Underwood, Carrie - What Can I Say Lyrics

Piercing words, eyes are red
Watched your tail lights in the rain
Empty heart filled with regret
I know we were both to blame

And I'm not sorry that it's over
But for the way we let it end
So I said all I had to say
In letters that I threw away

And you should know, please believe me
I've picked up the phone a thousand times
And tried to dial your number
But it's been so long, it's never easy
It's like trying to spin the world the other way
What can I say?

How did it come to this?
I think about you all the time
It's no excuse, but i wish
That I never made you cry

I'm not sorry that it's over
But for the way we let it end
I couldn't find the words to say

And you should know, please believe me
I've picked up the phone a thousand times
And tried to dial your number
But it's been so long, it's never easy
It's like trying to spin the world the other way
So what can I say? What can I say?
What can I say? What can I say?

I hate to think all you had of me
(I said all I had to say)
Is a memory I left you
The space between what was meant to be
(In letters that I threw away)
And the mess that it turned into

And you should know, please believe me
I've picked up the phone a thousand times
And tried to dial your number
But it's been so long, it's never easy
It's like trying to spin the world the other way

It's like trying to spin the world the other way
What can I say?

What can I say?

What can I say?

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Underwood, Carrie What Can I Say Comments
  1. Sarah AL Salman

    I was looking for this song 5 years i forgot the name and last night i found it
    It's remember me of my first love when I was 18 years old and i broken up with him i don't know anything about him now if he a live or dead single or not
    I'm marrying and i have 2 girl now but still miss him💔

  2. Stephanie Cofer

    Thank God it's over... You ended it

    Sarah AL Salman

    I wish to you the best

  3. Rachael Lee

    This song has meaning to it and it has meaning to me and it's true

  4. Austin Chase

    Call me please 👀💕a lot to say honey a memory I really miss sooo much love me enough to call please

  5. Jennifer Harrison

    I miss my hunny Charles

  6. Corazon Barocio

    I Love like this song her voice is a very great county sings

  7. sue carrigan

    Don't say anything, just let it go, and walk away, I'm tired now, so very tired,

  8. Jill durham

    This song reminds me of my cousin. It was his fault mostly. I was partially to blame also. Oh well life goes on. Wherever you are Trey just know I hope you have a fabulous life

  9. Vanessa Matos Contreras

    Sometimes it feeling is I miss my grandpa /my dad hurt my life and mom and brother and my mom was pregnant with my little sister

  10. Makenzy Schmitz

    love it

  11. Tatum Blanchard

    my favorite song by her forever 💕

  12. R M

    such wonderful message ever if you believe love.

  13. emma foster

    I love this song!

  14. dolly girlz

    This song reminder me of carrie and Sebastian from the carrie,diaries

  15. Teresa Rouse

    this song reminds me of my ex husband Douglas D. i still cry over him and the hurt of him leaving. But I've let go and our memories are fading. I'll always have love for him. But I have to love myself now more.

  16. Erin santilli

    I'll always love you Josh Craigo ❤️

  17. Sophie Effy Vazquez

    To me this song is about possible reconciliation after a long time apart. Like the conversation you have explaining the no contact. The actual reconciliation to happen in another song. Just my interpretation of it.

  18. Veronica Brady

    this song reminds me of my first boyfriend, we were together for a year and it was an amazing, or I thought it was, he was emotionally abusive the whole time, and when I finally broke up with him he killed himself. it's still hard and he has been dead for almost a year now. I'm sorry I just had to get that off my chest. I miss him everyday

  19. Della Vojtik

    This makes me feel so heartbroken

  20. Mahra Alawadhi


  21. River Donovan

    reminds me of my first girl it was a Bonnie and Clyde kinda of scyme I'm 17 when I was 14 she ran away from a group home to be with me and she played this song the day after I came home from jail and left me crazy because the things I did for her now she's gone outta my life and crazy because I would still do anything for her and this song makes me think of her and she dosnt understand I love you

    jenny lomeli

    That is so sweet!!! I believe you have one true love in this world and who knows maybe you will find your way back to each other someday!!! God brought my one true love back into my life after 25 years. So it can happen for you too!!

