Underwood, Carrie - Little Girl Don't Grow Up Too Fast Lyrics

Little princess, summer flowers in her hair
Playing Ring Around The Rosie in a picture there
Tiptoeing 'round the house in her mama's shoes
Coloring her lips red in her bedroom

Prom queen wants to be like the magazines
Thinks she found her king, barely seventeen
Too much that the world's wanting you to do
When you're still just a child in your mama's shoes

Little girl, little girl, don't grow up too fast
'Fore you know it, you'll be wishing you could just go back
Don't you know there'll be plenty of time for that
Somewhere down the road?
Yeah, it's all gonna fly in the blink of an eye
You can't slow down this thing called life
So take your time and let it last
Little girl, don't grow up too fast

Sometimes I feel like I'm hanging on by a thread
Climbing ladders trying to get to the next step
Working hard, always wanting something more
Missing how things were simple like it was before

Cause it's hard to know just what to do
When I still feel like a child in my mama's shoes

Little girl, little girl, don't grow up too fast
'Fore you know it, you'll be wishing you could just go back
Don't you know there'll be plenty of time for that
Somewhere down the road?
Yeah, it's all gonna fly in the blink of an eye
You can't slow down this thing called life
So take your time and let it last
Little girl, don't grow up too fast

Sometimes I wish I could just go back and say
"Take your time and let it last, little girl"

Yeah, it's all gonna fly in the blink of an eye
You can't slow down this thing called life
So take your time and let it last
Little girl, don't grow up too fast
Little girl, don't grow up too fast

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Underwood, Carrie Little Girl Don't Grow Up Too Fast Comments
  1. Amber Bickel

    Hitting the replay button

  2. Ari D

    My biggest fear is to grow up.

  3. Margaret Sweet

    Was forced to grow up to soon. Want to go back

  4. Brencyn Gillettr

    I'm only 11 and o want to back but only cuz then half of my family would still be alive and my parents don't look so depressed and be happy again...😔😔

  5. Luciano Jr

    this made my bro Gf break up with him fuck this song i swear .Fuck this song

  6. sareeya lol

    Graduated from middle school today... I’m not ready for the future😩🤧😭

  7. Arisha Mehmood

    I graduate high school in what 4 months, and my final exams are in 3 months time. I turn 16 in 6 months and I'm not ready to do any of those things; go to college or start work I just wanna go back to when I had no worry's whatsoever and my problems were so little and things I could tell my parents about. If I was annoyed or upset I could climb into my momma's lap and she would cradle me in her arms, and promise me that she'll make everything okay!

    God, I don't wanna grow up!

  8. Harley Quinn

    I'm going to sing this to my daughter when I have one but I have a feeling I'm having a girl I'm 8 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend is so happy

  9. Corey Klaustermeier

    I’m getting mixed messages here. This song tells you to take life slow because you’ll have plenty of time to do what you wanna do, but she also has Clock Don’t Stop which tells you not to waste time because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Lol

  10. That Nova Gal

    I'm 20, and I wish I could be a little girl again.

  11. Brooklyn Welch

    I'm 13 and I love this song but to be honest I don't think I'm growing up fast enough I go to my dads every other weekend and I love it there but the rest if my time I'm with my mom and sisters and my mom doesn't treat me like a daughter at all more like a babysitter and a house keeper I can't wait to be 18 and moved out

    Movin On

    Do not think for a minute that life on your own, moved out at 18, is going to be easier or better than living with a Momma who loves you. Even if she has to rely on you for baby sitting.

    Listen to the song. Don't rush out into the world, because there are decisions in life that you make that you cannot undo.

    Pray, and try to look at life through your Momma's eyes sometimes. Hint: she is scared to death that she is going to fail you, but cannot show that to you.

  12. Zoe Suzy

    This song plays on my debut 😮 'A princess is now a Lady'

  13. AnonymousOcean

    I hate it when people say they love carrie underwood and they dont even know this song

  14. Jayne Coppola

    two weeks I'm 18 not ready to grow up yet

  15. Rajashekhar karajagi

    That's the tribute to the fast slipping childhood!

  16. Badcrispy puff

    Why can’t this be on iTunes 😡🤷🏻‍♀️ wtf man

  17. Jenaya Derkson

    Almost 18..😨


    Y’all always think how your mom actually feels about you growing up too fast until you feel the lump on your throat when she gives a little talk about it😞😿

  19. Dorotea Teisler

    Kenzi story?

