Unguided, The - Heartseeker Lyrics

You can search a lifetime for true love
If you find it
Do you have what it takes to conduct and keep it?
Having you was a gift
As much as it was a curse
A burden that now has run its course

You went completely postal in the sanctum of my heart
I regret that I allowed you in at all

Did I always say the right things wrong?
All questions I had, left unanswered
Do good things ever come to those who wait?
Or do they just wait forever?

Sometimes you need to pause life and get out
To check if you're on the right train
I guess that's what you did?
When the fat lady finally sang
The worst part was not to lose true love
The worst part was to lose my best friend

I'll be another stone in that heavy backpack of yours
And you'll forever be the one that got away

Did I always say the right things wrong?
All questions I had, left unanswered
Do good things ever come to those who wait?
Or do they just wait forever?

Forever looks awfully much like 4 years
4 years, 3 months and 9 days to be more precise
Now you know kids

Did I always say the right things wrong?
All questions I had, left unanswered
Do good things ever come to those who wait?
Or do they just wait forever?
Got to be who you are in this world
Never walk out on your own story
But if you ever need me again
You know that I'll be, I'll be around

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Unguided, The Heartseeker Comments
  1. G Dyan

    Is that true that Sweden also suffer from wrong immigration policy? Don't waste that beautiful country people... greetings from Armenia

  2. Tuco Ramirez

    Песняк заебись, а вот клип шляпный, про стремную алкашиху и дрищевого дрища-терпилу

  3. Marluce ambrozini

    Brasil amuuuuu

  4. FightN

    you all go back to same thought

  5. MushMe

    Mark zuckerberg

  6. FightN

    fuck facebook

  7. Киборг Бо Меха

    What name actors ? Man plz and Women


    Cat Casino & Emelie Ohlsson

  8. FightN

    Worse than Depressive black metal?

  9. Patriota

    Is that a Male or Female? xD

    γιαννης διονυσιου

    is a guy,he looks like marylin manson

  10. D'jéffix

    putend set beaux jai sur kiffer vives le metale

  11. Hunter18489

    Beautiful song, with an equally beautiful message. :) <3

  12. Dusty Smith

    What a cheesy as video. Dont date people with problems. There...problem solved.

  13. Mrs. V Hedlund

    You brought me home when everything was lost. when I had faced the dangers of streets at night. You were there when the doctors told me the cursing news. You were there to see me smiling everyday. But you weren't there when I tried to leave this world behind. You'll forever be the one who got away... Lost my true love. Lost my best friend. 7 Dec 17 here until forever, Pollo.

  14. Mrs. V Hedlund

    I suffer from depresion, anxiety, self harm, suicide attempts and even lived on the streets. My man took care of me for a year until I hurt him and left . This video made me cry a lot

  15. Gerry Saracco

    Really powerful song and video.

  16. The Truth

    Roland has been a very underrated metal singer he`s entire career sadly.


    Who underrated him lol

  17. VirusEffect X & CuddlyeffectXD

    That's awesome 😊 I like the ending.

  18. Filip Karlsson

    Don't think many people have noticed but at 2:42 you can see Henric, the bassist of the band with i presume his family. :P

  19. RAVEN 1971 EDWARDS

    Amazing group and heart breaking and heart warming. Dont give up

  20. SuperKawaiiChannel

    That girl - looks 90% like my ex girlfriend that realised she actually wants to be back with her ex boyfriend after a year of relationship with me... I promised myself I will never ever spend anything on girl from the start... I have wasted $$$$ on her, and she just decided she is going to be with her ex boyfriend... Every time I watch this video it pierces my heart...

  21. Destrauk

    "Forever looks awfully much like 4 years. 4 years, 3 months and 9 days to be more precise
    Now you know kids" Is this how long it was untill Rolands departure from the band?

  22. Evgenia Sushkova

    Aww so cute

  23. Dreamer Hyper

    The IKEA satchels are friggin' on point! xD

  24. Guillaume Sluisdom

    first time in my life that i've shed a tear on a metal video .what's wrong with me? A heartwarmingly beautiful video

  25. Goral XX-6

    400000 views <3

  26. Brian Griffin

    Anxiety easily curable? Bullshit

  27. Lunar Gem

    0:58 I have anxiety, and depression, and I was prescribed like 5 different medicines, one at a time and they didn't help, they actually made it worse.

