Underwood, Carrie - Play On Lyrics

What you're gonna do when the show is over
What you're gonna sing when the the song ends
How you're gonna cope when there is no closure
Where you're gonna reach when the goal gets higher
How you're gonna make it through
When you think you lost your chance

Play on when you're losing the game
Play on 'cause you're gonna make mistakes
It's always worth the sacrifice
Even when you think you're wrong
So play on

Even when the floodgates swing wide open
Never let the current take you down, no
Even when you're not sure where you're going
Swimming through a mess and you can't get out
Just going through the motions
Trying not to drown

Play on when you're losing the game
Play on 'cause you're gonna make mistakes
It's always worth the sacrifice
Even when you think you're wrong
So play on

Even through a storm on the darkest night
Don't you ever give up the fight
Even when you feel you're all alone

Play on, play on

Play on when you're losing the game
Play on 'cause you're gonna make mistakes
It's always worth the sacrifice
Even when you think you're wrong
So play on

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Underwood, Carrie Play On Comments
  1. Kimberly Brumley

    I love this song

  2. Abigale Spurlock

    You are a great singer

  3. Maddie Cunningham

    This is the only song not on Spotify and I deadass haven’t listened to this song in so damn long and this feels good to listen to it 😭

  4. Mia Caro

    This is my favorite song
    I love her so much

  5. Chardae Mowery


  6. isabel sosa

    I sang this song for choir last year

  7. Pineapple Show


  8. One Girl One World

    This song still lifts me up when I need that little push 💖Play on!

  9. Nicholai Barak

    I love this song to pieces & it's great advice for any situation. Carrie knows her fans well & knows the perfect songs to pick!

  10. John Butler

    I agree I need to drive a truck for her

  11. pixie wild poison

    Love this song so much!

  12. Lola Welborn

    Play on !!! 😁

  13. John Doe

    Hi I am Hameed everybody can I get likes

  14. John Doe

    Hi I am Hameed I love that song very much

    John Doe

    Everybody can I get likes

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    Kelvin Traylor

    Wow, you should be a researcher👍

  16. Katelyn Stewart

    carrie you are a amazing singer my name is cady Stewart i want to really meet you in person keep on singing

  17. Tasha Rowe

    these high notes are easy an nice an fun to hit lol



  19. stop wearing jorts


    Book of shadows contributor Brian

    blown away

  20. lucky bud 33

    it is butiful.i can just hear forever so nice its like a sream cometrue

  21. Mercedes Norris

    Sang this for. Choir last year

  22. Kilee Carpenter

    I love your songs

  23. Ashanti

    i think am crying

    lucky bud 33

    Taiesha Hayle me too

  24. lee uwu

    #love carrie

  25. Terry Tan

    Every outcomes affect the decision you make.Even if you screw up.

  26. Maechu

    there is one CD where it's white and it has a white flower on it does anyone know the title of it. It has a lot of really good songs on it .

  27. Maura Thompson

    i needed this!!!

  28. Kayley Ferrell

    I love this song!!!

  29. Pati Paez

    Never give up @djmonge

  30. TR3 Music

    Damn I miss Carrie Underwood 

    Book of shadows contributor Brian

    some hearts

  31. Sheevanee Balloo

    All her songs make me feel better and feel good...
    she is an angel... 


    That's 100% true! That's why when I'm not in the mood or I'm down, I just listen to her songs, and after listening, I feel better. She's truly gift from God.


    same her voice is like an angel!


    i love all of her songs #carrieunderwood

  32. BarnsleyGardensGA

    Madison. Stiles

  33. april hodel

    this was my song for the fifth grade graduation and i love it because it teaches me never give up in what i believe in

  34. ChickenHawk53

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!

  35. kt reddinng

    awesome song!!! asdfjkl;

  36. Brooklyn8513

    best carrie song

  37. Karlee Ohrt

    I love this song, she is so amazing! Going through a rough patch right now and she just makes me feel like nothing can bring me down. <3

  38. Mel Stewart

    nooo it actually is the 13th album. unless you are being sarcastic -_-

  39. Rebecca Clapp

    its funny how people hate this song and its about go on with life when its gone wrong and haters u are just giving views!!!!:)

  40. 94lulubelle


    It's their opinions that it's not a good song/type of music, and it's our opinions that we think they have no taste in music if they don't like Carrie Underwood or this song, that's what I meant.

  41. 94lulubelle

    Exactly. But of course, that's our opinions lol.

  42. k64speed

    *Sniff* I want my Nightcore of this song back. ;_;

  43. Gabriella Spicer

    Love you cousin Carrie

  44. Kyle Heller

    We sing this in fifth grade in music! :D

  45. Mikaela Weber

    @rammajamma30 well yes u r the only one who thinks that

  46. 94lulubelle

    12 people didn't Play On!