  20. madison barron

    my baby cousin is 7 months old, and I’m gonna remind her of this 😂 I don’t want her to grow up she’s my favorite :)

  21. Tammy Smith

    yay i am a still little girl l am 9

  22. Natalia Lara

    This song made me cry, so true...if I had the chance for telling me something as a child...it would be that phrase

  23. Samara Takvorian

    I’m 12 and I really want to grow up, I wanna wear high heels,wear makeup , date, drive ect. My mom is always telling not to rush my life away but I really do.when hearing this song it made me cry.

    Margaret Sweet

    Samara Takvorian you don’t want to grow up. Stay young

  24. Dollie Bug

    Can someone please tell me where I can get this song. Its not on Itunes for some reason.

  25. Jessica McLaughlin

    Turning 12 and i already want tk go back

  26. Hailey Rogers

    Y I'm I crying?

    Luciano Jr

    u a bit**

    Luciano Jr

    who told to listen to this song !!!!!

  27. Girl Who Loves Fantasy

    Was there any other songs on the target edition besides this one?

  28. Kennedy Dockery

    Senior in high school... this makes me wanna cry. I don’t wanna go up?

  29. Anne Blake

    Wish I could have heard this song at five years old

  30. lizann nicol

    my daughter is 5 and is growing up so fast, this song sums everything up

  31. Megan Mason

    It's my birthday

    Luciano Jr

    This song is not for you!!!!

  32. Beauty Within

    Im 25...Happily married and expecting our first child in december and im thinking where is my life i had to grow up young because it flew by in the blink of an eye before i knew it i turned 18 on my own i just want to tell myself from when i was 7 hey kid dont grow up to fast cuz before you know it ur gonna miss it ur not gonna be able to afford anything on ur own unless u teach ur self to balance out ur money now ur 25 ur living the life alot of people wish to have but cant have most women cannot have children and ur life is going to change when ur baby comes at 25 and married and working for a carnival well sorry for blabbering i just love this song i plan to play it for my little girl one day

  33. Stupid Idiot

    Lol too late im 11 and am the opposite of innocent :P

  34. Jessica Stratton

    I feel like in my life I grew up too fast. Now I am 23 years old with a 3 month old and it feels like I just gave birth to her yesterday. To my little girl dont grow up too fast

  35. Mary Larson

    I'm almost 16 and this song just makes me wish I was 5 instead of 15

  36. Unicorn Family

    I'ma sing this my little cussins Ali and emm(there nickname)they are my everything and mean the world to me they have been there for me even tho they are not even 8 they look up to me and I love them soooo much my life is sooo much better now that they are in my life I was six when they came into my life and I could not be more blessed or thankful I love ya Ali and Emm 💖💖

  37. Lovatic4life Xx

    This is what I want for my little cousin soon to be cousins because I dealt with bullying at a young age which pushed me to grow up fast and I don't want that for my cousins once only 5 and one isn't even here yet but I want them to enjoy there life as they are and not worry about the future

  38. Brianna Elizabeth

    When I was 7, I wanted to be a teenager so bad. All my cousins are older than me, I wanted to be like them so bad. Now that I’m a teenager I just want to be 7 again. Everything is so hard now, and I know it will get harder as a I get older.

  39. none of your business none of your business

    I'm 20 now and would give anything to go back to at least when I was 13

  40. BreatheDreamBe Living in beautiful hell

    I'm 17 and I study hard 'cause I'm about to graduate... This song made me cry...

  41. steffani arrigo

    I grew up way to fast so this song is everything to me. ❤

  42. Sophia Lewis

    I love this song!!!

  43. Tiertha Carran

    I'm 20 and I still act like a little kid.

  44. Amanda Freeman

    I'm only 12 and I feel like I'm growing up so much lately. Everything is getting so much more complicated with my friends since we are all finding what we like and I'm almost a real teenager

    HayHayhailey Mitchell


  45. T'Kya Samuel

    im only 13 but i raised my little sister she's only 16 months but she grew up fast

  46. April Snook

    i'm only 13 and i grew up to fast

    April Snook

    Kids needs to not grow up so fast i should know because my little cousin is only 8 and has to work

  47. Crystal Williams

    I fell like i am growing up to fast and i am only 12.