  22. Monilee Brumley

    do you ever get over your first love? not sure but I'm trying 13 years later

    P K

    Monilee Brumley jeesus...really? It's been 7 years for me & I thought I was crazy for being in that place. This shit is hard. Take care

    Nate Van Slyke

    Monilee Brumley I'll let you know... I was 5 when I realized I had feelings for this one girl I'll be 25 next month and I still have feelings for her. She's engaged so I'm trying very hard to move on and find someone but my God is it a challenge!

  23. mariyah Davis

    I love this song but I want to die like MJ did in June 25 2009 and today this will be my first day of June 25 2016 I sorry MJ this how this ends I just miss you so much

  24. Yasmin Ceberino

    i wish things could have been different... i wish bj could of had the perfect life with us being a family. Never in a million years, i would have thought we would have ended in such a shitty way.... My high school sweet heart, my first love, the man who gave me a beautiful son😢 2 yrs almost and i still cant believe we ended like this.... but life has to carry on. JnJ


    i'm so sorry.. you'll get through this

    Steven Caldwell

    Yasmin Ceberino gdodbtenorv5keya7

  25. RoarinStar Karpusi-Lukasiewicz

    I'm sorry, Jack.

  26. Soci0

    This is sooo pretty... I'm buying this on iTunes


    I wanna sing this now in like a two or three part harmony... I'll ask my baritone friend and my sorprano friend to help me (im a tenor)

    K RDP

    im a teddybear who loves her soft tones

  27. Young Gang

    i been trynna find this song

  28. Jayde Minogue

    can it ever go back to what it was...

  29. Marlaina Lowery

    I really loved you. We made mistake but it's too late now. I think about you everyday. I'm sorry and I hope one day you'll forgive me. I miss everything about you.

  30. Liz Kerr

    It's "Sons Of Sylvia". Not Songs Of Sylvia!

    Danny Condon

    Ikr 😂

  31. Jarlina Abordo

    I'm not SORRY that it's over... I loved you and you blew it 😔

  32. horsecrazy2266

    I couldn't remember what song it was and when I typed "piercing" the first result was "piercing my belly button at school"... ...

  33. Dani

    This is really late, but I need to say that the name of the featured band is Sons of Sylvia. Not Songs.

    Danny Condon

    Ikr 😂

  34. danielle birnbaum

    going  to  joe c

  35. Kayleigh Winn

    I love Carrie underwood and all her songs.

    Mickayla Dicks

    Kayleigh Winn same I saw her in concert and she was awesome.

  36. Leticia Martinez

    I came here because the song reminded me of Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder 😭😭😭

  37. Morgan Taylor

    This song tells my ways with Devin. Wow. It's describe our friendship together.

  38. sabrina baima


  39. sabrina baima

    You hardest who disliked this song are insane, all 60 of you.


    Ikr this song is amazing it makes me want to fly or something.., it inspires e to be a better me

  40. elbita aroche

    Jhyrann - Tyox :-(

  41. Zach Reese

    This song is sad because it makes u think of the people who hurt you.

    Shipping Account

    Zach Reese

  42. seanette collins

    We never stood a chance heart wasn't 4 me no more location should have been differ be cuz u were aware

  43. Megan Hughes

    Why didn't this make this the radio it's awesome!

  44. Karen Gonzalez-Videla

    What a beautiful song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Ivy Holt

    So good!!!!!! :) Love it!

  46. Bryan Garten

    DON'T LET IT End: How about 1001 times? 859-536-3517  


    I love this music very much <3

  48. Haley Yejerla

    its just that I am trying to move on from it, I would rather not talk abou tit the past is the past ;D

  49. Haley Yejerla

    its a long story :/

  50. rebaandkaralover1

    I know someone relating to this song.

  51. Tsili ggg

    ευα σαγαπωωωω......

  52. deandre robinson

    A few months ago I have a few months of my friend who are the sender by a great to do not the sender by the intended only for a few days

  53. LiLi Beezy

    Been listening to this since day one. Love you Carrie.