  47. Jason Mossotti

    i love this video <3

  48. Jason Mossotti

    i love this video

  49. sacha42160

    This album is just AWESOOOOME !!!! :D <3

  50. Anna Louise Robertson

    such a great song ...love carrie underwoods music <3

  51. andando keane

    great music carrie and david i love both so diferent but great

  52. Tamati Rogerson

    Really beautiful artist singing a really beautiful piece of music

  53. Cassie Cole

    love this song <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Cassie Cole

    love this song!!!!!

  55. lovinghorsemusic


  56. 1countreyfan

    @sue31ct4 Me too!

  57. Fred Dwe

    nah xD i love this song is about meh wtf xDDD

  58. Daniel Antunes

    Play_on stfu and go play truckmania :D (SAW_FreDany) :D

  59. Fred Dwe


  60. William Hand

    One of the teachers at my school asked my friend and me to sing a song for our 8th grade graduation. We were trying to think of songs, and she suggested this or Change by Carrie Underwood. I hope we don't screw up the song we choose because both of the songs are so beautiful and inspirational. :)

  61. Victoria Iazzetti

    carrie underwood is the best

  62. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    i love this song!!!!

  63. litaiscool123

    i cryed

  64. musicluver13100

    This is seriously my theme song!

  65. Diana Chahine

    @Twibabeable well there's this video that I've made that I posted as a video response to this one that has lyrics, but I'll add the lyrics to the description as well :)

  66. Hannah Micah, Gabrielle

    Maybe you could add some lyrics?

  67. Lauren Pratt

    this is a good song for anything. Shes a great singer. This song is on my wall cuz its so inspiering

  68. Claire-anne Magee

    @rammajamma30 just because it says play on it doesnt mean its about football ;)

  69. sarah9beth

    this album rocks. cant wait for the concert

  70. imarunner89

    I hope this is her next single after "Undo It."

  71. Kylie Janko

    omygosh i love this song oh sssssssssooooooooo mutch

  72. purplegal597

    my senior class is leaving to this song!!!!!!!!!!

  73. peanutcapital

    She co-wrote this with Natalie Hemby, who is an AMAZING singer/songwriter!

  74. Cutepuppiesrule

    i luv this song!

  75. Anna Zisk

    great song

  76. BombWarning

    She looks like Joanna Garcia in that picture. A lot.

    W/e, they're both fricken gorgeous.

  77. Diana Chahine

    @rammajamma30 well actually the majority of the songs on her CD were written by her lol

  78. naturefreak95


    haha, We all do sometime or another.

    I have my days where I can't stand it when people cut down words.

    A lot of people think others are rather uneducated when they cut down words.

  79. baseballss247

    Yeah it does seem alot like Anyway by Martina. She is Carries favorite singer.

  80. TomLennox24

    great song, reminds me of the same message of Anyway by Martina McBride

  81. naturefreak95


    You're right, but you have to accept that people are going to cut down letters to type faster or whatever.

    I even do it sometimes.

    If I want to write a quick thing to my friends or to other people I normally cut down on things like "you" or "laugh out loud".

    You do prove a good point as I said before, but @zoezoedg49 has a point too.
    this is youtube and it is online so it's to be expected to have people cutting down on words.

  82. naturefreak95

    okay? you heart her but you don't get it? =)
    Don't get what?

  83. yahairalee13


  84. Hunter Greene

    @ashnzoe242 its youtube 4 godz sake get over it no1 uses proper english anymore on the web

  85. rawan masri

    This song has helped me play on. Thx Carrie :D

  86. Paul Shim

    I just love this song!!! I mean, it carries such a good message, and i think that it can encourage other people to play on!

  87. brittnehx3


    Please check out my covers.. and please request songs! <3

  88. MsSaintsfan09

    i love this song i listen to it when i get down and it always gets me through!! she is my favorite singer

  89. agronderwood

    LUV Carrie Underwood

  90. balvirbraich

    FAV SINGER YOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Caitlyn Lemson

    My Favorite on the cd

  92. naturefreak95

    It is a nice song!

  93. Diana Chahine

    @emmarhan i originally did put all the songs up, but all of them got taken down except for this one. haha

  94. listentothis

    Rly. you do not get sarcasm.

  95. GinaGlocksenFan

    This song made me lose the game..

  96. Nikkitheoutcastvamp

    she's really pretty, and her voice is lovely

  97. nobodysperfect527

    i think they mean "suffering" lol

  98. Sodapop Vu

    She's awesome!!!! I ♥ her!!!!!!