  48. Nicole Mitchell

    I'm about to be a Senior in high school, I'm not ready to graduate!

    joan chant

    Nicole Mitchell Me too😢I wish I was younger...I still feel like a child it is really hard to say goodbye to your childhood😭

    Skylar Gilcrist

    Me to hun. Four months and I'm not ready to greet the adult world. Happened to fast. Wish mommas shoulders were still the highest place on earth <3

    Amber Bickel

    Don't take it for granted I am senior this year and wishing the time didn't go by fast

  49. Princess Villanueva

    is there a karaoke for this song?

  50. alornas army

    I don't even remember my childhood and I'm 22 years old lol

  51. Itz_Alex_ Plays

    I love this song this is my favorite song ever I can sing along to it I love it so much >3

  52. Alisha Blackmore

    I turn 29 in less than a month it seems like yesterday I was a little girl fishing with my daddy. I wish I stayed liked that instead of becoming a typical teenager. I moved away at 18 and never went back only go to visit about once every few months now use to be once a year but now im in the same state. Im now married with 2 little girls ages 7 and 5 and a 6 year old little boy and I am proud to say I keep the tradition of taking them fishing and will take them fishing as long as they will allow me. hopefully they don't grow up to fast.

  53. Beauty Within

    Im almost 25 and i hate being grown up. 😭 i wanna be a kid again when i didnt have a worry about anything 😭😭 now im expecting my first child and my husband doesnt even want ms i dont kno what im doing anymore

  54. Ally Marie

    I've told my friends I am so nervous for high school and they all say it's going to be fine and so much fun. Sometimes I just wish I was a little girl again

  55. Mike & Danielle Lawson

    I'm 10 and I don't want to grow up yet! I'm gonna make these days count

  56. Marie-Claire Goebel

    I was only 10 and I was much mature than the others in my age... Now I'm 20... I wish I had heard that song back then ... I would have done a lot differently.

  57. Zoie Boe

    Just had my first kiss and I am only in 6th grade so sad I wish I could tell my 5yr old self don't grow up its way to soon and u won't haft to lose any of your friends to suicide

  58. Julia G

    Parentification kills your innocent dreams and thrusts you into the world in which unbearable weights crush you. And somehow you need to make them look like a pair of wings.

  59. Rainbooming

    Just turned 14 and gonna start highschool in a few months
    I wanna be 4 again *cry*

  60. wolfsrule100

    I'm turning 20 this year and it's just surreal. How did time go so fast?!

  61. Amelia Shefler

    This song makes me sad but I am a freshman in high school. I am not ready for 10th grade

  62. Shelby Moore

    It seems like one moment I am 5 the next thing I know I am in middle school

  63. Lillian Stanton

    Being young is sooo much easier! why do we have to grow?! Can't I be a little girl just a bit longer?!

  64. Ashley Jackson

    I'm going to be a 7 grader next year.And I would love have told my younger self this because I was always ready to grow up

  65. Midget Sloan

    How can you not grow up fast when the education system makes you chose your future when your 13? We pick our subjects and that decides where we go from there.

    Miss MusicalOutcast

    Yeah,i’m 12 , not even a teenager yet but it feels like yesterday i was 11, and the day before i was 10

    Clumsy Program

    Yeah im 14 and i have pick a job and all that

    Creative Writer

    What country are you'all from..?
    I'm so confused...

    Movin On

    In European countries like the UK and Ireland, to qualify for university you need very high grades in very specific subjects. To take those tests you need to begin a schedule of coursework that begins at around 8th grade. So in most subjects you must have your college career decided by age 14 or so.

    College is "free" in many of these places, but you cannot switch majors unless your previously completed coursework happens to also satisfy the second degree choice.


    I so wish I could be that sweet innocent perfect little girl like it was prior to all of the bad things my abusive adoptive family done to me but I know I can’t ever get her back myself no matter what I still wish I was still her as well as I am now 17 myself too!

  67. Shelby Moore

    It feels like one day I am 4 the next thing I know I am picking electives for high school.

  68. Alyssa Trobaugh

    So true

  69. Nicholai Barak

    Great message! I love Carrie Underwood & I wish that this song was on the regular "Storyteller" album!

  70. Brooke Elizabeth

    my first question is why have i never heard this song before?? i needed it about a year ago when my life seemed to be moving so quickly and still is. Absolutly amazing song. very inspiring 💕💕💕

  71. Beauty Within

    This song is for my husband and i future daughter 😘😍

  72. Kristine Shaner

    I am a freshman this fall and I wish I could tell my 6 year old self this. I've definitely grown up too fast. Growing up really does suck. I want to be a kid again.

