Unguided, The - Nighttaker Lyrics

All I know is that you don't
Brawl your demons and defeat them
No, you fight them…
You fight them every single day
For the rest of your life
You live and breathe them

My time is coming
But yours is now
Walk in my footsteps
Son, all is yours

I always pull my weight
(I pull hers too)
And I walk the walk just straight
(The route is true)
But we're taking turns to lead
(Two minds, one soul)
And we're taking turns to bleed
There is no maker
Except the Nighttaker

He's been silent far too long
Heaven's heart, what is wrong?
It kind of makes you wonder
Are you even watching now?
Is this something you'll allow?
I hear the distant thunder

Darkness is surrounding me
It has indeed returned
But I gave the world their heir
Who will walk in my light
Feel the peace
Touch the stillness
Lay down your arms
(There's) nothing to fear…

I always pull my weight
(I pull hers too)
And I walk the walk just straight
(The route is true)
But we're taking turns to lead
(Two minds, one soul)
And we're taking turns to bleed
There is no maker
Except the Nighttaker

Neither (is a) peacemaker
Just distorters of the world

I always pull my weight
I walk the walk just straight
We're taking turns to lead
We're taking turns to bleed

I always pull my weight
(I pull hers too)
And I walk the walk just straight
(The route is true)
But we're taking turns to lead
(Two minds, one soul)
And we're taking turns to bleed
There is no maker…

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Unguided, The Nighttaker Comments
  1. Colin McCormick

    I love the chorus to this song!

  2. Leshga Bes

    всё-таки это мужики

  3. A.B. Zaman

    Got a glimpse of Roland... In case anyone one missed...

  4. FightN

    They cant strive for pefection on each song, its bad for them

  5. Adam Jensen

    Jonathan Thorpenberg looks just like my buddy no joke lmao

  6. Adam Jensen

    I fucking love Sonic Syndicate and this is just like it!

  7. don R

    Really like the new singer gives band better sound imo

  8. Justin Crouch

    This song hits home. Hardcore. The very opening about not brawling your demons and beating them is a very truthful thing. I have severe PTSD. And this song is literally one of the only ones I've heard that hits the nail on the head that well. I'm impressed. Great song.

  9. Adam Jensen

    This one sounds a lot like Sonic Syndicate so that's pretty cool

  10. Nick Walker

    Thumbnail is really similar to Asking Alexandria's Black.
    I think they compliment one another pretty well.

  11. Jordan Palmer

    By the time I discovered The Unguided, Roland had left. It felt like Sonic Syndicate all over again, but I'm glad to see that The Unguided still has a great sound. Roland being gone is a real downer, but I do like this new singer.

  12. kazinnn

    my song ! Brasil

  13. Warrant AWOL

    Wow replacing Roland for Justin Beiber? LOL 😝

  14. chase peterson

    First time hearing this band. Do they have any good songs without the screamy guy? That kind of singing kind of ruins it for me


    Well then you have to search further. He's the founder of this band :)

  15. TheTempestLive

    the band is awesome... except for the spazz

  16. Ngatimin Inc.

    1:50 best part for headbangers

  17. Black Pearl

    Brasil alguém?

  18. СвамиЛёхич

    У Jonathan слабоват голос, экстрим- вокал тащит.

  19. Squall GamerX

    This kinda reminds me of dead by april :)


    Or is it the opposite?

    ritam niyogi

    DBA DIFFERENT RHYTHM Better cleans and uncleans

  20. Alex C

    Awesome vocals! Found this song on Spotify a couple months ago

  21. Destrauk

    Unguided we were! Unguided we'll be!

  22. Raygne Corrêa

    Algum Br?

  23. Александр Титов

    Блэт! Где Роланд ска?! Без него групка ля малолетки 2000ных!

  24. Daniel Kitchka

    where's Roland????

  25. Dr. Love

    Is this PUKEmetal ? Cause its only thing i want to do right now !

  26. Felicia Oj

    I have Jonathan in music in The school!!👌💖 he's best

  27. Josivaldo Nascimento

    Essa música é muito foda

  28. Vicktor M

    This voice so clean,and that awesome!!!!!

  29. HaVeK0101

    This song is addictive.

  30. Reid Garwin

    Holy shit, I like this guys voice

  31. Ivynovic

    I've just realized 2:34 seems like https://youtu.be/lo8lA673A5Y?t=181 , and that's pretty cool

  32. Matts Dallaire

    That part when Roland Johansson vanishes forever at 3:00 is bone chilling...