  28. Lunar Gem

    I Love how The Unguided has messages in their music videos!

  29. Jess Teubner

    About what is this Video exaclty? I associate this with borderline too cuz it very sadly reflects my life except that im not homeless 💔💔💔


    It's not about being homeless. It's about mental health and how the stigma of it needs to end.

  30. MarioPeloful

    I am also for the rights of the gay community but was it really necessary to make a whole video of a lesbian couple?

  31. Trenton Smallwood

    This one favourite swedish metal bands

  32. ellis assassin

    Just realised that the guy in this video is cat casino the former guitarist of deathstars

  33. Saga

    It's hard to listen to this without crying

  34. Arul Edguy

    Combination of voices...ohhhh damn awesome

  35. Jose Pérez

    Good video

  36. RebelMnk

    So Deep!

  37. lutfi syaifuddin

    awesome...., love always complicated...

  38. Spartan E45

    lol shes most to be homeless on the street but still wearing ashit ton of makeup 5 months later sound about right tots but still great song

  39. C W

    Poignant, touching and good music. Will absorb the lyrics but, I dono, good job :-)

  40. Jordan hasBeenStolen

    I like the idea!

  41. Jordan hasBeenStolen

    ути пути, я сейчас расплачусь!! :'[

  42. badbirdkc

    Is this a music video or an ad for Old Navy?

  43. Goral XX-6

    Holy shit - why is this video still so unpopular?!


    03:37 So beautiful!

  45. Alexiy Mol

    Videoclip is awesome!!

  46. Raúl

    Powerful clip

  47. Lynn Paelinckx

    just.. wow!

  48. Slightly Sour

    this song fills my heart with determination <3

  49. Andrés Cebrián

    Its funny like living in the street, she has a perfect cuthair....

  50. Zetross Riviera

    this song is so beautiful.

  51. Raimond Markus

    heart rests every time i hear this piece ^^

  52. zackfair1class

    this is so beautiful :3 and wonderful to watch Cat Casino again :D

  53. Mouzekiller83

    brilliant video and band!nothing more to say.

  54. keile61


  55. Johnny Ambush

    Fucking Roland left again xD

  56. GGSTop

    Who's that hottie ? (not talkin about Cat Casino ^^)

  57. Niclas A

    One of my favorites songs of all time and this is defiantly my favorite music video. It made me cry

  58. Alex West


  59. Raúl Alejandro

    Comeback Roland...COME Fucking BACK.!!!!!

  60. Peter Lidh

    Mycket bra av er👍😎

  61. Joshua Hayes

    first-world white people problems.

  62. Rico Rasp

    Finde das Album unnormal geil!!!!

  63. Donquixote Rosinante

    damn nice! :)

  64. Alberto Dove


  65. Junkekusus

    If any song ever deserved more views, it's this one. Nice work guys! Adore the song and the video is amazing!

  66. Deus Nero

    Roland Johansson !!!!!

  67. Deus Nero

    Roland Johansson will be back again ??

  68. Hevy Barsy

    too many clean vocals :(

  69. kksteeler

    ahahhaahhaha, dark pop? hahahahah

  70. Killus2

    WTF: I've heard this song many times since it came out earlier this year. Great song, might be my favorite of theirs. Tonight is the first time I've seen the music video. My girlfriend suffers from severe depression and anxiety. She just expressed to me a few hours ago how she's tired and done with everything, and wanted it all to end. Unfortunately she's tried to end her life once before, so I take her words very seriously when she says them.

    I don't know what I'd do if she took her own life. And sometimes I don't know what to do to help her either. We've been inseparable for 4 years. I really would lose my best friend. I honestly don't know how I'd carry on without her. Some days this 1:02 perfectly describes how I feel. Anyway, this song really inspires me to never give up and always be there for her, no matter what!

    Minus the way that guy looks... this could almost pass for my life!