  73. Winter Millhouse

    21y/o about to have a baby of my own, wondering where my childhood went, wish I could back and tell my self not to take it to fast just enjoy it

  74. Jennifer Lund

    Almost 17 an I feel like time is just going way to fast, I look back on all the little kid things I loved and how I didn't have that much to worry bout how I wish I could just go back to that an do things over again 😭😭

  75. Camogirl warrior

    I'm gonna be a freshman this coming fall and its kinda scary it was so simple when we were kids

  76. SportsLuvr

    I know people have said so, but I forget which one. Isn't there a guy version of this song? I'm a guy btw, if you couldn't tell and damn, some of these comments makes me feel so old. I'm 25.5 now and high school feels like such a blur to me now. Everybody, don't wish to grow up, enjoy the life you are living right now because you will be old before you know it and wonder where has all the time gone. Life goes by too fast so cherish the moments you have right now, cause you'll never get them back.

    I'm not really a country fan but Carrie Underwood is like the only country singer I will listen to. Part of the reason I like her is her love for sports, haha.

  77. Jenna Johnson

    They should put this song on Spotify

    Natalie West


  78. Alyssa Rojas

    Just yesterday I was turning 7...

  79. Kaylee Gates

    Oh my goodness I'm literally crying this song is so beautiful! <3

  80. Destney McKee

    I wish that I was 6 years old when I heard this song! I'm almost be 15!

  81. Salute Duck

    Everyone has a boyfriend in my grade. I’m the one sitting there all by myself not growing up, living life, and not worrying what others think.
    To being kids for ever!!!!!!!!

  82. Jade Emily

    Im starting my last year of highschool this august and im going to be 17 this year. I hate growing up, wish i was still like 8.

  83. tailor denwalt

    Ill be turning 17 in June and this song makes me so emotional.

  84. emily brown

    I'm a freshman in college and I'm still in shock! What happened?!?! I remember playing with my little sister when we were in elementary school without a care in the world. Those of you in high school, as boring and annoying as high school may be enjoy it!!!! The next year after graduation will be filled with confusion, stress, exhaustion, hours of just pondering life, and a lot decisions you don't feel you are ready to make.

  85. K 7

    I’m 15 and I want grow up fast

  86. jayden Full

    I don't want to grow up I want to be little I am in middle school and I just want to be 5 again 😕😕😀

  87. Haylee Baylee

    I’m so happy months ago I tried to find this song and it was blocked in my country

  88. wolfsrule100

    I'm turning 20 this year and I don't know where the time went.

  89. Mairla Teixeira

    A little girl grew up too fast !

  90. Hailey Michael

    I wish I could've heard this when I was 6 because I felt like I had to be 15 when I was only 8 and now here I am 15, just started high school and everything feels like too much and I don't want to grow up anymore

  91. Midnight Wish

    I'm in middle school next year i'll be in 7th grade and i wish i could say this to my 5 year old self

    Kenzie Teague

    Midnight Wish There’s gonna be a lot of things you wish you could go back and say to your old self, trust me, I know, but have no regrets! Our mistakes make us who we are. Just remember and hold onto the little things in life. One day you’ll be like me and getting ready to graduate and won’t have time to still be little...

    Stupid Idiot

    Midnight Wish me too. But youre in eighth grade this year. I started to not be innocent anymore at age 7 😧

  92. I Gotta Zayn

    ~ me to my 6 year old self ~

  93. Beth Cerritos

    This song was me I was in my mamas shoes and used her makeup and jewelry and came down the stairs

  94. Stephanie Swier

    I had to grow up so fast not a easy life and now I see my little sister's and brother and praying they don't have to do the same I did I just want them to stay so little and full of love, joy, dreams, and life

    Febe Robbins

    Stephanie Swier im right there with ya girl

  95. Olivia Baird

    I just barely started seventh and it's scary

    HayHayhailey Mitchell

    How is ot in highschool (if yoh postsd this 2 years ago that would make u in highschool now)

  96. Sarah Nickol Long

    Carrie does it again!!

  97. Jose Cuellar

    love you carri underwood 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💘💘💘💘💘💗💗💗💗👑👑👑👑👑kip following your drems and keep singing

  98. E May

    This song makes me feel like I'm growing up to fast I'm going to middle school and I don't think I'm ready just yet and all my friends have a boyfriend or crush and I just don't think I'm ready for dances and boys