  33. The Dorchaidhe

    I really hope Roland is happy with his family. His presence will be missed in The Unguided but I respect the hell out of him for putting family first. I really hope Jonathan can you a flicker to Roland and The Unguided continues to be amazing and blow me away.

  34. Velocity CredVII

    I like thr nrw guy voice it makes it more intersting with thr guy that screams and thrn you got the new guy ans hes clean voice mix with other stuff

  35. Mader Media

    You know, when I first heard Jonathan in this song, I was bummed because once again an amazing band (Sonic being the last time this happened) that Roland was apart of gets a new singer then, in the case of Sonic Syndicate, pop bitch shows up and changes everything... So then comes the awesome band The Unguided... Even though I am a huge fan of how well Roland and Richard sound together I am going to say something...

    I am really enjoying this song, Jonathan really does suite the style and I am sure they will go far.

    Just hope they dont SS it or even worse would be 3DG it...

  36. Lunar Gem

    I Love this band! I want an electric guitar sooo bad!

  37. Some Nobody

    I got here from fanfiction... noice

  38. Андрей Громов

    эт чё за хрен такой новый? предудущий вокалист был намного круче. а это не пойми что

  39. Matthieu Lafleur Deschamps

    I never heard of this band before... and I read about a singer that left and got replaced.
    I can't pronounce myself on this, but I know their music is rock-solid and addictive.
    Good job, got a new fan here :)

  40. Nestor Sifuentes Aguirre

    if richard had been the one to be replaced by another i would have REALLY gotten mad

  41. Chad M

    sounds like a better version of like what In Flames is doing right now (see? Battles can be done right) also reminds me of Sonic Syndicate with the members, I wonder why I stopped listening- (instantly remembers Confessions) oh yeah....

  42. Susan Waddle

    The Unguided are a Swedish Melodic Death Metal Band whose debut album was released in 2010 and they formed their band in 2009, now they are more of a Metal band than a Death Metal Band. The Unguided released ‘And The Battle Royale’ on Napalm Records on 10 November 2017, which has the song “Nighttaker” as track #07, written by Richard Sjunnesson. The Unguided Band Members in 2017 were: Roger Sjunnesson- Rhythm Guitars, Richard Sjunnesson- Harsh Vocals & Lyric Writing, Henric Liljesand- Bassist, Jonathan Thorpenberg- Lead Guitar & Clean Vocals, Richard Schill- Drums. Miscellaneous Staff: Pontus Hjelm- Producer(Keyboards), Dino Medanhodzic- Producer & Recording & Mixing & Mastering, Richard Sjunnesson- Art Direction, Kuang Hong- Cover Art, Gustavo Sazes- Layout. “Nighttaker” is a awesome song and The Unguided are a rockin’ band! Hell Yeahhh!!🎸😎🤘🏻-Moderator-🤘🏻😎🎸

  43. Dandre Hawkins

    Roland at 3:04.

    You’re welcome.

  44. Đuro Razbojnik

    Well what else is he gonna be with those beautiful vocals than Swedish <3 brilliant ^^

  45. RandomUser221

    Sonic Syndicate veterans cameos:
    Roland @ 01:30, 03:01
    [email protected] 02:33

    alex benedict

    i was wondering who that drummer was! TY!

  46. Artur Textel

    Super kawałek

  47. My Diligent Future

    Cool futuristic riffs. It's also our passion. If your interested come by for some fast melodic trance/pop death metal.

  48. metalslugmasters

    Why this video lacks of creativity? A copy paste from the video of the band Faithful Darkness. Not to blame the band.

  49. Thras Stefanidis

    3:10 pewds?

  50. Maxi Aguirre

    very gay

  51. Jonathan Schmidt

    Don't like the production. Sounds really sterile, not unlike the most modern metal productions. But the song itself is nice. The new singer could use a bit more power, but I'm sure that will come over time.

  52. inika565




  53. Jei Cynth

    So I noticed Roland... Did they also change drummers or is that the old SS drummer?

    Jei Cynth

    Did my research, that looks like the old SS drummer in 2nd half

    Jei Cynth

    Also, old SS heads will recognize this sounds similar to one of the SS tracks.... Different chorus of course.

  54. SpacePills

    After listening to Clouds In Retreat EP (Jonathan Thorpenbergs old thing from 2014) I'm looking forward to their new album even more already

  55. Nick Schmidt

    Someone wanna tell me why the drummer turned into someone else

  56. Adam Stewart

    Very novel way of showing lineup changes. They even give the old drummer a segment as well.

  57. ImDeath

    Im absolutly in love with this kid's voice. Time to take another ride on the Unguided train!

