did it before or after metalcore really picked up, but In Flames and Soilwork in particular had really prominent cleans in their later work.

    This reminds me most of Scar Symmetry (who Sonic Syndicate also always reminded me of) who are a band I love and the've been doing this sort of style for quite some time now and definitely leaned towards metalcore without quite being metalcore.

    comparisons to other bands or quibbling over genre aside, this shit is on point. Really enjoying the music.


    It's a thin line that's kinda important to some people (like me). Nobody ever understands why I draw that line. :)

  71. Jean-Pascal Dubois

    Awesome as always :)

  72. Nick O

    So sick.

  73. Martin Csomós

    The whole song is awesome, one thing to note ( maybe just for myself ), the vocals could have been a little bit louder, still i love you guys, keep up the good work!

    Levi Everaerts

    +Martin Csomós I agree, the other song has the same problem, which tells me the entire album is mixed like that. Oh well, better this than brickwalling everything like Fleshgod Apocalypse xD

  74. Jan Maděra

    Absolutely rad!

  75. Sh0cklyz

    Old Sonic Syndicate vibe, love it!


    @Skumbag Entertainment yeah i know, he left dba right before they became famous


    @Gorgon Ops
    I like old and new Sonic Syndicate as well! :)

    Metalhead Sabaton

    +Gorgon Ops 1 million ways better😆

    Josh Buchanan

    The first three albums by sonic syndicate correspond with the first three by the unguided. The song names give it away. And the first by the unguided was written as a sequel to the first by sonic syndicate. I cant remember which member stated it but one of the band members did.

  76. Vermillion

    Love it, the guitars could be a bit more complex and interesting, but it's a great song and you actually hear the guitars pretty loud over the keyboard which is something I hoped for :)

  77. MercyfulBates

    Love it from first listen! Can't wait to get the new album!

  78. Xeepher

    Awesome :)

  79. Artem ARIAN

    so many Rich

  80. GuyBE15

    Can't wait for the album to be released!

    Shadow of Intent

    +GuyBE15 yes, i just heard the song and it's amazing!

    fist full of anchovies

    GuyBE15 it already was fyi :)

  81. Leshiy 133


  82. Wally


  83. Benji. B.

    something new but you stick to your style...and it is just great!! :D

  84. eVILDonnerbalken

    all aboard the hype train!!

  85. Maximus Lord

    I wait the Mercy :D

  86. krosser

    The hype! The hype is real!

  87. Anatoli Yozov

    Not 1st but still close!

  88. devlopitem

    FUCK YES !

  89. CAGaleFilms

    Awesome! cant wait for the new album!


    I am surprised. I prefer much heavier songs but this is catchy af. Great lyrics and melodies. Can't wait to listen an entire album!