    Anxiety and depression isn't a joke. Don't dismiss people as weak for having it. Lend them a hand if you can, show them they're not worthless. You never know, you may just save their life.

  71. R3Dtxt

    that lesbian couple is so cute!....oh wait..

    Abaddon G.

    both are beautiful

  72. Tossis

    Fucking amazing.

  73. Harikesh M

    Alcohol is a nightmare


    the day after is, during it isn't


    Harikesh M its a way of life. If the bitch cant handle it... next!

  74. Harikesh M

    Guys take this seriously

  75. Ben Maceno

    as someone who lives with schizoaffective disorder and PTSD, thank you so much for making this video. songs great too. metal always helps me get thru my low points

  76. olivia stogryn

    such a powerful song

  77. xXAragamiXx

    Keep it up guys! Love all your songs :3

  78. uFatAlbert

    Sorry but who the fuck plays consoles like that.. vying for physical dominance over the other one.. they're competing on the game already FUCK.

    william hutton

    Aw, you don't haz no friendz? Pity. Prolly shouldn't draw attention to that though...

  79. Bushcraft 16

    крутые ребята )))почему просмотров мало???

    Абрахам Маслоу

    видимо потому что скатилась на дно как и соники

  80. Toby Gunn

    The real Sonic Syndicate is here:)

    Mathias Larsen

    its a shame that Nathan ruined SS, this is what SS would have been now :D

    OnePiece Fan

    hey, i used to listent to SS a lot, but I was never interested in the band, could you please tell me what happened ?

    Toby Gunn

    OnePiece Fan well they were this awesome grp up until around 2009-2010 ? ( correct me if I'm wrong I'm not 100% sure ) but then the main clean vocalist left and was replaced by this English man or American and it slowly went downhill from there. at the current state I think it's only 1 guitarist from the originals that's left in ss. most of the others went to this grp instead...

    OnePiece Fan

    it's kinda far from what SS was (eden fire <3) but I like this new band. Can we say they "disbanded" or something ?

  81. DrumsandOther

    The Girl reminds me of the Girl in 5 Finger Death Punch - "Coming Down". :D


    oh so im not the only one :)

    Daniel Conn

    VouKăr yay me either

  82. Matthew Mayer

    this song is epic

  83. Alexander Anderson

    Sigh. People try to cope with Sonic Syndicate by saying "Listen to The Unguided". Now this band has turned to garbage. It's best to just listen to the first 2(maybe 3) SS albums.

  84. rembrandao

    Check the video of Soilwork - "Nerve" and find any differences.

  85. Marlene Jolene

    who is the guy? he's hottt

    audrey xx

    ...That's all you have to say. I wasted 10 seconds of my life reading this.

    william hutton

    Nutella Nightwhore - It took you 10 seconds to read 6 words? LOL!

    audrey xx

    william hutton shhh child

    audrey xx

    william hutton Also, Nutella Nightcore is my username. Don't wear it out :3

    william hutton

    Nutsmeller Nightsoil Triggered? Sadface.

  86. Ddantee Wow

    My God, I love the video. *-*

  87. Samantha pinkymist

    The male in this video looks like Cat Casino a.k.a Eric from Deathstars x.x

  88. TheBlackbirdii

    cute lesbien couple LOL

    Allison Cardenas

    thats a dude


    i know XD


    thought the same, i know its a dude but damn, he looks so female :D


    He does. But in this plot, he acts like a true man.

  89. Daniel Furr

    Man they cut out the epic keyboard intro...

  90. Brett Todd

    Beautiful video.

  91. TRENT

    that's got to be the girliest dude I've in my life.

  92. Dave Porello

    Its down the line - not across the road

  93. Robert Maša

    tak to je mazec konečně další dobrý album

  94. étienne frenette

    one of the best video they made seriously like but this one so munch intense

  95. godfatherofbloedniss

    needless to say that this video has a massage. bought me all of unguided albums some weeks ago and have to say album version of this song is much better.

    after i heared phnoenix down and enraged this band has become my new favorite. hope to hear more new stuff soon :-)

  96. patrickdd3

    a very beautiful song!

  97. Jee W.

    I lOVE this Song!