  58. Mark Williams

    This new singer is excellent! I liked the previous vocalist but hey at least it's this guy now! I look forward to more from them! :)

  59. Unguided Reaper

    I love you guys I really do. But the new song you dropped is what Dead By April did. The original lead singer is either kicked out or leaves then the actual musical talent parts of the music slowly get edged out for electronically enhanced beats. If anything you should've tried to get Jimmy from Dead By April. He was and still is pretty damn amazing as a singer.

  60. Crimson oak

    Fucking love this track. Ugh

  61. InnerCell87

    Why the Hell is Roland at second 0.35 shown in the video and then the other guy? makes no sence to me ^^

  62. The Andy

    for all the people saying "where is roland?" he is in the music video ;)

  63. Cody Sam

    I love it!!! Sounds like the band "The Stranded" but I still love it! 😍

  64. Raspotnik

    What the hell...

  65. Dandy Prime

    Henric looks so much like PewDiePie; and the band is from Sweden. GO FIGURE!

  66. Valhalla Awaits

    Men wear beards not mascara...

  67. HanziDrownable

    Ladies and Gentz!The Sonic Syndicate is reborned here!

  68. Vic Vill

    This is fire

  69. Staubfänger / Ghost:Drum

    hey pretty oke :)

  70. Joey C

    new vocalist sounds great.


    i always support them since they left Sonic Syndicate, Now Roland is gone... hope new guy in the block will give us a hell yeah voice to match Roland vocal...keep up guys..all the best..from Malaysia

  72. Vince Kramer

    Fucking awesome! New favorite band.

  73. koval jpn

    why in this video is different drummer?LoL

  74. connorism69

    He nailed that chorus... As good as anything Roland ever pumped out. Good stuff!

  75. Slightly Sour

    wow the new vocalist is amazing :O

  76. Steven Cadick

    Holy Shit! I almost didnt even recognize Roger!!

  77. lee kelley

    like everyone else o was shocked and got a bit emotional as well when ronald switched like "who the fuck are you!? where ronald go?!?!?!" but the new guy is awesome. he did a dam good job and I found the vid amazing. the transition to introduce Johnathan was perfect. instead of us listening and finding out randomly they used this to move into the new guy. plus having ronald in it to rock out 1 last time just brought more connection to the vid and song. give it a chance guys.

  78. Unchannel

    Where can i find a free download ?

  79. Nuba Revoredo

    How many times have I smashed the repeat buttom?

  80. therapmetalhero

    I want to be a DJ & do a heavy metal/hard rock DJ set so I am wondering if The Unguided will let me use their music for a vlog type video & for my DJ mix for bars, nightclubs, wedding events, etc.

  81. Komachi Urazawa

    Hi, I was wondering if they would let me use their music for a video? Thank you

  82. David Echeverri

    Roland will be missed alot but im glad they found someone talented and he sounds really good but I do miss the good old sonic syndicate Eden fire only inhuman and love and other disasters are the best albums to this day sonic syndicate will never be the same....but the unguided in the other hand are doing what sonic syndicate should of done good for them!

  83. Metalistforlife

    This guy kinda gives them a little periphery vibe - he reminds me of nolly a little bit....and I mean that in a good way.

  84. azathoz

    I'm vey sad with Roland's departure, and specially his voice will be very missed. Hope we can see him involved with the band or in new projects, and be able to hear again his amazing voice. He's one of my favorite metal singers. Good luck man!

  85. Angel's Slayer

    It's so nice that John and Roland appear in this video, but I still think that Jonathan's voice is a little bit too soft, could be more rough... but nevertheless that guy is talented

  86. Primarch Hyperion Aton

    please Roland return,this new guy is as good as bullshit

  87. Rubilacxe

    Roland seems to like to quit often i guess.. well the voice still rocks lmao

  88. Fearstrike Fear

    he have good voice talent but he is not Roland but still song pretty well

  89. tyrantxreborn

    lol youtube has this listed as night stalker lol wtf?

  90. Alacard0malley

    Roland defined your sound. That is all.

  91. Kelgoroth

    I love that song!

  92. Gorith

    Wait when did they travel to the wingcommander universe and recruit maniac as the new vocalist?

  93. paulina solano


  94. Николай Опольнов

    Мдааааааааааааааа ... по какой причине разрабы игр , не создают под такие песни и звучания , клипы игр .... дегранты комерчиские ...!

  95. Ray LAbuen

    So i hope im not the only one to notice but roland is in the video for a hot second at 2:40

  96. Dean Peters

    i like it, i like it alot