  54. Emily Leathers

    :) my new fave song

  55. Sarah Moore

    I love love, this song!

  56. Haley Yejerla

    aww thank you so much I am doing a lot better and its because of people like you that have helped me so thank you very much I have seen how this shouldnt bother me she wasnt worth anything she ahs changed so much and I am happy now so thank you :)

  57. nicatsa

    I just love this song so much. It's perfect

  58. Sean Chuang

    love this:)

  59. Jasmine Johnson

    usually when people sing low pitch then high pitch then back to low pitch, they sound bad. Carrie Underwood proved us wrong.

  60. Jasmine Johnson

    oh i'm so far over 2012 i'm listening in this year!

  61. mohamed hashim


  62. mohamed hashim


  63. jessica hudson

    Thus song so cool and thus is the best song i every

  64. skyler galvin


  65. maya caldwell

    This is a great song

  66. Haley Yejerla

    thanks :) I needed to hear that :) I have been trying but a lot of people hate me because of rumors between me and her, but my actual friend told me that it's her lost because she is missing on a great person and that cheered me up but once I look at her idk all those strong feelings fade away :/ just pray for me or just wish me luck, because its hard especially for me.......I know she isn't a true friend but idk for some reason she has a special part in my heart but I will keep my head up

  67. Shera Starr

    Thumbs up if your listening to this in 2013!!:)

  68. emma metzler

    So True

  69. Emrys Hale

    BAM! Listening to it in 2013!!! lol

  70. Kristen Seibel

    I have been where you are... I know that it is hard, but you guys were friends, you shared memories and laughs, you guys probably shared tears too. But don't think that tears are a bad thing, they are part of the healing process. Something that I have learned is, you don't actually loose friends, you just learn who your real ones are :) There is a whole world out there waiting for you, be open to experiencing and finding true friends who will be there for you na matter what. ~K

  71. ranieldeguzman

    i really love this song!

  72. Haley Yejerla

    D: I mean my best friend wanted me to get over it but but :( I can never forget her she was such a good friend but I mean she did end our friendship so I guess she isn't worth my tears right? :(

  73. RedRidingHood411

    This song describes how I'm feeling right now

  74. RedRidingHood411

    So I'm listening to this song after I chickened out from meeting my best friend and it reminds me of that....:,(

  75. Kathleen Woodruff

    You should know>3

  76. Kathleen Woodruff

    I love this song, i mean man best song ever.

  77. lizzydiaz339

    She is my idol

  78. Bryanna Fields

    so many memories! too bad he'll never know how i really feel after all these years

  79. Susan Benson

    Check out my cover to this song please :)

  80. Shaydah Marie

    I haven't heard this song since I got this album when it first came out and for some reason I thought about it tonight. It's just one of those songs you can't forget. They sound so great together. Love it. <3

  81. pikachubluigirl

    no, even better 2013!

  82. Kaitie Nick

    This song almost makes me cry now because me and my best friend used to jam out to it we even had a little dance.. She moved right before Christmas and in April we would have en friends for 7 years :'(

  83. Bianca Nunez

    me too ... but my ex still talks to me sometimes... I dont know what to say.. it hurts .. it was a mess when we broke up . im with someone else now ... happy but still this song plays in my head.

  84. Marie Masarova

    I love this-3

  85. caitlin tracy

    i love this song its like my life story with me and my EX!!!!

  86. amber tomlinson

    i love this song!!!!!

  87. staika chenet

    i was thinking the same thing

  88. Ariana .is my love

    I'm watching this on a screen -_-

  89. Noe Flores

    No im watching it on my iStone 5 in 500 B.C

  90. Tabetha Le

    honestly, i cry almost every time.. haha.

  91. Nevi Aeko

    thumbs up if your annoyed with this comment

  92. mshcasey

    my mom asked me why i played this song 20 times in a row.. my response: what can i say? i love carrie underwood!

  93. Natalie Medina

    I love it

  94. Natalie Medina

    I say ................... I 3 it

  95. Tina Khan

    miss u :-(